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Berry Punch was an alcoholic. Everypony in Ponyville knew this. She knew this.

But she never had a good enough reason to quit drinking.

And then, one night, she got one.

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I tend to stay away from Berry Punch fics that show her as an Alcoholic, partially because its treated as comedy than as a serious problem. You did good with this, very good. There really isn't much more that I can say

3910406 I am more serious in my fics on this site. On YouTube, different story. Completely random and daft.

But anyways, thank you for giving my story a view. Appreciated, and you will now be given a Follower.

Why? Cause' I can. XD

You're welcome, something about this drew me in and the sad tag got me to read. I'm glad I did.

:fluttercry: You bastard... I didn't come to ponies to feel feels! :fluttershbad:

3910490 The only way I can respond to that is this.


Very well done

I like that you handled Berry Punch's supposed alcoholic tendencies in a serious manner rather than just using it as an excuse to have her act goofy. Very emotional. :applecry:

Good job!

its so beautiful:fluttercry:

3910733 The comedy aspect of the whole thing has been done enough times, and believe it or not, but a number of my Followers/Subscribers on YouTube have had bad childhoods involving drunken father and/or mothers, so out of respect for them, I took a more serious approach to this. Not only that, but I also got drunk myself the other night out of depression over my not having a girlfriend to share Valentine's Day with this year, so I have a good idea what drinking must do to people and not just the drinker.

It isn't a pleasant thing, and I hope other people learn something out of this. I may not be the best writer in the world, let alone this site, but I value even ONE view as though it were a thousand. Thank you for viewing the story, and may you have a good day or evening wherever you are, kind sir/madam.

3910754 Yowzah. See, this is why I don't drink... that and I'm not of the legal age. But even when I am, no way no how.

Also, I'm a sir.

Again, please keep up the good work! ::twistnerd:

3910765 I will try my best, sir. In fact, I am already starting on a poem/story for Coco Pommel. I like to do poetry. XD

Anyway, take care and be safe. Don't let the haters beat you, man!

God, I love touching stories like this. Wonderful work, truly.

...Should actually draw that hug... hmm.

Well, I've never had to deal with haters, but thanks.

I'll be sure to check out your poem!

Thank you for shedding some light on alcoholism and showing how it affects everybody involved. This story hit home with me in a lot of ways, and I am sure it did with many others as well.

Way to make something beautiful from your past mistakes, and I hope we can all see more from you in the future!


3910788 I do not want the spotlight. I'd rather it be shone upon my Followers. I don't know how many times others have said this, but my Followers are a driving force behind my inspirations and motivations. They are incredible people, and I would ask - no, I would plead - that you would examine some of their content. There are some really good stories that I am sure you will find fascinating, and it would do them a huge solid on my behalf.

That said, I appreciate your comment, and I hope to see you too in the future.

Like tomorrow. XD Seriously though, hope to see you somewhere on the homepage too!


Wow, now there's a first. Someone advertising their followers' work. Impressive!

3910815 I'm UNIQUE for a reason. XD I value my viewers and followers. I know I don't get far without them, and no further without them.

I'd do whatever I can for them, really. Gives my pathetic life some significant meaning. XD But seriously, it's amazing how one little kids show can inspire so many people to make awesome animations, stories, music and more. It truly boggles my mind, and I'm glad to be a part of something huge and wonderful.

Why did that last part sound so disturbingly wrong in my mind? XD Yeah, I'm random. Have a good day or evening!


Unique indeed. It truly is incredible, what exactly can inspire us to do great things, and luckily for us, MLP did just that.

As for the 'disturbingly wrong' bit, don't deny it; we're all a little wrong in the head.

:pinkiecrazy: "I can smell the colors!"

We all can, Pinkie. We all can.

Beautiful story!

I LOVE how you did Ruby! She FEELS like a child, and that is NOT easy to do!

Ruby gulped, her mother's reaction making her uncomfortable. She took a step back, and repeated herself. "I...I put it all down the sink, Mommy," she said again, a little quieter this time, nervously.

Parents don't like being defied by their child at the best of times. I'm SCARED for Ruby at this moment.

dripping from her face and down onto her daughters,
dripping from her face and down onto her daughter's,

Powerful and perfect story telling here.

