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Ask Roseate Grimsbane, the Witch - Robipony

NOT A CLOPFIC! Roseate Grimsbane is a unicorn mare who tries to live as peacefully as she can in Equestria, or as peacefully as you can when you're a witch and your husband is an eldritch being from outside our known universe. Ask her some questions.

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Chapter 5 - Nightmare Night Preparations

“Hello there, bearded one, we have been longing to see you again. The knowledge that drips from your mind brings us great ecstasy. Please trust your knowledge to us, so that we may consume it. Feed us and we can provide you with the pleasure you seek, just like we did so long ago.”

A vague translation of a passage from; The Book of Salacious Tongues.

Gray Steel woke up to find himself bound to the bed, his legs stretched out and chained to each corner. The earth pony stallion pulled at his bonds but couldn't determine a way to free himself. The bedroom was dark save for a few candles littered around the room.

"My my," a seductive feminine voice said, "what a lovely sight we have here."

Steel looked up to see his new wife, Swan Jingle, sitting in the corner of the room, watching him with her crimson eyes. Odd, he could have sworn they were blue. After further examination Steel realized that Jingle was wearing a black leather corset, leather stockings and holding a whip in her right hoof, all of which contrasted with her pale blue coat.

"Hey honey," Steel giggled nervously, "what is going on?"

Slowly and seductively, Swan approached her new husband flashing him a smile, revealing two glistening fangs. As she crawled onto the bed she brandished a black blindfold.

"Oh, I'm just playing with my food," Swan answered.

After tying the blindfold, Swan gave her husband a gentle kiss on the lips, before moving her attention to Steel's juicy-looking neck. Her lips curled as she prepared to...

'Hey honey, what are you reading?'

Roseate let out a squeak as she felt one of Arsthotua's tendrils rest upon her shoulder. She had nearly thrown the book, but fortunately managed to catch herself and instead clutched the novel tightly to her chest.

"Um... it's nothing. Just a book." Roseate giggled, sweat dripping down her brow.

Three of Arsthotua's eyes materialized, giving her a questioning look. After letting out a deep sign, Roseate fessed up.

"It's, Thirteen Hues of Moonlight," Roseate explained, "It's a book about a stallion who ends up marrying a vampony who also happens to be a dominatrix."

'Doesn't sound too bad,' the three eyes blinked.

"Well, it just... it's a little... smutty."

Roseate found it a bit embarrassing, it wasn't like Arsthotua couldn't satisfy her, far from it. It was just that...

'So, is there anything in there that you and I can do together?'

This question caught Roseate by surprise.

'Is something wrong?'

"No, I just didn't think you would be into that," Roseate replied.

Arsthotua's eyes blinked again, 'Roseate you're my wife and I want what's best for you. Would having you play the Master make you happy?'

"Well," Roseate shrugged, "I wouldn't mind giving it a try."

A tendril curled under Roseate chin and Arsthotua's eyes drew closer, 'Then perhaps we should arrange a day to give it a try.'

The pony vessel that had been constructed the day prior appeared in the center of the room. Arsthotua placed a hoof on Roseate's cheek.

"I'll take on my pony form and you can have your way with me if that's what you desire."

"Maybe," Roseate smiled, "but first I really want to figure out what happened to this teacher. Also, I need to acquaint you with the traditions common around Nightmare Night."

Arsthotua's vessel nodded, "Of course."

"Now, I have a class to teach," Roseate said as she sat up, "would you like to meet me for a date afterwards?"

Roseate also figured it might give her a chance to figure out where she could get a riding crop or some cuffs, for that matter.

"I'll be looking forward to it."

A shiver rippled through Roseate in response to the cold as she watched her students play on the playground during recess. A sign that the fall was growing more frigid.

Roseate's scarf and sweater served as a barrier against the cold wind. The sweater she had picked out was purple with the icon of a unicorn skull in the center.

Most of the children seemed to be having a wonderful time, that was until Roseate saw Quillian Inkheart sitting alone by himself on a bench.

"Quillian, is everything alright?" Roseate said as she sat down next to her student. "Did you not enjoy the lecture?"

"No, I enjoyed the lecture... it's just..."

"Just what?" Roseate asked patiently.

"Well, things seem to be... changing."

The statement made Roseate feel very uncomfortable. There could be multiple meanings to that statement and a few made her feel very uneasy.

"How so?"

"I-I've been having these dreams lately."

Quillian became quiet as if contemplating what to say next.

"If you don't want to talk about it, you don't have to," Roseate said trying to set her student at ease, giving Quillian a reassuring smile.

"I-It's nothing special," Quillian muttered, "just some disturbing imagery is all. Nothing to worry about."

"Oh, okay then."

The two of them sat in silence while the other students continued to play.

"Hey Miss Roseate?" Quillian broke the silence.

"Yes, Quillian?"

"What is your opinion on magic?"

"Magic is a broad topic," Roseate chuckled, "you should be a little more specific."

Quillian was quiet for a moment as he considered his question.

"Like... If a unicorn was... Weak, when it came to their magic, would that mean that there was something wrong with them?"

It was a question that Roseate was somewhat familiar with. Growing up with Dead Horn, Roseate had received her fair share of abuse due to being a unicorn without magic. Of course things had changed a lot since her time. Most unicorn parents were more accepting of their children, despite what magical talents they might or might not possess.

Then there were children like Quillian and his sister, who were abandoned at a young age. Often times such children would blame themselves for their parent's foolishness. As a result, the child would see any weakness they possessed as the reason for their abandonment.

