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I am a simple author trashbag with far too many OCs for his own good. You may or may not see them, except you will definitely see them, don't think you won't.


YOU'RE WELCOME (and I'm sorry) · 2:57pm Mar 4th, 2018

Kid, honestly I could go on and on.
I could explain everything that is going wrong.
My job, my family, my time.
Damn, I don't know how to make this rhyme.

Anyway, I'm sure that those of you who are still following are probably frustrated. "You deleted Archangels again." "Why aren't you posting?" "Where's that money you owe me?" Ignore that last one.

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YOU DID IT AGAIN · 12:55am Jun 25th, 2017



I'm going to try and pick up again. I've caught a case of RWBY fever and a lot of my time has gone into art/writing related to it. Let's make a to-do list to help me get back on track:

-Work on Drake's Adventure
-Delete Archangles and rewrite it. Again.
-Plan out two more stories.

There we go. Life goals. Let's get it done, y'all. And by y'all I mean me.

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It's That Time Again · 2:17am Apr 2nd, 2017

So you know how I do that thing where I go on hiatus, come back, look at my stories, and think "wow this is shit"?

Yeah it's happening again. I did a quick read through of just the first few paragraphs of Archangles and I dislike it. I'll probably be tossing it to the wayside when Drake's Adventure is over. It will get rewritten, and I can finally move on with this thrice damned storyline.

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Things Are Looking Up · 7:43pm Mar 25th, 2017

So today marks the first day I've actually written consecutive chapters of anything within a reasonable amount of time. I'm actually really excited about this. However, I'll be honest: don't hold your breath for my main verse stories. As much as I'd like to get back to them, I wanna take it easy so as to avoid burning myself out. Archangels will return, as will the revamps of the stories from so long ago, but it's best that I focus on Drake and his wacky antics, first.

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It Happened · 1:42pm Mar 10th, 2017

I've actually done it. I've finished a chapter of a story. Sadly, it's not a part of the main universe I've been writing for years, but this serves as a good exercise in MLP writing again, as I've not watched the show in eons.

So, let's hope you all enjoy it and this gets me motivated to start writing MLP again.

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It's Been a While · 3:28pm Aug 30th, 2016

SleeplessScribe picks up a guitar, strumming a familiar tune.

It's been a while...
Since I could...
Write a story well.
And it's been a while...
Since I've made an update.

All joking aside, it's been a while and I've kind of been falling in and out of MLP interest for a good year or two. I really haven't been writing, and there's two reasons. The short reason is because I am a

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I'm Working I Swear · 2:21am Jul 17th, 2015

I did say updates would not be consistent. However, I have not abandoned my stories. I DO work on them at least once a week for about half an hour or so. However, this is the reason my chapters are so short. I feel kinda bad for taking so long to update, so instead of posting big chapters, I post them as soon as I think they're long enough.

What are your thoughts? Would you wait a bit longer for more substance or should I just spit out the chapters as they come?

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Let's Try This Again · 5:35pm Jun 6th, 2015

Hello one and all, this fool is back. For the first time in at least a year, I've gotten the urge to write pony again, so I'm gonna try. Here's a list of things that have changed:

None of my first six stories will require anyone to read my others.
I've taken down all of my stories, except the three I deem good enough not to need rewriting.
All stories in the Eraverse will be tagged as AU now. I have come to terms with the face that I can't just pull the "stretching canon" BS anymore.

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HO. LY. SHIZNOODLES. · 3:26pm Sep 10th, 2014

I owe all of you an apology. If you're still here, thanks for sticking around.

Long story short: I've just been a lazy ass about writing. It's kind of lost its flare for me. Writing isn't as fun as it used to be.
At some point in time, that will change. This has happened once before, and I began to gain interest in writing again once I discovered Fimfic. So guys, here's hoping I regain my interest soon, because I REALLY don't want my current series to die out like this.

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What If · 7:30pm May 21st, 2014

What if Discord was aware that the universe in which the Virtureverse stories take place is an alternate reality? I feel like Discord would know that.
I might make that a thing.

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