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Rainbow's hopes for a nice day off are dashed when she is awakened by a loud explosion, and goes to investigate, little did she know she and everypony in Equestria would find themselves caught up in a strange tale about invaders from another time, a dark and vengeful entity's return, and the means to stop him...

Earthbound/Mother 2, Equestria style! I know it's been done a few times before, but I thought I'd give it a try. A couple events are altered, added, and a few changed around, so that it can fit the characters and setting more rather then be a ponified walkthrough.

Now has a sequel!

Chapters (37)
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YES, more Crossovers with Best Game! I lubs you.


LOL thanks.:pinkiehappy: I remembered playing this game when it first came out(geez that was long ago!) and have just started revisiting it :twilightsmile:

3060706 I just got it on SNES about a year ago and Mother 3 on Gameboy A. All I need is Mother 1 and I'm set.

I have an Earthbound fic myself, and I may as well advertise yours when I have the time


SNES is Best Console imo.

I read it, definitely managed to be both funny and disturbing! When I think about it, Discord would probably feel right at home in Moonside too...

3060721 >is not even about Discord. In fact, he's nowhere in it. Twilight mainly. I loved writing it, though. And this fic wasn't half bad either! Good job on it.


Yeah I'm aware, it was just an afterthought I had when I thought about Moonside itself.

Is there gonna be a Mani Mani statue? And by extension it's color swap.


Thanks! :twilightsheepish:


Yes, there will. It will either be the alicorn amulet or a statue of Discord

3061262 How does that spoiler hider thing work? I could use those.


just put these brackets [ ] around the word spoiler and then at the end of what you want blacked out put them around /spoiler(remember the "/"!) and there ya go!

3061568 Like this?

Spoilers: Aerith died. Big whoop.
Thank you.

Why do I have the feeling that Pinkie is probably going to play a roll to do with Moonside?
Or the equivelent of Saturn Valley...
I'm not sure, I just thought of the two weirdest parts of the game.


Naw, it's a role no one's gonna expect, but will still make complete sense... :trollestia:

3063965 A role that makes nobody expects, but makes sense... Ok then...
I will try to figure-inate it out.
Oh wait...
What about the one bit with the Magic Cake in Summers?


Sooner then that. Wait and see, my good fellow :trollestia:

3063998 Is she the leader of the KKK Happy Happy clan!?

You really like making Gilda a b@#$# don't you?


Well to be fair she kind of is one lol

At least here it wasn't completely her fault!


You'll see :trollestia:

3067394 I am now thinking that Pinkie will be trying to fight off the zombies in the threed equivelent.
Either that, Or 3067374 That.
Maybe she'll paint everything PINK!


3067394 3070590 3067374
Time Turner=Apple Kid I would like to see a Doctor Who joke.
Lyra Heartstrings=Mr. Carpainter
Octavia Melody and Vinyl Scratch=The Runaway Five
Derpy Hooves or Thunderlane=the mach pizza delivery guy
Fancy Pants=Geldegarde Monotoli
Angel Bunny=BubbleThe Monkey
That all I can think of for now.


You got one or more right, I'll give you that :raritywink:


Yes, there will. It will either be the alicorn amulet or a statue of Discord

Why not the statue of Nightmare Moon from Luna Eclipsed? Seems to me like an eternally dark and psychologically scarring place would fit her more than Discord

Also, a crossover fic with no dislikes?



I ultimately chose on a black crystalline alicorn statue, similar in vein to the Alicorn Amulet, since Nightmare Moon, while certainly influential, came after Sombra's time and thus he'd likely not know of her or have created something in her likeness.

In any event I hope to get another chapter done this weekend! Rainbow gets to the next town, runs into more weirdness, faces obstructive objects, the trees we all hated that blew up, and a very HAPPY new town! and more, with more then a few familiar faces.

Trixie will return to the story. eventually.

Well one issue is that she's possessed by Sombra.

10k words exactly. How did you manage to do that?


:rainbowlaugh: I really have no idea! Dumb luck I guess :twilightsheepish:

3156567 and every chapter ends with a syllable of five. It also alternates between 5 and 0 for the last digit. HOW


Entirely coincidental, just now realizing that and now I'm starting to scare myself :rainbowderp:

Okay, I like this fic so far, but I have to point out one thing: you're sticking too close to the original script. Everything is an analogue to something in the game, while original ideas are present, but scarce. Earthbound is awesome, but essentially Copy/pasting its story with ponies just sort of bothers me...

Also, all the crusaders are the Apple kid?
I'd say it would fit more to have Apple Bloom as Apple kid (actually, that makes more sense than just the obvious joke...) and Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle running the Escargo Express (with flight/teleportation they'd be able to travel much faster, and Ness's sister Tracy takes a job with the Escargo Express, so it would make another close reference)


If I'd have thought of that at the time I probably would have:twilightsheepish:. Maybe it's just one of the many, many jobs they try to take up over the course of the story especially when they got the closure of Rarity being saved("CMC: DELIVERY PONIES!"). I want to keep it close enough to the story's events that it stays recognizable, but have enough of its own flavor to do things differently in some areas to insure the characters stay in-character(unless they're possessed obviously) and apologize had I strayed a little too closely lately.

Next chapter'll be a lot of Fuuuuunnnnnnnnn :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Yeah, I suppo-WAIT A SECOND.
Apple kid helps build the phase distorter...
The CMC are the Apple kid equivalent...
Robot CMC travelling through time...




3157744 3157614
This video have some interesting facts about the Earthbound game.
Warning this video have spoilers.

Dr.Andonuts=Time Turner\Dr. Whooves
Mr.Saturns=Flutter Ponies
Saturn Valley=flutter Valley
That it for now.


Yeah I remember the backstory behind Giygas, where the director of the game was traumatized as a child and all. Never heard of flutter ponies, tho that may work as I was admittedly stumped on what to use for that. Squirk is going to be the Kraken

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.


Maybe when it's done. I'm a pretty long way from finished here since EB is a pretty long game. As someone who's had mixed results, honestly I doubt it'd stand a chance.

That was fun.
Cupcakes-ish, but fun.:pinkiecrazy:

“Stupid animals!” Rainbow said, having dealt with the far less friendlier skies as she tried to get to the populated areas of Ponyville. Spiteful crows and other angry birds were everywhere trying to knock her out of the sky till she finally made it into town.

Hey, at least they're not stealing your bread, Dash. :twilightsheepish:

Wow, it sounds like trixie means buisness! ( le pun)

I bet they painted it pink so it would be painted yellow.

I believe Trixie's problem is that she means too much buisness.

Trixie still means buisness ( because spam is fun)


Naw, pink just emphasizes FUNNNN!!! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:


:trixieshiftright: The Great and Powerful Trixie ALWAYS means business when dealing with adversity! Perhaps she will even make music for it!

3217721>>3217721 maybe she'll even try to take over the world a thousand years later.

P.S. how is sombra doing? I hope he...is...happy.


He's in a state of mind you cannot grasp the true form of.

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