Quillian himself didn't seem as magically attuned as the other unicorn children his age and perhaps this was the source of the young colt's worry.

"It truly depends," Roseate answered, "does this unicorn want to grow stronger with their magic? Or do they feel that their efforts are best suited elsewhere?"

Quillian's eyes scrunched together as he considered what Roseate had told him.

"I'm not too sure."

It was then that the bell rang, signaling that recess had come to an end.

"Okay, it's time to go inside!" Roseate called to her students, many of which groaned in response.

Standing up from the bench, Roseate stretched before turning toward Quillian.

"Don't worry," Roseate smiled, "I'm sure this unicorn is very strong despite his magical ability. He just needs to find out where that strength is."

"So you take the pumpkin and you carve a face on it?" Arsthotua asked as he tried to understand the Nightmare Night tradition that Roseate was explaining.

Both Roseate and Arsthotua were on a date at the Maple Family Diner, drinking their coffee and waiting for their meal. This gave Roseate the perfect opportunity to explain how important the holiday was. It also gave Roseate the chance to keep a small eye on detective Frost Brook, who apparently was infatuated with the diner's coffee and cherry pie.

"Yes," Roseate answered, "a long time ago it was traditionally done to ward off the spirits of the dead."

"Do they still do it for that reason?"

"Not always," Roseate took a sip of her coffee, "most do it just for fun nowadays. Though supposedly it has some magical significance in the same way Hearth's Warming does."

Arsthotua took a sip of his coffee, seemingly having grown used to the bitter taste, "So what is the importance behind having a Nightmare Night costume?"

"Well, it depends upon the region," Roseate explained, "some used to wear the costumes so that when Nightmare Moon descended on Nightmare Night she wouldn't be able to identify them, while others believed that it prevented unseen spirits from following you, but mostly it's just for fun these days."

"So that's why you inquired about the costumes last night."

"That is correct, and before we left I saw the results of the inquiry." Roseate waved a piece of paper in the air. "So let's go to the costume shop and see what they have."

"Very well, what will we be wearing?"

Roseate unfolded the note and examined its contents.

"Apparently they thought you would look cute as a teddy bear."

"A teddy bear?"

"It is a toy that foals use as a source of comfort when frightened," Roseate explained.

"I see." Arsthotua tried to smile, "Do I by any chance function like a teddy bear for you?"

Roseate placed her hoof over Arsthotua's and gave him a seductive smile.

"Oh, you do much more than that."

The two leaned in and shared a gentle kiss. Well, his kissing skills were definitely improving.

"Here are your meals," Maple Syrup said as she placed two plates with hayburgers and fries in front of their respective customers.

"Thank you."

Once they had finished their meal, Roseate and her husband stepped out of the diner to begin their search for a shop where they could buy their costumes.

Walking down the street, the two of them came across the shop they were looking for. It was a red brick building with large glass windows revealing various Nightmare Night props.

Over the entrance was a sign, which read, Flashtruth's Photography and Nightmare Night Store. On the door was a small sign stating that the Nightmare Night selection was available only during the month of October, a small period of time during the summer and every other January.

An automated pony skeleton started cackling maniacally as Roseate opened the door. The small red light bulbs inside the plastic eye sockets blinking rapidly as the prop's lower jaw clacked up and down.

Numerous costumes decorated the store's interior. There was even a costume of a demon king and a mummy. While both of these had been costumes Roseate had considered having the watchers vote on, she had thought the other four options would be better suited for the occasion.

Behind the counter sat a happy earth pony stallion with a fishing hat on his head and a camera hanging from his neck. Looking closely at his name tag, Roseate discovered that the store clerk was none other than Flashtruth himself.

"Alright, you should go look for your suit," Roseate instructed, "While you are doing that, I will look for mine."

"What costume are you getting?" Arsthotua inquired.

"Oh, I'll be going as a witch." Roseate winked.

As her husband wandered off, Roseate searched the mare clothing racks until she found a section dedicated to witch costumes.

Glancing across the room, Roseate saw Moonlight Raven standing there, watching Roseate before turning back to her shopping.

The costume shop had a wide selection of witch outfits, which made the decision a daunting one. Of course, Roseate would probably still end up altering the costume when she returned home to give it her own spin, but even then the base design was important.

She had managed to narrow her selection down to two costumes. One which was black and with purple trim, while the other was black with some green embroidery. Both of which, she thought looked pretty cute.

"Hey Roseate!"

Looking up from her shopping, Roseate saw Bell Flower walking down the aisle.

"Hello Bell," Roseate replied, "how are you doing today?"

"I'm doing fine," Bell said as she examined the surrounding attire, "Just trying to find a costume."

"Yeah, I was thinking of wearing a witch outfit. However, I'm not too sure which one I should pick."

Roseate pulled out the two outfits that had caught her eye and showed them to Bell.

"Well, if you want my suggestion," Bell answered, "I would say go for the one that contrasts well with your coat, that way it will stand out more."

So the one with purple then.

"Thank you very much," Roseate said as she put the other outfit back on the rack.

"So, I saw you talking with May's sister-in-law last night," Bell Flower said, "is everything alright?"


"Yeah, Snow Berry."

Suspicion rolled through Roseate's thoughts.

"She told me that she was May Berry's younger sister," Roseate grumbled.

"Well, technically that is true," Bell replied, "when May Day married Huckle Berry, she took her husband's name and family. Even after he passed, May kept her partner's last name."

Roseate's wariness faded away at the revelation. It would make sense for Snow Berry to consider herself May's sister even if it wasn't through blood. The concept wasn't too different from when half brothers considered themselves brothers after all.

