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After the invasion of Canterlot failed, the Changelings were given a strict rule by their Queen. No Changeling was ever, EVER, allowed to speak of that failure for as long as they lived, neither were they allowed to utter the name of the princess who defeated their Queen, lest they pay the penalty of Death.

One Changeling accidentally lets slip the name of the princess during a meal, and immediately Queen Chrysalis sentences him to die by stoning.

His execution doesn't go the way she had in mind, though...

This story based and inspired by one of my favorite scenes from Monty Python: Life of Brian.

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Ha, Karma's a b****, ain't it Chryssie?

3944447 Some things never CHANGE, eh?

Yeah, that was bad. I apologize.

You had me laughing my guts out at one-night stand!
Haha, he had a one-night stand with one or two drones!:rainbowlaugh:

Let me guess, the females morph themselves to look like drones so they could stone him like the ones in the movie.
Cause if they did, you nailed it.

Now I wanna see a continuation of this.

Okay, THAT was pretty funny! More like this! :rainbowlaugh::heart::rainbowlaugh:

He began to hysterically dance on the spot, tapping his hooves on the wooden platform he stood upon, his chains clinking as he swayed and jiggled his body around. "Princess Cadence! Princess Cadence! Princess Cadence! Princess Cadence!", he sang merrily, further enraging the crowd, and causing a vein to appear on Chrysalis' forehead as her temper reached boiling point.

LoL! :rainbowlaugh:

Pretty silly and humorous one off about how forbidden words can become contagious. Thanks for then ice light read. Though, I only laughed at a couple points, they were good ones. The whole "Especially the two I had on night stands with" and the Changeling with the dozen rocks.

Exactly 49 times. 48 if you don't count the one in the question asking how many times it comes up in the story.

Ha, I can't stop laughing now! Somebody do something that will make the laughter stop, PLEASE!

3945333 Here, maybe this will do the trick?

3945371 Oh God, that made the laughter worse! Damn you Family Guy!

3945388 Oops! Well, er...shit, son I don't know what to do. All the stuff on my YouTube channel is hilariously random shit.

drone #117

HALO REFERENCE, if you intended it to be a HALO reference.

3945394 No worries, my kitten Percy Trigs just coughed up a furball into my glass of water. That stopped my laughter...

3945424 Then let's start the laughter back up again, shall we?

Fast-forward to 0:34 on the video. He he he...

3945444 OH GOD! You're killing me with laughter!

3945461 Oh, my good Brony...

I haven't even started yet...XD

How about some jokes?

I have been reading the history of glue - I can't put it down!

Twilight Sparkle moved in next door to me - she's my NEIGH-bor!

How ponies does it take to screw in a light bulb? Just one - A unicorn!

So my friend says to me, "Why do you always walk in front?", and I said, "I'm sorry, I don't follow you?"

So the villain out of Peter Pan released his first single today - I tell you, that song's got a great HOOK!

Why did the chicken cross the road? Cause' it saw me coming with a KFC bucket!

When Molestia CAME, I fucking WENT.

And that's all I got right now. XD

3945482 Dude, I'm gonna die laughing! And if you want something funny, you should meet Houdini, our ginger cat...

3945522 (Resists the urge to make a Ginger joke, for fear of being offensive to any ginger-haired Bronies...)

3945557 Houdini is known by a few nicknames; Psycho-cat, Houdini the Holy kitty, Scout-cat, etc. Psycho because he goes berserk at random points, Holy kitty because he followed my sister to church once, and Scout-cat because he'd regularly follow us to the community hall when we were going to Scout meetings.

3945668 Well I am known by five nicknames.

Unique - My MLP OC. This awesome guy.



That Guy Who Makes Shitty Animations

That Douchebag Who Likes My Little Ponies

and my personal favorite,

That Really Cute Guy Who Bronies Come To Like Cause' He's Pretty Awesome.

I particularly like the last one a lot. For obvious reasons.

Though very rarely do I get that one. XD

3945934 I like those. My nicknames are;

Clearshot, (Cause of my last name and my love of shooting games.)

