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Made for the fanfiction group Five Score Multiplied By More, inspired from Twisted Spectrum's hit fanfiction, Five Score Divided By Four.
Cancelled 4/5/16, go here for story on why and what would have been.
Act1: A strange new patient has sought refuge at the Eastern State Mental Hospital of Virginia in early May of 2020; a pony on the verge of a psychotic breakdown who bears an uncanny resemblance to the My Little Pony character Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, aka Cadance, that claims she is actually a 25-year-old human who somehow transformed into her days after his latest birthday...

Act 2: With things growing more chaotic with the world now filled with people-turned-ponies, and haunted by her own post-traumatic hallucinations of the mad god responsible for it, Cadance must reclaim her sanity and sense of self, and seeks to meet others like her and hopefully find a way back home...

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A dark story in this series? Nice. :twilightsmile:

This fic is boss I'll put it up right next to twistedspectums five score fic. Its that good.

This is just... Wow. Words can't describe... Oh, wait. I have one... Chilling start. Very engaging already, keep it up!

I like the idea of having a dark story. In truth, the only reason mine isn't all that dark is because of the way John thinks.

*slowly claps* "you sir are AMAZING!" *clapping becomes faster* "FAVORITED, CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT CHAPTER!"

Plus, the warped irony that someone as jaded as this(as sidenote "Cale Amos" was the first name I could think of, as it translates into "Bold Love", which seemed appropriate) would end up with someone like Cadance seemed all the more delicious an opportunity to exploit to further compound the situation.

Or rather, I suppose, that Cadance would end up so jaded... Apparently she/he lost her/his love-based talents/skills/whatever (get your mind out of the gutter) when she became human... Or perhaps the marriage failed because she/he didn't marry Shining Armor (or Rachel, judging from the latest chapter of the main fic) and therefore somehow subconsciously knew that something just wasn't right.

Interesting take on the story, looking forward to more.


It's all possible :twilightsheepish:. I haven't outlined that far just yet, though I do have some notes for each chapter and the ending all planned out but I do promise it'll conclude open-ended enough for anyone who wishes to reference or crossover with it to do so! I admit I'd not read the new main fic chapter before posting this, my fic's been in Unsubmitted Limbo since wednesday night admittedly but I've not had time to proofread it all till today lol.

But yes, that is possible, the reason behind it all, but the main concept now is that the heartbreak and grief he/she is now suffering has severely inhibited her magical abilities, given the strength of her feeling of love in her heart seems to be what empowers her greater abilities primarily, something which Discord had hoped to happen :trollestia:


Oh I have no problem with light and fun stories of FSDBF and I enjoyed quite a few of 'em, I just figured I'd try a different route and see where it goes :twilightsmile:

I would clap for this story.
But my hands are naturally silent.

An interesting take on a fascinating series.

Wow, this is more or less set in my home town! You don't happen to be a resident of Williamsburg, ShadeJak?


No, but I do live about an hour from there, visited many a time for different events and such!

I have an idea where you got the name of the doctor from. I don't know if i'm correct or if i'm just over-thinking this. But did you use Discord's voice actor to get the doctor's name? Discords voice actor=John de Lancie. Doctor's name=Dean Lance

To Be Continued…

You better hope to God it does, cause if not...

You and me? we are going to have some problems


Oh it will, I'm hoping to update both this and Mare Do Well: The Series this weekend, since I'll be away for Heroescon next weekend

Interesting, but...

Well, just read that first paragraph aloud. Can you hear how convoluted the sentence structure is? I could barely make heads or tails of it. Also, the paragraph about the radio came out of nowhere, serves no purpose (unless you're setting up something with the song,) and totally disrupts the flow of the narrative.

Other than that, it's pretty good. I look forward to more.


Very observant, the radio is meant for setting something up much later, what, though, you shall see.... :pinkiehappy:

I think that the temperate dropped a little while reading this chapter.

Poor Cadance, Discord didn't miss her... :derpytongue2:

In other words, great work :pinkiehappy:

Wow I wish my fic was this good.

A good start, but the framing device makes this chapter seem superfluous. Most stories would have an "everything's normal" opening, but when sharing the experience after the fact, this all seems like the kind of stuff one would either summarize or skip over entirely, especially when trying to prove one's sanity. That's not to say this was poorly written. It was quite enjoyable; it just feels out of place.

