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I am a college student who also happens to be a brony that loves writing. I'd like to write for a career someday but for now I am content with fanfics. I hope that you all enjoy them.


Trixie comes to Ponyville to a less than warm welcome. She soon finds herself in the company of six of Equestria's most unlikeable ponies (and one griffon). Can these seven come together to learn the value of friendship? Can they do it without killing each other?

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This is actually a pretty good start, and not just a Mane 6 replacement. The ponies (And Griffon) seem still in character and I really wonder on how that dynamic will effect who gets what element, if they do.

This is awesome can't wait to see more

4711774 keeping them in character is definitely a challenge. I also have the task of trying to flesh them out a bit too so they won't be so one dimensional. Glad you like it.

This is quite interesting. The characters feel very natural and in character; they are, essentially, themselves but in a slightly different environment, and without the canon protagonists, they don't have to come off as full antagonists. Particularly since these are the more morally grey foils rather than full-out evil villains (regardless of fanon). As such, we have an opportunity to see some interesting exploration of their characters.

I really hope you'll write more of this. I can tell that it will be interesting.

4713544 oh great how I feel pressure. Lol but I'm glad you like it. This is actually kind of hard to write since I have to both keep them in character but at the same time expand upon them somehow. I was admittedly a little nervous about how this story would be taken but so far the results are good. I promise I'll keep trying my best.

“The only important things in Trixie’s world are Spike and Trixie!”

Who is this "Spike" of which you speak?

However, I might need a little help. I'd love to keep this story going for as long as I can but I don't want to simply do carbon copies of the episodes just with different characters. So if any of you have suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Okay, um, how about Gilda vs. Lightning Dust in a race to see who's faster: griffons or ponies.

4716018 Spike? Who's Spike? Sorry, I missed that. I'll fix it. GO MAGICAL EDITING POWEERS! There all better.
As for your idea, I did actually think of that but great minds think alike, eh? Any other thoughts?

Suggestions...Well, first might be some background on how Scales and Trixie ended up together, maybe Celestia asking Trixie to preform at the Gala.

4716179 The Gala thing came to mind. A Trixie and Scales backstory would be interesting but I'm not sure how to fit it into a plot.

Not bad at all! A fine continuation indeed. Now I definitely want to see more.

Yes, carbon-copying is a risk, but don't be too afraid to stray too close to canon material. A lot of the fun lies in seeing how the new protagonists react to certain situations. For example, how they face and deal with the challenges in the forest. (You managed to expand on the brothers' test of Honesty, for instance; instead of AJ's "Trust me for no reason, you'll survive somehow", it became "Trust us, we can do this", giving Trixie something she could distrust but also put her faith in.) A lot of AUs recycle episodes but show how the new heroes react to situations in their own way. Trixie's no Twilight, so she'll deal with things her way.

That said, original stories are definitely appreciated. A little background on our heroes would be appreciated, for instance.

4718155 Glad you like it. Your advice is good too. If I do take inspiration from certain episodes though, I want them to be the ones that applied to the group as a whole. I would also love to do a background chapter sometime but I need to think of a good way to make a chapter out of it.

Bravo . You are a really good writer I must say and my expectations were right when they showed all the element bearers though I'm a little shakey on flim and flam being honest, everything else is perfect

4720379 Well, that's kind of the point/joke. These characters are the last you'd expect to be the Element Bearers. You aren't really supposed to feel easy about them being the wielders of their respective Elements. The characters themselves aren't terribly comfortable with it either. I hope to have chapters for each of them getting used to their Elements.

Anywho, I'm glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

4718155 I have to disagree with you. While it's interesting to see them do thing that the mane six did these character should have original adventures because they Are not the same character and would never get into the same situations as the other team would.

Recognition of

Three things.

1) I thought this would have more lunatrix action.

2) Thank-you for an original story.

3) This qualifies for a group called the great and not obsessive Trixie.

1)What do you mean by lunatrix? Do you mean like a shipping? Because that's not the intent.
2)Thank you very much. This really was a pain to write so I'm glad you liked it.
3)I'll look into adding to that group later.

Pretty nice take on "An Alternate Mane 6 (7)" story. If these seven antagonists were to meet, I have bets it might be like this. Although, there are some spellcheck errors I must point out: "out" where there should be "put," "three" where there should be "tree," and an unfortunately placed comma next to Coco.

4736059 Grrr I hate it when I miss stuff like that. It's always little mistakes too. I'll look for them later. Thanks for pointing that out and I'm glad you like the story.

4736049 oh I just wanted more luna trixie teaming up and scenes.

4737230 Oooooohhhhh, well don't I feel silly. Yes, Luna will be showing up in future chapters don't you worry Mr(or Miss) Raindrop

So this time the dragon has a crush on Loyalty? I am intrigued.

So does this mean Dash will visit Gilda?

4738042 Yeah I thought that would be a fun angle.

“Yeah, we’re talking major burns, possible parallelization. . .”

I think you mean paralyzation (granted, it's not a real word, but given how it's being said by the equivalent of an 8-year-old, I think we can give her this).

I also decided to abuse the AU tag a bit and make some tweaks to Dust's family.

Well, that's what the AU tag is there for. :ajsmug::raritywink:

4792493 paralysis. It's paralysis. I'm such an idiot. I'll fix it later. Thanks for finding it.

I just realized something. Following the pattern with the foils, Spike should have been replaced by Garble rather than a color swapped OC.

4840508 Actually Spike and Scales are one in the same. And I didn't even consider Garble as a possibility. Curse you hindsight.

Interesting little real-life conflict, much approved. I also liked the notion that they try to be better, now that they're role models. It's an interesting contrast to the canon M6, who are established as near-paragons from the start, whereas this bunch of black sheep have ways to go.

I'm curious to see a chapter about Suri where you match her canon personality to her new role, seeing as how the show made her look kind of horrible.

5052177 I have a Suri chapter coming up soon actually.

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