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This is NOT a clopfic. The sex tag is merely for suggestive content.

There are forces beyond the boundaries of our world, a fact that Roseate Grimsbane is fully aware of. A powerful unicorn witch, Roseate has to function as a teacher and citizen of the town of Muleport, while concealing the otherworldly powers given to her.

The fact that her husband is an Alien Intelligence from beyond the Fifth Veil, doesn't make this a simple task.

This is a Comment Driven Story, where you can speak to Roseate using an enchanted mirror, an eldritch artifact that allows for communication with those beyond the Fifth Veil (You), so feel free to ask her questions and perhaps even give her some advice when the time comes. But please keep it clean.

This story was edited with the help of: Rhawkas.

Preread/proofread by: TheDizzyDan (Ch.1-3) and Quillian Inkheart (Ch.5, onwards).

The new, AWESOME, piece of cover art was created by the amazing, MythPony, go check out her other artwork. :pinkiehappy:

If you want to see more artwork of Roseate Grimsbane, feel free to follow this link to a deviantart folder containing a few images: Here.

Special thanks to Grim_Grin for creating numerous art pieces for my OC, Roseate Grimsbane.

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Comments ( 318 )

Drake asks:how did you figure out how to summon an Eldrich abomination?! Is it dangerous?! I would call the royal guard but I’m afraid he’ll eat me!

Drake Suggests:I choose B

Night Storm ask: how powerful are you spells? And what kind of magic do you like?

Night Storm suggest: I choose B too.

do you like belly rubs?

9220653 Don't forget to give Roseate your choice for the familiar.

9220693 Please try to use the format suggested in the author notes (to make it easier for the author).

Also don't forget to give Roseate your choice for the familiar.

bestinDworld asks: do you like belly rubs?

1. a cat

(Not a question for in story) so while this is a comment driven story is it more you have a main plan and just have questions be asked like a tumbler blog or more like the new queen that has the comments for control the story?

9220713 It is kind of both. There is indeed a main plan (an outline if you will, which is merely to make things easier for me) and readers can ask her questions in a Tumblr like fashion. However, there are choices that the readers can vote on that will affect the story, which are described in detail in the author notes.

For chapter 1 it is, which form should Roseate's familiar take (read the author notes for further details)?

Evening Song asks: What, specifically, did you have to offer and/or sacrifice to take Arsthotua as a husband?

Evening Song's choice: 1. A cat.

(Interesting story, and I like the interactive feature. I look forward to more!)

Light and laughter,
SongCoyote / Evening Song

Maybe it's the monster Hunter hype but I think a palico would be nice

Mariana suggests #4: I would like to give my suggestion for a familiar. While yes, cats and ravens are cool. I feel as if they are overdone. Just about every witch has one. Parasprites also aren't that great due to how they are viewed as a pest and wouldn't be able to go outside. So if anything, I would suggest a...
I suggest this for the various abilities like simple shape change and invisibility. These two abilities alone can surpass a simple cat or a raven, and the fact that it has a flying form means it has the maneuverability of a parasite with the added benefit of being a familiar with decent enough defensive capabilities. Simply the "Cause Fear" One can work wonders against an attacker. And the fact that it is resistant to most weapons and magic make this an excellent defender among familiars. The only other familiar that would be better would be a pseudodragon were you not situated out in a town. This isn't even mentioning the absolutely debilitating poison its claws have.

(Yes it's a D&D creature, yes I am a nerd, yes Quasits are cute as heck. They are like tiny winged death claws)

9220806 Please do use the format mentioned in the author notes, it will make it much easier for me. :twilightsheepish:

I will add the Palico to the other, section soon. :pinkiesmile:

9220815 Please do use the format mentioned in the author notes, it will make it much easier for me. :twilightsheepish:

The Quasit option has been added for voting. :pinkiesmile:

I could use that format I'm commenting from my phone (until I get a new computer) so it's just easier on me at the moment

9220905 I understand. Thank you for letting me know.

Are there any questions you would like to ask Roseate?

9220815 By the way do you have any questions for Roseate?

Death is disturbed asks: do you like heavy metal if so what bands do you like?

1. A cat

How did she meet her husband

4. a fox (the fox is said to have power of illusion and transformation in a lot of folklore so it might help with staying hidden from the guards)

9220957 I will add that as an option.

Are there any questions you would like to ask Roseate?

Flarion asks: Have you ever heard of Lovecraft? Call of Cthulhu?