"I see."

"So is everything alright?" Bell entreated, her question having gone unanswered.

"Y-yes, everything is fine." Roseate answered, "We were just discussing June and her potential tutelage."

"Oh, well that's good. Between her and May Berry, Snow seems to be the nice one."

"Yes, and June Berry doesn't seem to fall too far from the tree."

Bell Flower's nose scrunched as she pondered Roseate's statement.

"That might be true." Bell smiled. "Well, I have to go. I hope to see you at the party."

Roseate watched as Bell Flower took her costume and headed to the front counter, with a Somnambulan Princess costume.

Looking around the store, Roseate spotted some orange jack-o'-lantern themed stockings. As soon as she laid eyes on them, Roseate knew she had to work it somehow into her costume design. Plus they would make a fine addition to her collection.

As she examined the stockings, Roseate couldn't help but eavesdrop on a couple other ponies in the store, May Berry and her little brat.

"But I want to wear the detective costume!" June Berry protested.

"Now June, you know full well that you must wear an outfit of a more dignified position," May retorted, "How about this princess costume instead?"

"No, no, no," June argued, "why can't I dress up how I want?"

Roseate ground her teeth as the argument continued on.

Grabbing the stockings, Roseate turned around and almost jumped as she found herself face to face with Moonlight Raven.

"W-what do you want?!" Roseate huffed in frustration.

"Some things are subconscious."

Roseate tilted her head, "What?"

The corner's of Moonlight's lips pulled up into a smile.

"Sometimes ponies act out because of something they have hidden in their self-conscience," Moonlight answered, "They may not know themselves why they are acting in such a way. It's just habit."

Having made her puzzling statement, Moonlight Raven walked toward the counter, leaving Roseate contemplating what she had said. Passing by Moonlight Raven, Arsthotua walked over to Roseate, with a rather large and fuzzy-looking outfit on his back.

"Is everything alright?" Arsthotua asked, noticing her unease.

Roseate shook herself, "Yeah, that mare just creeps me out is all. Did you find what you were looking for?"

"I believe so. This is a teddy bear right?"

The costume on Arsthotua's back was that of a large, brown bear with a red bow tie. A stout and fluffy outfit, just like what they were looking for it.

"It certainly is." Roseate smiled.

Having found their costumes, Roseate and her husband made their way to the front counter. Looking up from his newspaper, Flashtruth gave the couple a warm smile.

"Hello there. Did you find what you were looking for?" Flashtruth asked.

"Yes, we would like to purchase these two costumes and these stockings." Again Arsthotua tried to imitate a smile as Strange Sight. Roseate had to admit, it was getting better.

However, the stallion was completely unfazed by the disturbing display.

"That's great!" Flashtruth answered, "You are sure to scare a lot of foals with that face you’re making!"

"Uh... thank you?"

"Hey, I heard there is going to be a party at Bell Flowers this Nightmare Night," Flashtruth said as he scanned the costumes and rung them up, "If you two go, I would love to take a picture with the both of you."

"Oh... I don't know..." Roseate scratched the back of her head nervously.

"Why not?" Arsthotua inquired, "It might be kind of fun."

Roseate replied with an annoyed snort.

Once they had finished their purchase, Roseate and Arsthotua stepped outside, the former looking to see if anypony was watching. With nopony else in sight, Roseate knew it was time for her to head off to continue her investigation.

"Sweetheart, will you be a dear and buy us some pumpkins?" Roseate asked while giving him some bits, "There is something important I need to attend to."

Arsthotua bowed his head, "Sure, is there anything particular I should be looking for when selecting them?"

"Just make sure they're round and orange," Roseate winked as she ran off, making her way toward Miss Ginger Fizzle's house.

Miss Fizzle's house hadn't been too hard to find, thanks to Scroll Keeper's description. The house had been carved out of a large weeping willow tree. A pale green door was built into the trunk, leading inside.

Stepping forward, Roseate tested the door knob. It was locked.

"Well, let's see," Roseate took a deep breath, "I could magically unlock the door, I could try to force it open, or..."

Lifting the welcome mat in front of the door, she was pleased to find a silver key lying underneath.

"...I could just find the key."

Picking up the key with her magic, Roseate inserted it into the lock and turned it to the right. After a satisfying click signaled that the door was now unlocked, Roseate opened the door and stepped inside.

The walls of the interior were painted a pale green. There were no photographs on the walls, though there was the occasional painting depicting a sunset.

The entryway opened up to a room that was split into a kitchen/dining area and a living space. In the center of the living area was a wooden coffee table with a model of a yellow school bus in the center. There was also a picture frame showing a photograph of Miss Fizzle with her students. Roseate pulled the picture closer to have a better look at the mare she was investigating.

She was a unicorn mare with a purple coat and orange mane, which she had pulled back into a bun. Roseate found this to be a little uncanny, considering some of the similarities the two of them shared.

"Now, let's see if we can find out anything about your disappearance." Roseate muttered as she put the picture frame back in its place.

Roseate hypothesized that if Ginger had a diary it might still be in the mare's bedroom. Of course, there were also a few spells that might help Roseate uncovering further information if necessary. Walking to the door just opposite of the entryway, Roseate opened it to discover Ginger's bedroom on the other side.

The bedroom shared a similar aesthetic with the rest of the house with a bed, desk, nightstand, and closet serving as furnishing for the room. Examining the contents of the closet, Roseate noticed a wide collection of dresses, each possessing symbols of scientific or mathematical subjects.

