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22 years old, Bipolar Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome, am legally blind, and am a born again follower of Jesus Christ! I like Pinkamena/Pinkie and Fluttershy best. Send me a message if you wanna chat!


Pinkamena knows nothing of the world. All she has ever seen or known is the misery she lives in, and the dark, endless wasteland.

And all she can do is question why.

Why life is meant to be this way.

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It was dark.
So dark.
Why was it so dark?
And wet.
Very wet.
Why was it so wet?
It was cold.
Really cold.
Why was it so cold?
She didn't know.

POV of Pinkie Pie, in an Alternate Universe where she was sent back to the mirror pool by accident.

French translation available here thanks to the talents of Blaxbone!
Now has a reading by TheDizzyDan, and has another reading by Crafty Arts!

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Imagine being stuck in the mind of a pony that you can't stand and is the exact opposite of you.
Now imagine having your life torn away from you, and you've just gotten it back; only to face just as many hardships as before.
And then imagine you were just told you technically shouldn't even exist.
That's my life.

This story is a sequel to Caged Inside, but is written in a way that it's not necessary to read it first.

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I've been stuck like this for about a decade, and I'm finally free. But of course, those pony friends of that evil jail keeper aren't happy about that. Why? Don't I deserve a shot at life too? Just because I have to lock up Pinkie Pie in my mind? Hah! She deserves it for doing it to me!

When Pinkie retreats into her own mind due to the depression of thinking her friends abandoned her in 'Party of One', Pinkamena finds herself in control of herself for the first time since the Sonic Rainboom. But her friends aren't too happy about Pinkie Pie being locked away in Pinkamena's place.

Now has a sequel!

Chapters (8)

Pinkie Pie knows she's being watched; she knows about how 'The Wall' follows her around, makes her do things she's not sure she would actually do at times, and most of all, she worries about what will happen when it comes to an end.

When the last season ends.

For a waaaaaay better take on this story idea, read this.

Chapters (1)
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