It could be an original fic the story is so overwhelmingly character driven.

Very touching.
Great work, Unique. :yay:

3910938 I love the smell of yellow in my bed in the morning, and the smell of black in my toaster! XD

3911173 You...really think so?
You've...you'be given me a lot to take in, dude...

Thank you...

Oh my.....
Take all my feels. All of them. :fluttercry:

Dammit the feels are hard on this one!:fluttercry:

HEY, YOU! YEAH, AUTHOR! Thanks for the feels :pinkiesad2::heart:


I have noticed that this story got into the Popular Section.

I wish to express my gratitude, and my thanks from the very depths of my heart, to all of you for viewing and liking this story. Ever since that damn clopfic of mine that got Featured, I have never written anything with the intention of making it into the Popular or the Featured Section, so to finally see a story that I actually put time and effort into make it to the Popular Section has really raised my spirits, and...well, what more or else can I really say other than 'Thank You' for your support?

So, er...'Thank You', everybody!

If you would do me a small act of kindness, I would ask that you check out some of the stories written by my Followers. They are an amazing bunch, an incredible collection of people, and they too have wonderful stories to offer, ones which far exceed my own. Please do check them out on my behalf, and above all, take care of yourselves and always be Unique, because we are perfect the way we are.

UNLESS you happen to be Jimmy Saville. In which case, go away. XD

Look after your loved ones, don't do drugs, and DEFINITELY don't take up drinking.

- UniqueSKD

The Brony Fool!

3911719 Where did you leave Ruby?

The feels. so many glorious feels.
Great story, loved it.

Though i was hoping for Berry to actually hit Ruby then realize she needed to change after seeing the results when she became sober again.

3912024 I personally felt that having her hit Ruby physically would scar her daughter for a long, long time. If you were hit by someone who was meant to protect you, to care for you, would you not find it hard to forgive them?

Besides, as I have said earlier. some of my Followers have suffered abuse at the hands of their parents, drunken state or not. I respect my Followers, and have nothing but sympathy for their troubles, so I did not wish to incidentally trigger any bad memories, if you get what I mean.

No big deal to some people, but I didn't want to take the risk. You'd be surprised what power a simple story can have on people, especially if you can relate to the given situation.

........................Bravo, my good sir. You have successfully made my eyes moist, something that is rare in the life of a heartless monster such as myself. This was better than My Little Dashie.
I think that it's especially neat that this was inspired by an experience you had.

3912093 HA! Please! My work is NOWHERE as good as My Little Dashie. XD But I do appreciate the compliment a lot from you. You deserve a Follower. Here, I've got a spare one right here for you. :)

3912093 I just realized I am already following you. XD God, I'm dumb. XD LOL

No, thank you for the talent. :twilightsheepish:

Sugjested by someone. I think friend of yours, I don't regret this. :applecry: I also came here because I am not good at hitting people in the (feels) when it comes to stories :fluttershysad: I hope this will help me! :yay:

3912697 Oh, you must mean Pizzy1334? Yeah, she's amazing, isn't she? Sweet kid, I do have a lot of respect for her. Then again, I have a lot of respect for my Followers. Wouldn't tolerate a bad word against them.

So yeah, feels, huh? Well, I'm no expert writer, but if I were to offer any advice, I'd say you should think of something that makes you sad really. Not just 'sad, sad', but 'genuinely sad'. Like, what would make you really really upset? Whatever it is, you should think it, and use that feeling and weave it into a story.

I wrote this out of guilt for getting drunk about a night ago over being lonely on Valentine's Day, as I have no girlfriend to share that occasion with, so I got drunk off my ass on Amaretto, and posted some stupid blogs on this site. It cost me two Followers, and I felt really shitty about what I had done, so I used that feeling of guilt and sadness to make this story, as a way of apologizing to all my beloved and loyal Followers for my stupidity.

Of course, don't fret! Sometimes, people need to be in a certain mood to write a certain type of story. Try channeling the emotions you feel in the moment of writing into the writing itself. It's up to you to take my advice or ignore it, but either way, you're getting a Follower from this talk.