In any case, looking forward to more.

This chapter screams
*ehem* uno moment while i prepare my throat


Oh-hohohoho, trust me, Discord's cruelty and mental torment has only just begun :trollestia:

Interesting. Discord seems to be taking a much more personal interest in this one. There are some obvious reasons why, but when has his thought process ever been that straightforward?

One mistake I noticed:

It was completely dark out, and later into the night, nearly midnight as I sipped a mountain dew I’d floated brought over to myself.

I think only one of them was intended to be there)

Gimme gimme gimme Gimme gimme gimme Gimme gimme gimme Gimme gimme gimme Gimme gimme gimme Gimme gimme gimme


Lol yes, in the end there is meant to be only one. Amazing those little things that slip past me : \

Thanks for spotting that, all fixed! :twilightsmile:

Welp, another five score transformation done. :moustache: I'll trade you one mustache for another chapta, deal?


LOL I'll see what I can do, hopefully one will be up on sunday

(I can't actually do it right now cause I'm on my iPod but imagine they're there)


Now where's those moustaches I was promised? :trollestia:

Its going to end? Nooooooooo. Why?! Why so soon?!

Cause he can :fluttercry:
We poor readers are at the mercy of the writers ;(

maybe somepony can go in and save cadence...

It could work with the right circumstances.

Well, here's one way to look at it.
Shining Armor would never go back to Equestria and leave Cadance behind, not in a million years.
Of course, Shining's being used in the main storyline, so we'll just have to wait for that to be finished up...


Trust me, the story will, at least, be ending on a very open note free for anyone else writing stuffs in FSMBM to incorporate, reference or whatnot if they wish.

Ouch. Discord didn't go easy on her. :fluttercry:
I'm curious, on which date did the whole thing begin? I think I might be interested in reusing your story, but I have a few thing to deal with first in mine. :raritywink:.

This was an awesome story :pinkiehappy:

If I can I will do something for cadence I will redeem her unless I do something stupid.

But I will try.

Don't you know that there's supposed to be more, all the ponies are going to find their way to the farm and they defeat discord, :duck: I'm guessing you didn't do you're reasearch

Well shit....
THAT was an interesting ending....

Well THAT was a downer of an ending, though fortunately not a COMPLETE downer since as you noted there is still some hope for her.

I can't say that I didn't see it coming, but only because another reader commented on the doctor's interesting name.

Wouldn't mind seeing more of this in the future, regardless of what happens in the main storyline.

And now... for mass response :D

Nope, he sure didn't!

I like that idea, pm me with what you come up with! :twilightsmile: If you mean the 'present time' when the first and last chapter took place, maybe a day or two after the transformation completed.



Coolness, keep me posted on any ideas!

Oh I know that. I was ending it here on an open note so events that could lead to that happening for Cadance can follow in either possible crossover or a sequel if I write one, this isn't a permanent end, but rather I wanted to leave a nice, formidable challenge for anypony who may try to help her to overcome first.

:trollestia: inorite?

Thanks, for now I'm gonna focus more on Mare Do Well: The Series till anything else is done with this, and wait for the 'main' plot to advance a little more as well.

Yea, it did risk spoiling, so I decided to work a way around it by adding some ambiguity to the situation, of whether it really was him, if it was an illusion/hallucination he put on her mind to make her think so, or if it was all in her mind because she's already so fragile at this point. I let the reader decide :trollestia:

Well since I've been having visions of being just like Cadance for the past few weeks (I blame part of it on my other personality (Damnit Skrilly!)) I guess I'll try and pick up where you left off. But first, Bejeweled 3!

I absolutely loved this one. In my opinion this is the best FSMBM fic out there. :moustache:

2716028 Okie Dokie Loki!

As nice as it is to have one of these stories with an 'ending', I would kindly ask that you follow up on the story after the original story ends, if noone else has picked up on this one.

Thanks! It may get revisited sometime later, as other stories progress and such :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I would, somewhere down the road, though even then with crossovers and such I may make a story featuring the events from her POV, since even if it's the same events, her mind's quite a mess right now so there'd be a lot of psychological chaos to wade through from her end :trollestia:

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