"A teacher through and through."

On the desk was a circular globe, which Roseate was very tempted to give a spin.

Looking around the bedroom, Roseate saw a book resting on the nightstand by the bed. The notebook's cover was purple with a bronze key etched into the smooth surface.

Picking up the book with her magic, Roseate opened it and after examining a few of the pages determined that it was Ginger's diary. Flipping through the pages, Roseate began to read some of the entries.

September 15th,

I had to deal with more of June Berry's crap again. Apparently today she thought it would be funny to make fun of Maple Sugar's weight.

Due to Maple's being slightly chubby, June thought it would be fun to convince the other students to laugh at her. Like usual I sent June to the principal's office and of course her mother tried to justify her daughter's actions. Survival of the fittest and all that garbage.

Roseate nodded, "Glad I'm not the only one who thinks June's a spoiled brat."

Snow Berry did apologize to me for her sister, which is kind of nice.

September 16th,

I had a strange dream last night. I was walking in the forest and something was following me. I never got a good view of it. However, as the dream went on it drew closer.

During the chase I could hear the voice calling out to me. All I can describe it as is female, yet it didn't sound like a pony or any creature I've ever encountered.

It just kept calling me, telling me to come to it!

That caused Roseate to squint her eyes.

"That is an odd dream to have."

Looking through the journal, Roseate noticed various entries involving the same dream, however nothing seem to be too serious until the 23rd.

September 23rd,

The dreams have become worse and what I experienced last night nearly pushed me over the edge. I dare not describe it. I would rather just forget about it if that is at all possible!

Roseate let out an annoyed sigh, "Well, that's helpful."

I tried talking to the herbalist we have in town, Mr. Stripes, to see if there were any herbs I could take that would allow me to function with as little sleep as possible. He provided me with a few remedies that hopefully will help.

September 29th,

I fell asleep and now the voice calls to me even when I'm awake. It tells me things. Says the dreams will stop if I just go out into the woods.

Occasionally when I walk past a window or mirror, I will see something like tree branches or vines, which seem to crawl out of view as soon as I focus on them. It is as if they are trying to urge me to follow.

What should I do?

October 1st,

I can't take it anymore! I'm going to the woods. After school when class is over I will leave and rid this voice from my head once and for all!

To the Swanling House I will go.

That was the last entry and while it was vague, it did provide some clues. Whatever this entity was, it was in the forest and it had the ability to influence the dreams of its victims, much like a Tantabus. Also, Roseate now knew that Ginger hadn't just run away, however most likely whatever was responsible for this had her in its clutches.

As for the Swanling House, the name sounded familiar but Roseate couldn't recall where she had heard it before. Perhaps one of her old tomes would have the answer.

After putting the diary in her satchel, Roseate walked over to the bed and placed her hoof on one of the pillows. Although Ginger had been reluctant to discuss the horrifying dream she had mentioned in her journal, Roseate was sure that one of her new spells would enlighten her.

Closing her eyes, Roseate began to chant, "Beopin t'todh bilek gu’olg mel nyurb yel mey f’rho fob’th voctom''t fonel lw’nefhulem."

As the last word was said, Roseate could feel her mind being pulled into the dream.

Peering through Ginger's eyes, Roseate found herself trapped inside a bus. The sounds of children giggling menacingly all around her.

Looking out one of the windows to see a giant yellow eye staring back at her.

'Come to me.' An ethereal voice resonated through the air. While alien it sounded both feminine and alluring.

Suddenly the bus came to a crashing halt as it smashed into a tree. Ginger coughed as she slammed into the seat in front of her. A sharp pain ran up her right leg as one of the bones snapped.

'Join me.'

As Ginger tried to escape the bus, she could see a large, horned shape through the back window. Pushing through the door, Ginger ran into the forest.

There was the sound of metal being torn as whatever creature Ginger had seen ripped open the bus as it searched for its prey. Its blood curdling roar echoed through the trees.

Limping through the woods, Ginger moved as fast as she could, tears of pain and terror streaming down her cheeks.

Ginger screamed as she tripped over an upturned root. She tried to stand only to be pulled down again.

Looking at her hind leg, Ginger saw some sort of root latched onto her hoof.

Suddenly the tendril lurched, pulling Ginger deeper into the forest. As the vine tugged, Ginger found herself being dragged into a gaping hole in the ground.

Reaching out with her forelegs, Ginger grabbed hold of the edges of the hole. For a moment it seemed like she might be able to resist the root’s pull. Such hopes began to fade as the dirt began to give way beneath her hooves.

'Join me!'

A scream escaped Ginger's throat as her hooves slipped and she was pulled deeper into the darkness.

Tendrils covered in fur wrapped around her body; investigating, exploring, strangling its captive. The teacher was able to give one final cry before the nightmare came to a bitter end.

Opening her eyes, Roseate found herself back in Ginger's bedroom, cold sweat dripping down her brow.

While the spell had given her some insight on the situation and Ginger's likely demise, it had also left Roseate with more questions. Who was this Wandering Mother and did it have a connection to the Swanling House?

Stepping out of the bedroom, Roseate made her way to the front door. As she drew close, Roseate saw the knob turning. Somepony was trying to open the door from the other side.

'Oh no!'

Quickly, Roseate looked around the room to see if there was any place to hide. However, there wasn't anything that wasn't too obvious. Everypony who has seen a horror movie knows that hiding in the closet is a horrible idea.

Well, there was one card she had up her sleeve.