White Cobalt asks: Hey Roseate, now that you're unpacked and settling in, do you have an idea of what your future holds for you here?

White Cobalt suggests: Other - 2. (You already have one supernatural creature, what's one more?)

NicLove choice: Cat
so that you want bring it out-side with no

NicLove asks:
1) Can he make you a mother ?
2) Can he only be male or it's jest how to likes to be know as ?
3) Why did you tell the town that you were married ?
4) form 0 to 10 how good are you ?
5) How did you meat CupCake ?

Genesis asks: How many realities are you currently aware of besides your own? I'm not talking simple planes of existance but all together realities that have different histories than the one you currently have?

Would it be at all possible to jump realities should (or even realms though I strongly suggest you don't) the current one be too compromised?

Genesis chooses: I'll have to go with a Quasit as well after finding out what they are the practicality can't be denied!

Genesis comments: this is an interesting g concept honestly I'll be keep my eye on this Cthulhu mythos type story it has my interest.

9221395 Would you like to help by voting on Roseate's choice on a familiar?


this is an interesting concept honestly I'll be keep my eye on this Cthulhu mythos type story it has my interest.

Thank you. I am very glad you like it. :twilightsmile:


Ri2 asks: How did you meet your husband, and what was the wedding like?

Ri2's choice: Kitty!


First off this Roseate has received a lot of questions, which is really awesome. So much so that I am worried that added any more could perhaps jeopardize the story. So I will be allowing 3 more questions to be asked, and then questions will close until the next chapter. While I could save questions for the 3rd chapter, there is a chance that new questions would occur in response to events in the second chapter so I think I would rather wait.

Voting on choices, however will continue until next Tuesday at Midnight (Pacific Time). I will then proceed to finishing up that chapter and sending it off to the prereaders/proofreaders/editors so that it will be ready for next month.

At this point for the choice of Roseate's Familiar, Cat is in the lead with 6 votes, followed by the Quasit with 3 votes. If you wish to assure victory or change the tide on any of the choices, vote now.

Thank you all for your support.:pinkiesmile:

Drafon choice: Parasprite

Robi! I was wondering where you wandered off to, buddy. Good to see you're still around.

9225862 Yeah, I'm kind of taking a break from reading mlp fics. Sorry for not replying to your message. As you can see I've been kind of busy. :twilightsheepish:

9223988 Would you like to ask Roseate a question as well? There is room for three more questions.

You're good! I see you have more pressing matters to attend to.


AP's question: "How many realms are there and do you have access to all of them?"

9220956 I just wanted to clarify, were you asking Roseate how she meet her husband, or were you asking Roseate how Mrs. Cake meet Mr. Cake?

How she meet her husband but I am curious as to how she met cupcake as well

Looks like I'm just in time to get that last question slot. And I have to say, this looks like it's going to be quite fun.

FoME's Choice: Raven. I do appreciate the Poe-ishness.

FoME's Question: Is Discord an eldritch entity akin to your husband, or some bizarre class of being all his own?

9226958 Hello, everyone. I just thought I would ask a quick question in regards to an idea I had while working on Chapter 2 for this story. In most of the Ask Pony Tumblrs that I've seen they show the Icon (avatar) of the questioner next to the question. I was thinking of perhaps doing something similar with the dialogue in this story... however :pinkiecrazy: with a little twist.

Seeing as in the story, Roseate is receiving the questions through an Eldritch Mirror (which is transmitting your message across a distorted inter-dimensional space, the images might be a little bit warped and customized to have an alien feel (sort of speak). However, I thought I would ask first since I thought it might be rude (to have the images of your avatars warped in the story) without asking.

Don't worry. I have no intention on working on these images until after I have finished the chapter and have placed it in the hands (hooves or whatever they have) of my editors/prereaders/proofreaders. :twilightsmile:

Sure you can use my icon

9233998 Well, what I had in mind was something more like I alter your already existing avatar. Warp the image, add some glowing effects, some smoke around the edges, etc... :twilightsheepish:

EDIT: I had planned originally to draw eldritch version of people's avatars but I figured that would take a lot of time and might drive me deeper into the abyss of madness. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

9234014 By the way we still have room for one more question. Do you have a question you would like to ask Roseate?

9234008 Only that ?

That's what I was thinking of that
Have someone do that for you

"Umbra asks" Whats the closest you ever came to be found out(thats all i got)

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