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I'm that one guy who wrote those things about that show.


[2nd person fic starring you and Rainbow Dash]
You've grown up with a life altering disability, not being able to fly. When a high flying mare admits her feelings for you, you don't know what to do. Being a mare yourself, you've never thought of having feelings for another mare.

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Comments ( 15 )

Hey i'm not a mare , and i don't love rainbow dash!
*The story leans forward and punches him.*
Yes you are!
Ok ok please stop!
Say it!
i... i'm a mare....
And... i ..love rainbow dahahahsh..
*Cries into his hooves*
Thats what i thought!

i am a mare and i do love rainbow dash. this story suits me perfectly. :)

2nd Person fic. Have too much else to read instead. *shrug*

Awesome story dude. Always love a good Rainbow Dash story here and there.


*looks at confusedly* Do you love her or not? Are you a mare or not? DO YOU REALLY LIKE HER MANE OR NOT?! MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!!

Very interesting, I'll read it as soon as I can.
Yes I faved it before reading it, but that's because I have almost 500 stories in my read later list. If I add it to my read later list, it'll get lost in the cluster, so I fave stories that I plan on reading when I have free time. (Thought I'd clarify now, before I pick up a bunch of flak)

Wow. This is good. Nice work. Cant wait till the next chapter.:pinkiehappy: /)

Dont let the story hear you!


-puts on epic sunglasses and grabs shotgun- I'm fine. I'm a mare and I love Rainbow Dash *as a friend*. burn >:D

Another great story. One small typo though.

The only sound heard is your hooves on the ground and the bids above

I assume you meant birds. Just thought i'd point it out. :pinkiesmile:

Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed it.

It's been 4 weeks man, I'm dying here. Help...

Has it been 4 weeks? Shit. I'll get working on Sunday, busy on Saturday

Sorry to anyone who gets a notification saying I uploaded a new chapter, had a derp moment

* Whistles*
A day before five weeks after four weeks, and STILL nothing. I'm none too pleased.

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