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This story is a sequel to All Eyes on You...

When you were told you'd be helping Applejack try to catch an apple thief, you didn't think that you'd experience something so unexpected and out of this world. As a unicorn, you know all about magic and the wonders it can bring to Equestria, but what about the other side of progress; technology and the ones who bring it?

What will happen when you, a unicorn stallion come in contact with a being from another world?

Preread, proofread and edited by: Quillian Inkheart.

Cover Art by: marking.

You can find images of Haewara the alien pony, here and here.

The sex tag isn't for clop or any sex scenes. It is however there for a reason: dialogue about the potential reproduction between two different species.

Notes about Haewara... There will be spoilers:

I originally created Haewara as a character for another comment driven story idea I was working on. However the project didn't really get off the ground.

Later I decided to write a story where the reader meets an alien monster mare. I took the original design for Haewara, added a few things (mainly the prehensile tongue) and here we are.

While I only intended to show Haewara this once, if any of you are interested in seeing more stories with her, please let me know. Thank you.

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OwO, did this escape Area 51?

Yeah I thought the raid failed!

Clearly it happened before the 20th, and we were never informed of its success.

So that tree makes the flood.

Haewara has to come back. After all, you can let some non-precautionary nerd-princess conduct potentially planet threatening experiments willy nilly without supervision.

Ponyville would be such a great home away from home too so that's a plus.

"No, under statute 479-3, doing so to another sentient* species


I love this series! I really want to see were you are leading us. With 2 out of 4 Monmares experimented on, 1 out of contact and this one of another world, I am excited to see what you have planned next.

space pony confirmed

I think I love her.

I can't push the like button hard enough for this series of stories, like the monster girls harem anime mixed with the wholesomeness of the monster girl school anime!

9857314 Do you mean Monster Musume and Interview with Monster Girls? I love the last one (I do wish it was less x-meny and more monstery), I haven't gotten too far in Monster Musume to enjoy it yet. But I am glad you love this series, I have enjoyed writing it. :twilightsmile:

Haewara seems rather sweet. I hope you intend for her to return for a visit eventually.

9858881 Originally I wasn't because I wasn't sure how well she would be received (considering how far out there this story is compared to the rest of the series), however everyone seems to like her, so she might make a return.

Well, you do have a knack for making fan favorites; batting 1000 so far. Can't wait to see who you come up with next.

That reminds me. Any intention for some of the girls to cross paths at any point, or is the plan for them to remain in their own respective stories?

9859660 I do plan on them crossing paths at some point. I had a fic planned out where one of the previous mares and a new monster mare(s) meet and interact. However, as much as I wanted to release that story for Halloween season, I fear that rushing it would cause a lot of problems (due to a slight change in genre, which will make sense upon release).

So I will be releasing a different Monster Mare fic for Nightmare Night. While it will also be a 2nd person story, it will have a different protagonist. Just another fun monster mare fic for you all. :raritywink:

i would not mind seeing this character again in fact i'm looking forward to it

9865005 I'm glad to hear that. :twilightsmile:

OK, i wouldn't mind seeing Jagged Nibble again either I've always been a shark and science fiction fan.

9865122 I do have a few ideas for here in the pipeline. I just need to move some of the other stories along in order to set up the stories for those ideas.

i'm cool with that i like your stories if u haven't guessed yet

That's what they want us to think :moustache:

I hope she does and we get to see and learn more of her species. I like those that are different than what many would consider "normal". Personally I love making OC's that are different and she feels like one I would love to make for RPing or stories, if I ever get there. :twilightsheepish:

“She probbed you didn't she?”

“In a manner of speaking.”

So much kinky stuff happening to this guy :rainbowlaugh:

I look forward to the next story:twilightsmile:

How did i miss this also i wanna follow up on her

10481908 I do want to bring Jag and her back at some point, it's just kind of hard to make stories for long distant characters, you know what I mean?

Well one is a alien that can comback at any point

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