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I am a college student who also happens to be a brony that loves writing. I'd like to write for a career someday but for now I am content with fanfics. I hope that you all enjoy them.


A mysterious stallion named Iron Ore wanders into Ponyville with serious injuries from Timberwolves. After helping pay for his medical bills, Applejack hires Iron to work for her family on the farm. She soon finds that Iron is hiding secrets from his past. What caused Iron to wander from his home and why is he so determined to hide it from everypony?

It takes strength and resolve to stand up for what you believe on and Iron has no shortage of either. However, what happens when your resolve drives a wedge between you and those that you care about?

And what does it take to get them back?

Chapters (14)
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Purdy good story. :pinkiehappy:

“Not exactly.” He sat there for a moment as he thought back to the moment in question. “Do you want me to tell the story?”
“Yeah!” said Applejack excitedly.
“Well, alright then,” said Iron with a chuckle. “It started when I was a still a little colt. I probably wasn’t much older than you. My little sister, Gold Nugget was being picked on by a bully named Quarry. He had gotten his Cutie Mark recently and was making life miserable for those who didn't have theirs yet."

“Yeah!” said Applejack excitedly.

When did AJ come in? :rainbowhuh:

4341267 woops typo. Sorry I'll fix it. EDIT: There it's fixed. Thank you for pointing it out.

I like did story

4393645 than you for good story:twilightsmile:

4393662 Haha :rainbowlaugh: I'll try to keep it good.

Nice little tale :) liked it very much.

This was really your first Fimfiction story? It was very well done, little jealous lol my story didn't get nearly as much love as yours. But well done I liked it very few stories actually makes me pity or love how it's done. 10/10 :ajsmug:

YES, give your OC a pet. All the good cameos like Cheese Sandwich and Maud have them. In fact, that's what next season should be about, making sure every character has a pet.

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