Take care, friend!

- UniqueSKD
(The Brony Fool!)

p.s - please check out my YouTube channel as well. You might find a few ideas from my animations there if you decide to write some comedy stuff...

3912810 Thank you so much! This helps a bunch! It saddens me to hear that you don't have anybody for Valentines day! :fluttershysad: The reason I am writing this story right now called Happy Valentines Day Discord! is because I too have nobody for Valentines and I have been thinking so much about writing a romance story. So what I don't have, write in story! :yay:

I guess that sounds lonely, but so far 106 likes! In only a week too! :pinkiegasp: This helps a LOT! I leave you a muffin...have a great valentines day, no matter who or where you celebrate it! :derpytongue2:


3912829 Well, it's not so bad. I mean, I got my Followers and my friends and family, so I'm not truly alone. Also, I don't know how many Followers you have, but I'd be honored to give you another one for the count. Make you less lonely.

And thanks for the GIF! I f**king love Derpy Hooves! I relate a lot to her cause' she reminds me of my occasional clumsiness and hilarity. Hell, she even got me into muffins. XD

Your story, by the by, sounds intriguing. A Valentine's story about Discord isn't going to be an easy subject to pull off, given his chaotic nature. Discord is not as easy to write about as most people think, because if you change his character, you kill his involvement in any story. He's one of those characters you can't really alter in any way, otherwise what's the point of having him in it?

That isn't to say that it's impossible to do a romantic story with Discord. His friendship with Fluttershy shows that he is capable of emotion and sanity, even if it is for just brief periods of time. I would suggest that your story involve comedy, since this is something we would expect from Discord, in addition to your 'Aww!'s and 'Feels!' moments.

Like I said, I'm no expert, but I do tend to offer a decent idea from time to time. I hope your story goes well. Please do me the honor of sending me a link to the story when it's done? I am now interested in seeing it. Why, I even do occasional readings on my YouTube channel for people sometimes, just to help promote their work a little. I tend to do short stories since long ones take up a lot of time, and I prefer to read those with other people (who are not available. XD). If I get the time, I'll happily read one of your works out, if you'd like? A short story, mind, but I'll do a read regardless. One chapter long, any length of words between 1,000 to 10,000 is my limit. LOL

And thanks for the Following! You just helped me reach the 90 Followers mark, so that means you win this special prize - A video from my channel. XD

Take care, my friend, and may the days ahead be safe and prosperous for you! Divine Dragons and Ponies guide you! XD

- UniqueSKD

(The Brony Fool!)

Why am I on bottom?! :flutterrage::twilightangry2:

3912898 Damn, calm down!

Didn't know you liked being on top.


It's a good thing you said something funny; I'm rather PO'ed at the moment.

3912919 Oh? What's up bro? Wanna PM your troubles to me, or is it something you'd rather not discuss?

Minor things; my internet died on me (about 30 minutes ago now), got my ass kicked in Magic The Gather 3 times in a row, and all I'm trying to do is get these fuckin' downloads downloaded. :fluttershysad:

3912888 Here ya go! http://www.fimfiction.net/story/165299/happy-hearts-and-hooves-day-discord By the way, I was browsing your channel and I found the leek spin with Fluttershy. "Wait a second this sounds familiar...HNGHHH!!!! Oh fudge, now I remember...:trollestia:"

I hope you like nyan cat. And finland...

Plus, because of my internet stroke, I have to re-proofread someones chapter. :ajbemused:

You done good on this, friend.:pinkiesmile:

I had to put this song on while reading this, have a link.

Keep on writing!

3912924 Damn. Sounds pretty shitty. I hate losing games too, but if you always kept winning, then the game would be boring, wouldn't you agree? I'd prefer a challenge than an easy victory personally.

Keep your head up, bro. You'll get them next time.

3912927 Yeah, I don't know where the hell I was going with Angel Bunny's head spazzing out in the background in that one. XD

It's not that I lost, it's the cercumstances that I did. Also, a Canadian study shows that listening to your favorite music is a good way to get rid of a bad mood. I think this study is true, based on how it's working for me now. :twilightsmile:

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