Her horn began to glow as she wove a spell in order to hide, a turquoise aura enveloping her body.

"Alebthnek coghtlis't l’ae wehlix. Tegrevoty rivirsit tes evaod dosgreciiph."

As Roseate finished whispering the chant, her body flew upwards, her hooves resting upon the ceiling. Standing as stiff as a statue, Roseate watched as the door opened and Detective Frost Brook stepped inside. She held her breath not wanting to alert the Solar Guard to her presence.

The detective looked around the entryway, trying to discern any details he could about Ginger Fizzle's life from the way she hung her coats on the hanger or even the bizarre painting on the wall. Once he had processed enough information, Frost moved into the rest of the house.

Roseate waited until she heard the tinging sound of a hoof tapping a pan in the kitchen before counteracting her spell, landing on the floor hooves first. Very carefully, Roseate opened the front door and snuck outside. It wasn’t until she was a ways down the dirt road that Roseate stopped to catch her breath.

It had been a close call, who knows what would have happened if the detective had discovered her trespassing in Ginger Fizzle's home. Carefully, Roseate made her way back to Muleport.

As she made her way through the forest, Roseate noticed something peculiar about the trees. While most seemed to have merely shed their leaves, some appeared to be shriveling away. Curious, Roseate walked over to one of the decaying husks.

Upon closer inspection, Roseate noticed cracks in the bark like ruptured flesh. A thick yellow ooze leaking through the damaged foliage.

Not wanting to touch the disgusting fluid, Roseate used her magic to pull back the bark, revealing a strange plant beneath. It was a flower with fleshy petals and a yellow yolk-like center which seemed to possess qualities of the equine facial structure, its mouth open in an infernal scream. Fur covered vines reached out from alien bulb, held firm to the tree's interior. It was truly an odd specimen that she would need to investigate further.

Digging through her satchel, Roseate looked for anything that could be used to hold the unfamiliar plant. Pulling out the small tin lunch box she used for class, Roseate discarded any unnecessary contents save for a small plastic knife. Grasping the utensil with her magic, Roseate carefully cut some of the vines, just enough to make it easier to separate the otherworldly blossom from the tree.

Once she had cut enough of the vines, Roseate enveloped the flower with her magic and pulled. Reluctantly some of the vines snapped as Roseate pulled the bulb free. The furry ramblers almost seemed to hiss as they gave.

Putting the blossom carefully inside the tin, Roseate closed the lunch box, before casting a sealing spell to keep any of the contents from escaping. It would probably be wise to find a new container to hold her lunches from now on.

After placing the box back in her bag, Roseate turned to look at the tree only to discover that the vines from before had disappeared entirely.

A sigh of relief escaped Roseate's lips as she stepped into her home, a few bags held aloft by her magic as she walked over to the kitchen.

Arsthotua was sitting at the table, which had two large pumpkins twice the size of a pony's head resting on a plastic table cover. There was also a strange plastic bag next to the ponified eldritch being's chair. He turned and smiled to her as she set both of the bags on the counter.

"How did your investigation go?" Arsthotua inquired, "You look worn out."

"I'm fine," Roseate answered, "just narrowly escaped being caught by that Solar Guard that came to town."

On top of that, there was the strange plant that she had found. The presence of the bizarre flora was very disconcerting.

"I see," Arsthotua nodded before lifting up the bag next to his seat, "I found what seemed to be a couple sizable pumpkins and with enough time and a some spare change, I managed to find these."

Roseate took the bag and examined its contents. Once she realized what they were a blush crept over her face.

"T-thank you," Roseate smiled, "but how did you know?"

"Oh, I have my ways," Arsthotua replied, "Now, how about you instruct me on this... pumpkin carving business."

Sitting down at the table, Roseate pulled out a black marker.

"Well first you start by drawing the face you wish to carve onto the pumpkin. That way you will kind of have an idea how the final product will look. Like this."

Pulling the cap off of the marker, Roseate outlined a smiley face on one of the pumpkins.

Arsthotua nodded his head, "I see."

Roseate was about to draw a few more lines on her pumpkin when she remembered something.

"Oh shoot!" Roseate facepalmed. "I need to make something for one of the watchers. No doubt their gift is already on the way!"

"Go ahead and do what you need to do." Arsthotua smiled. "I'm pretty sure I know how to do this."

"Are you sure?"

The vessel containing Arsthotua's consciousness nodded and smiled.

"Okay then," Roseate said as she pulled a pot out of the cabinet. Filling the pot halfway with water, Roseate set the container on the stove to boil.

While the pot rested on the stove, Roseate pulled a box of whole wheat macaroni from the cupboard and set it aside. Then, grabbing a block of cheese from the fridge, she proceeded to grate some cheddar cheese into a bowl.

Once the water was at a rolling boil, Roseate added the pasta to the pot and set the timer for eight minutes. With the macaroni in place, Roseate fetched a few spices from another cupboard and some mustard from the refrigerator.

Occasionally, Roseate would look over at her husband, just to make sure he didn't accidentally cut himself.

"Are you doing okay?" Roseate asked.

"I think so."

After eight minutes had passed, Roseate strained the noodles while leaving just a small amount of water in the bottom of the pot. Lowering the temperature on the stove, Roseate began to stir and mix her ingredients, starting with the cheese.

As the cheese melted into a golden, creamy liquid, Roseate sprinkled in some garlic salt, cilantro and pepper, before adding some mustard to the dish. A thin slice of butter was also mixed into the meal.

