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Pinkie Pie is alone in a place she does not want to be. She wants to go home. She wants everything to return to normal. Pinkie Pie has to deal with the reality of a tragedy she does not want to face. Her friends, and the staff of the Psychiatric Ward of Ponyville hospital do their best to support her through this time.

Written well before Season 4 started, so expect some incongruities.

Cover art by V-D-K, used with permission.

Edit: Rewritten for hopefully an easier reading experience.

Also, if you are going to write in the comments, please use the [spoiler][/spoiler] tag. Last time pretty much everyone was giving away the ending in the comments.

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I don't remember that much besides the end of the old story. But it doesn't feel like you changed much.
Still a great story.

You're right, I didn't change too much, just fixed a lot of the grammar issues and a few minor bits and peices to try and make it flow better, as well as removing parts that others had complained about before (dropped hooks for plot points that never ended up happening)

Wow I didn't see that coming. :ajsleepy: :raritycry:

Oh. My. Celestia.


That is all.

Massive mood whiplash coming in from my other stories, right?

I’ll sue for the reckless endangerment of my emotional state.

A punch in the gut there.
The feels...


I'm going too be feeling this one for a while ^-^'

I'm going to cry. :fluttercry:

That was sad:fluttercry:

........that was the best set up twist I have ever seen.
Seriously, when I read this epilogue, my heart skipped a beat and I could feel a burning in it as my mind processed what actually happened.
That was genius, the way it was set up.......and I don't give out compliments like that on stories often.


It actually surprises me that people still read this… I mean, it was never popular, and I am not sure where people find it.

Well, for me, I've had it in my 'Read it Later' for a while now (since I have over 100 stories there) so I'm not sure exactly, but I think I found it while searching for 'sad pinkie pie stories'.

Which isn't an uncommon category for people to search for.

Yeah, the Sad tag seems to be a bit of an anathema to stories, tbh. I've noticed that with most of mine. Tag it with sad and you will get maybe one eighth the normal views.

5715088 wait, really? I thought it'd add views.
I wouldn't know since I've only uploaded one story to the site and it HAD the sad tag on it.
Huh....that's interesting.

Nah, sad and tragedy are crazy hated tags. I guess it makes sense, as a lot of people come to this site to cheer up with ponies… sad fics aren't the best at cheering someone up.

Hmm....I never thought of it that way. I guess I never stopped to wonder why other people use the site.

I remember reading this way before I got an account. I can't even tell you how hard this hit me. This is one of the most beautiful fics I've ever had the pleasure of reading on this site. Thank you so much for writing this. :heart:

Oh. Oh, sweet filly Luna. She has PTSD, doesn't she?

Yeah, she does. While not entirely, this story was based on someone close to me who went through PTSD (technically they still do) and had to spend some time in a mental health ward. Mental health wards are often treated like places of horror, so part of the motivation for this story was to show a better side of mental health wards, as well as shining a light on mental health in general.

Fluttershy died didn't she?

I wish I could write a story like this, one that can evoke real emotions in people.

Oh, fuuuck... That hit hard. :fluttercry:

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