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I am a simple author trashbag with far too many OCs for his own good. You may or may not see them, except you will definitely see them, don't think you won't.


Torque has been working as a mechanic for his father in Vanhoover for years. His hobbies are inventing, building, and making others happy. When he finds himself moving to Ponyville, he discovers that his optimism and love of helping others are just what a fatherless child needs in her life, and the key to helping her mother get through each day. Inserting oneself into a place you aren't meant to be isn't easy, but as time goes on, the earth pony learns that this is where he needs to be.
Part of the Rising Sun AU

Chapters (20)

Vinyl Scratch and Beat Tempo have been friends as long as anyone can remember. They began their musical journey together, and only recently grew apart. Beat climbed up the ladder and became a pop rock sensation, while Vinyl remained content DJing local parties, never hesitant to drop the bass. However, the two always kept a promise: never let success or fame change who they are. When the two are reunited, Vinyl realizes that Beat has not been able to keep this promise.
Part of the Rising Sun AU

Chapters (8)

The Dash family is known for spawning brash, somewhat reckless pegasi that ponies still manage to find loveable. When Rainbow gets a surprise visit from her professional racer of a brother, not only does the fun get doubled, but with his arrival comes a string of strange events. Only time, effort, and a little bit of courage will tell if this speedy pegasus' arrival was just a very convenient coincidence or part of a plan set in motion by an unknown source.
Part of the Rising Sun AU

Chapters (6)
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