Finally, Roseate fetched one of the rarer ingredients to add, some chimera cheese, something Roseate had acquired with some difficulty in the Flame Geyser Swamp a few years back. Roseate carefully shaved off a small amount of cheese into the pot, enough to add a tasty flavor but not so much as to overpower all the other ingredients.

Once Roseate was satisfied with her concoction, she pulled out a Tupperware container to hold the pasta. After pouring a decent amount of the mac and cheese into the container, Roseate sealed it with a lid as well as a protection spell to ensure that the contents would make it safely to its destination.

"Okay, what do you think of this?" Arsthotua inquired before turning his pumpkin so his wife could see it.

The best way to describe the expression of Arsthotua's jack-o-lantern would be that of pure horror. It's mouth and eyes opened wide in shock, with carved lines stretching outward from the holes like writhing tendrils.

"That's... actually pretty good."

Now that she was done making Viper Pit's macaroni, Roseate went about carving her own pumpkin. Gradually she cut away at the pumpkin's face, until its form gave way to a toothy grin.

Roseate's ears perked up as she felt a dimensional disturbance close by. Feeling the familiar vibrations, Roseate walked into the living room.

A portal opened up on the ceiling as another being came through, drifting down toward the floor. It was a gray blob with numerous tendrils and yellow eyes shifting in and out of its amorphous body.

"Are you Roseate Grimsbane?" the creature asked, its voice oddly understandable considering that it was coming from an amorphous being.

"I am," Roseate replied, "and you must be from Interdimensional Mail delivery."

"Yep," the floating blob said, "I am Yprid and I have some packages for you."

Three boxes emerged from Yprid's body into its waiting tendrils, any and all residue from its body evaporating as it set the packages on the floor.

"Thank you," Roseate said, before levitating another box to Yprid, "Do you think you can deliver this to Viper Pit for me?"

"No problem."

Yprid took the box and another portal opened up, which the creature floated up to before leaving.

Carefully Roseate picked up the gifts with her magic.

"Would you like me to help you with those?" Arsthotua inquired.

"Thanks, but I can take care of it," Roseate answered, "I have something special in mind for these."

"Hello everyone." Roseate motioned to some packages next to her. "So, I received some gifts from a few of you and I thought it might be kind of fun if I unwrapped them for you all to see. So here is our first little unboxing."

After picking up a package and setting it in her lap, Roseate leaned down to examine her delivery. The box was covered in purple wrapping paper and tied with a pink ribbon.

"I wonder who this is from?" she wondered aloud after finding no sign of who it was from.

With a little giggle, Roseate opened the box to reveal that its contents consisted of four glass bottles. Each bottle contained a greenish yellow liquid. A label rested on each flask, naming the fluid inside.

Lifting a bottle from the case, Roseate examined one of the labels. Dalamadurr Venom was printed on the white label in black ink.

"This must be the venom that Viper Pit promised me. I hope they will enjoy the macaroni I made when it is delivered."

Setting Viper Pit's box aside, Roseate moved onto the next present. A blue package with a golden ribbon binding the gift shut. There was a card attached to the ribbon. Opening the card, Roseate examined its words closely.

To: Roseate Grimsbane.

From: RCharge.

Untying the ribbon, Roseate opened the gift, carefully pulling away the blue paper to reveal a small cardboard box within. Pulling the top off the box, Roseate saw that the contents of the container were three formations of flowers, each spiraling into a cone from the base to the tip. They were blue with white edges. Roseate recognized them.

"Oh, some Foal's Breath," Roseate giggled, "these flowers are an exceedingly rare and valuable reagent for some powerful potions. I hope you didn't have any trouble finding them. I've heard rumors of some monstrous creatures being highly protective of these flowers, especially Basilisks."

Roseate took great care in placing the Foal's Breath back into the box and placing it next to Viper Pit's gift.

The last present consisted of a green package with a red ribbon. Opening the gift like she had the others, one of Roseate's eyebrows raised as she saw its contents.

Inside the present was an envelope, held tightly shut by a black ribbon and a wax seal. Untying the ribbon, Roseate examined the seal, noting the iconography within the red wax. It was of a ink-pot wreathed in a heart of ink, drawn out by a single quill.

Breaking the seal, Roseate opened the envelope to reveal a piece of paper, on which was a single message.

On the surface unseen, my harmony unbound.
Consumed by darkness, I'm blinded to sound.
Trapped in nightmares, I trusts no word.
Magic faded -- jaded -- I follows the herd.

Who am I?

The letter possessed no signature.

Underneath the letter in the box, was a black piece of metal. Adjusting her glasses, Roseate took a closer look at the ingot.

"This appears to be... Insomnium," Roseate muttered, a perplexed expression stretching across her face, "I wonder how they came across it."

While a few thoughts of who or what might have sent her the message, Roseate felt she would have to do further research to know for sure.

"Well, I guess that is all for now with the unboxing."

Roseate set the unboxed presents aside and adjusted her position in front of the Scryial.

“Now, tomorrow is Nightmare Night and there are more than a few activities on the table for my husband and I to partake in.”

Pulling out a piece of paper and adjusting her glasses, Roseate began to name off a few options.

“First, Bell Flower has offered us invitations to a costume party she is putting on, so we could go to that. There is also the option for us to go ‘Trick or Treating’, which could be kind of fun. Or Arsthotua and I could stay home, give out some candy, watch some television and… relax.”

A grin stretched across Roseate’s face as she set down the paper.

“As much as I would love to participate in all of these wonderful activities, we can only do one this year,” Roseate said, “So please let me know what you think. Now then, onto the questions.”