Midge Jr (Cause my dad is Midge, which is short for midget. He was the smallest in his class. Ironic thing is I'm taller than him.)

That eejit. (Cause I'm generally thought of as an eejit.)

That little quiet dipstick. (Cause I didn't really talk to people in school except to make rude retorts when they insulted me.)

That dumbass with his head up his gameboy's rear-end. (Cause I was obsessed with video-games.)

It's weird. I've never seen Life of Brian, but I know exactly the scene you're talking about.

It's that one scene with the priest and the stoning, right?


Lifes a piece of shit when you look at it.
Lifes a laugh and the deaths the joke it's true

3945982 Well, we of the UniqueSKD Brony family would rather call you friend', assuming you'd like to join us?




I mean, JOIN US!

3946080 Always look on the bright side of life!
doo doo! doo doo doo doo doo doo

3946307 Lol. Sure. And I bet the kitten in my arms would like that too.

Truly an underrated classic. That and Yellowbeard.

Also, I am disturbed by the lack of Bigus Dickus...

He's not the Messiah. He's a very naughty boy. Now, piss off!

This has a disappointing number of blunts. In all seriousness, I found this quite funny.

3946860 I'd call you a Cheater, but then the Yogscast use TNT to blow shit up when they struggle on a puzzle, and Markiplier uses NoClip when he's stuck on SCP Containment Breach, so I can't blame you. XD

3947288 He has left us a sign! He has left us a shoe! XD

(Here's a fun game for you all to play - How many times does the word 'Changeling' pop up throughout the story?)

Oooh, a drinking game! I love drinking games!

two of my favorite things combined you sir are awesome :raritystarry:

3948840 I'm not awesome. That would be my Followers and Subscribers. I'm just UNIQUE, my friend. XD

'Branded a heretic', '117'... if I didn't know better, I'd say you were a Halo fan, Unique.
Seriously, though, not a bad job. Took one of the most well-known scenes in the history of comedy and (mostly) made it your own.
- Headwind

3949273 What can I say?

On Halo 5, I'm clocking headshots like they be goin' outta style,
Leaving the other team in a big ass pile,
I grab my Magnum and pop a shot in dem noobs,
Record that shit, put it up on YouTube
Plasma Pistol and Battle Rifle - super-combo hit!
I kill them hella fast, so they call me 'Green Shit!'
I'm waiting round' the corner, my Shotgun ready and locked,
You've got a Rocket Launcher, I've plasma nades' in my stock,
Make me a sniper, and I'll hit the long shot scene,
If I get an Assault Rifle, I'm a fuckin' mean machine,
Shoot my load in yo' ass, make a mess you'll never clean,
Or take you out from a distance, you never know where I been


But yes, I like Halo. However, I purely choose the #117 at random, no reference to Halo was intended, but hey I guess it works. XD

Have a Follower!

Comment posted by UniqueSKD deleted Feb 15th, 2014

Oh my... Did you get hit by a party cannon filled with cookie dough to your head?

You sir deserve a like and favorite!

I think I counted about 28. :applejackunsure:

No stoning until I say so!

Spark em up, boys!:rainbowlaugh:

Forty-nine instances of "changeling".

Shadow Mist spoke up. "My Queen, I don't really understand what the problem is really, if I may be honest. I was only feeding off of the love of that pony with the hat and cloak, and all I said to my friend was 'I wonder if this tastes like the Love of Princess Cadence'."

Poor Trixie...:pinkiecrazy:

Beautiful, beautiful story! I shed manly te— Wait a minute? This isn't the Awesome Clop-a-thon! I was told this was where the Awesome Stupendous Clop-a-thon would be where clop was implied and everyone ate stale cake! I demand my fugelhorn back!

Forty-eight, not counting the question at the beginning.

3952136 Yeah, well I was told that I'd find true happiness if I sent that Catholic man on the television £10, but we all get screwed in the end, don't we? XD

3950593 Oh, wow your avatar looks awesome.

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