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I am a college student who also happens to be a brony that loves writing. I'd like to write for a career someday but for now I am content with fanfics. I hope that you all enjoy them.


Spike gets an exclusive interview for the Crystal Empire's local newspaper and he couldn't be more excited. Everything goes swimmingly until the interviewer asks a surprisingly difficult question.

What does Twilight Sparkle mean to him?

One would think he would know off the top of his head, but, to be honest, he never really thought about it. What exactly does Twilight mean to him?

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That was almost criminally sweet. Very heartwarming, have all of my thumbs up.

4428227 I gladly accept all thumbs up. And only "almost criminal?" Guess I'll have to try harder next time

All joking aside, I'm glad you enjoyed.

nice and sweet story...
But I have to charge you with my health bill, because this story just gave me diabetes. :raritydespair:

4429903 I cannot be held liable for any health issues that occur from reading this story.:scootangel:

I dunno, it's a decent enough story, don't get me wrong but... it's nothing new, and it sort of feels like... to put it simply, another explanation fic, people write them all the time,

"Why MDW was unfair!"
"Why Twilight is a cruel taskmaster!." "Why Celestia is evil for planning ahead and not ruining the show by fixing every bodies problems!
"Why Twi's friends in The Canterlot Wedding episode should apologize!"

...Maybe I read too much fanfiction, bottomline is, I like the story, but personally I'm getting sick of lectures seemingly camouflaged as stories... I'll give it a like anyway for characterizing them well.

--Pyro The Ranting Reader

4432736 Hmm. . .I can understand that argument. I'm well aware I'm not exactly entering new territory and the bit about the story being an explanation isn't entirely wrong I pretty much said as much. Still, this was something I really wanted to write anyway for the fun of it as well as just getting my own thoughts out there. I just figured a story was more fun than just writing out a lecture. Also, trying to do it in a way I think Spike might in the show was also a bit I gave myself to see if I could do it well.

But still your points are valid and noted. Thank you for being willing to point them out.

“Thank you, Spike,” she said softly as she hugged him tightly. “That means a lot. I love you too.”

The one thing that the show has done truly wrong from a character standpoint: they have never, not once, had Twilight say those words to Spike. She's said it to all her other friends, but the child whom she helped birth, whom has lived with her for years, who has been with her even when she had zero friends, she has never said those three little words.

Great little story, author. I always love Twilight/Spike stories. While I personally see it as a brother/sister thing, mainly because they remind me so much of me and my big sister, the "vague" look is something that I really like. I blame The Descendant.

Only real criticism is I wish there was more. Any chance of another Twi/Spike story?

Either way, damn fine job. :ajsmug:

4432885 Hmm, another Twi/Spike story? I don't know. If inspiration strikes me to write one then I'll think about it. I might do a bonus chapter if this story gets a certain number of views but no promises.

As for Twilight never saying "I love you" she does mention that she does love Spike. To be fair, Spike never directly told her either. But again, I kind of suspect that they don't really need to. Still, to actually have them say it would be nice. Maybe someday.

Thanks for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

4432885 Please be careful with wording. Twilight helped hatched Spike, not birth. Birth takes this into a whole different direction. Beside that, I agree with your comment.

Love it! Good Job:moustache::twilightsmile:!

So I said a while ago that I'd give one of your stories a try. Sorry I took a while. Definitely worth a favourite and like

4815627 Thanks! Lookin forward to reading more of your stuff as well.

Nicely done. This was an excellent way I to get Spike to consider his relationship with Twilight. My one complaint is that the dialogue felt a little off in a couple places. I just can't hear Spike using the phrases 'beat around the bush', or 'my antics'. Also, I understand that Twilight is taken by surprise at the end, but it felt odd (almost like she was uncomfortable) that she paused for a bit before saying she loved him too. That's just my take, others will feel differently I'm sure.

Still a great story :raritywink:

4943777 Glad you liked it. Thanks for being willing to point out those kinks.

Short, but beautiful.

I very much enjoyed this story. It was the perfect length for the subject, and the conversation flowed naturally while still expressing Spike's thoughts and feelings. Nicely done!

This pairing is the very thing that got me into MLP to begin with, I can see them thinking of each other as brother and sister though NEVER mother and son *shivers* Celestia very firmly holds that role for Spike in my mind and that will never change, still despite how many may look at it the fact reminds that they do really care for each other and you have done a great job explain that.

A government official's PA talking to the press? Appalling. The sheer indiscretion of it... It reminds me of this actually.

5457650 I've been seeing you a lot...

6794111 He's everywhere....everywhere.

squeal please.

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