BestinDworld asks: "Is there a way to shrink a pony, and have you ever shrunk one?"

"There are a few rumored spells and potions but most tales are filled with various warnings, both to being shrunk and of those with the ability to shrink others," Roseate replied, "One such tale tells of a pony who gained a sick... satisfaction from drugging her victims with a potion and then consuming her victims once they reached the appropriate size. The Solar Guard deemed her a witch and she was burned for her crimes."

Roseate shook her head.

"And no, I don't possess any such magic. Next question."

BestinDworld asks: "Who or what is a slenderpony?"

"Wouldn't that just be a pony that is really thin?" Roseate replied, "Word from the wise, some skinny mares out there became that way from some really unhealthy eating habits. I would strongly suggest against following in their hoofsteps."

Book_Wyrm asks: "Do you know any good travel spells? You know, ones that aren’t uncontrollable and don’t suck you through them at random moments? If you do, please tell me. I need some help."

"Teleportation spells can indeed be unpredictable," Roseate answered, "personally, I prefer doorway spells. Sure, you have to be extremely precise and specific with the location you are teleporting to and they generally require a lengthy ritual to perform, but at least you won't have to worry about being transported into a Hydra's belly or inside a wall. At least not unless you really want to."

Roseate shook her head warily.

NicLove asks: "What's the difference between a lunar nun and a solar nun?"

"Well, for one thing solar nuns don't exist," Roseate chuckled, "The lunar nuns were a group of mares that originated sometime after the banishment of Nightmare Moon. They had hoped that by heeding chastity and keeping their bodies sacred that perhaps Princess Luna would be cleansed of the darkness that plagued her soul. While the princess's return has made this practice obsolete there are still some mares that uphold these values. And, of course, there are some ponies that just find the outfit to be rather hot, if you catch my meaning."

Roseate gave a little wink.

NicLove asks: "You know I'm starting to feel bad!"

"I did not know that. I am sorry to hear it." Roseate answered, "I hope you get better soon."

Quillian Inkheart asks: "In the curious case of Mittenz, is his body tied to his soul, or is it merely a physical manifestation of his being on another plane? In simpler terms, does Mittenz wholly exist in this plane now, or does his soul reside in his home plane, linking to yours through the tether of his body?"

"Mittenz, would you like to answer this question?"

The familiar let out an annoyed sigh.

"The best way to describe it is that my consciousness is merely attached to this... body by a spiritual tether. My actual body is still back on my homeworld, resting in a comatose state."

Mittens glared over at Roseate.

"Is that enough info?"

"I suppose," Roseate answered, "let's move onto the next question."

Rhawkas asks: "What kinds of leisure activities do you enjoy? Do you have any hobbies? What does Arsthotua spend his time doing?"

"I enjoy reading books, with fiction being my favorite. I also like delving into the study of other forms of magic, including what is considered... forbidden by most ponies, as you are probably already aware of. As for what my husband does, well I'm sure he can tell you."

Three glowing eyes shifted into reality around the mirror and began to move in a counterclockwise pattern.

"My profession, if you would like to call it that, would best be described as the combination of an archivist and musician. My title is, Gimevaeci yog maan'tadhe, or a Voice of the Moons. In ponish terms, I take what I observe and convey it into a musical language, which can be stored for future study."

The eyes stopped before changing course and rotating in a clockwise formation.

"As for my hobbies, I suppose you could say spending time with my wife and learning about her world is my hobby."

Roseate blushed a little at Arsthotua's declaration. A giggle escaped her lips as one of her husband's tendrils began to caress the side of her cheek.

Viper Pit asks: "What if in order to wake your children, you have to name them?"

Roseate's expression became gloomy in response to the question.

"While I wish that was the case," Arsthotua spoke, "it doesn't work in that manner. While most other beings are named by their parents, creatures from the Eldar Realm awaken and announce their name to those around them. It is believed that these children derive their names from thoughts and memories that their mother has while they are within her womb."

Trying to hold back tears, Roseate looked away from the mirror and sniffled. As if sensing his wife's distress, one of Arsthotua's tentacles reach up and caressed her cheek.

"However, that doesn't mean it's her fault. Even if we can't have children like ponies or even my own kind, I love her and that's really all that matters."

Roseate wiped away a tear with a hoof. Arsthotua's eyes and appendages faded into the shadows. Taking a deep breath, Roseate resumed looking at the questions.

Fermin Tenava asks: "In our last session, you mentioned other species from other worlds behind the Fifth Veil. I've also heard of Discord and other creatures of Chaos that currently inhabit our realm. Do they have a part in all of this? Do they follow the laws of Tistemintodh?"

"The laws of the Tistemintodh only apply to beings from beyond the Fifth Veil and only those who are strong enough to bring significant harm to the worlds they are visiting," Roseate explained, "This means that if you are of a native species to that dimension or your threat level doesn't exceed a certain number you aren't obligated to follow the laws of Tistemintodh. While they can travel to other worlds, Draconequi like Discord are native to Alicris therefore allowing them to bypass these laws."

Quillian Inkheart asks: "I have heard that the oldest and strongest emotion in the race known as 'humans' is fear. Within that, the oldest and strongest fear is fear of the unknown. In a world so content with blinding itself from dark truths, what do you think the oldest and strongest emotion of ponykind is?"

"While I'm not sure what 'humans' are, I am sure that the strongest emotion being fear is something both they and ponykind have in common," Roseate answered, "There are more than a hooffull of things out there that ponies avoid thinking about in order to live their happy lives. More than a few of these aren't even from beyond the Fifth Veil."

Death is Disturbed asks: "Hmm it appears I have turned into a corgi, I am okay with this. Anyway, I would love to send you something but for now a question must do. I ask if you would like a plague doctor’s mask? That is, if you do not have one."

"I don't have one," Roseate answered, "Of course, if you had one to spare, I wouldn't refuse. Just send it like I have instructed and I should be able to receive it."

NicLove asks: "What can an octomare do and what do they need that other ponies don't need?"

"Well there is the water breathing ability, skin deep camouflage and eight tentacles instead of legs." Roseate replied, "Of course it isn't all fun and games. They need to keep their skin hydrated and most ponies generally look down upon octoponies due to their resemblance to the villain in the story, The Little Mermare."

Sadistic Joy asks: "From what I know, Azothoth is an outer god and immensely powerful. He is asleep in the middle of existence and it is said that when he wakes up existence will simply cease to be. Some have even theorized that existence is simply its dream."

"That may be so, however we have no records of such a being in our world and my husband has never spoken of it."

One of Arsthotua's eyes appeared.

'It is possible that this could be one of the Osikionn,' Arsthotua answered, 'beings that are more like a storm than a living entity. Many have given their existence to suppress the power of such mindless beasts.'

Arsthotua's eye faded.

Lunar Flarion asks: "I shall send the relics through interdimensional mail, if they scream don’t worry, it’s normal. As for a question, may I ask, have you ever been in contact with a murderer?"

Roseate's sacred instrument appeared in her hooves.

"None that I am aware of. That isn't to say that nopony I've interacted with hasn't taken a life. Even I have my fair share of blood staining my hooves."

Examining the blade, the corners of Roseate's lips turned upwards forming a sad smile.

"The difference being merely that said blood was shed in order to survive."

NicLove ask: "Is Grimsbane your maiden name? or Arsthotua's last name?"

"It is actually a name I came up with on my own. I changed it for a few good reasons... Sometimes one must shed their past if they wish to move forward."

White Cobalt asks: "Have you ever run into a witch hunter before? If not, do you think that you've run into one now?"

"Only once and it was a conflict I would rather not repeat."

Steakthedog asks: "So the gem I sent is a artifact that allows you to contact me and me to send you gifts and to do currency exchanges. it is a minor artifact and if broken... well the last one who did that is... in a very bad state. I don't talk about the noodle incident (shutters) never again."

"While that is a generous offer, I assure you that my Scryial is a suitable communication device and will work just fine. And as I've already stated I will only accept any interdimensional exchanges through the Interdimensional Mailing Service."

Ri2 asks: "Your dream self is trapped in another realm, being chased by that Tantabus? That sounds bad. And 'him' being dead... am I right in guessing you're referring to your stepdad?"

The question made Roseate's blood run cold.

"If you please, let’s not talk about HIM." Roseate squirmed nervously. "There is no reason to taint the air by mentioning HIM. I-I think that will be all for now. Thank you all for the questions!"

No longer wishing to answer any further questions for the evening, Roseate replaced the blanket covering the Scryial. Looking over at her gifts and the satchel, Roseate remembered something very important.

Reaching carefully into her bag, Roseate pulled out the lunch box that contained the bizarre plant inside. It was getting late, so it wouldn't be wise to examine the box's contents at the moment. Walking over to one of the walls, Roseate pulled out a side panel before placing the lunch box along with the other gifts she had received inside.

Closing the panel, Roseate arched her back before heading to bed.

As she left the mirror room, Roseate noticed something on the bedroom door.

A note was placed on the door, with some text and an arrow pointing to a bag on the ground. Pulling the note off the door, Roseate examined it closely.

'I have taken the liberty of setting the room up according to our discussion. Going off of what I read, these garments should be fitting for the task at hoof. I love you and I hope you find this pleasing.

'With love, your husband,

'-Arsthotua Strange Sight'

Roseate chuckled at seeing the small mistake Arsthotua had made on the note. Still, as long as nopony else saw it, there shouldn't be too much of an issue. Even then, what could they deduce? That he had a previous name that was apparently in a foreign language. Nevertheless, it would be wise to destroy the note now that it had served its purpose.

Looking down at the base of the door, Roseate recognized the strange bag Arsthotua had found for her. Smiling, Roseate took the bag and went into the bathroom to change.

Inside the bag was a black corset, some stockings with a garter belt, a pair of gloves, a black spiked collar and a kit, which contained various items as well as a whip.

After cleaning up and applying some makeup, Roseate took the attire and put it on. The garments felt nice and snug against her form.

A shiver of anticipation and excitement shot up her spine as she took the whip out of the dominatrix kit. Examining the scourge, Roseate wondered just how high Arsthotua's pain threshold was. Fears that either she might severely hurt her husband or that she might not be able to deliver enough in order for it to be pleasurable for him rattled her thoughts.

Stepping back out into the hallway, Roseate took a deep breath as she stood in front of the bedroom door. Gathering her nerves and remembering what she had read in her book, Roseate smiled slyly and opened the door.

"Well, well," Roseate said as she saw her husband stretched out on the bed, "it looks like someone's tangled up. I wonder what I should do with you?"

Roseate licked her whip before snapping it, the scourge making a sharp sound.

"I guess I should teach you a lesson."

Roseate's eyes opened as she felt the cold air brush against what parts of her were not covered by her profane bindings. It would seem that she was back in this nightmarish realm. More of the tendriled pillars reaching up into the sky.

'Where are you?'

HIS familiar call echoed through the dark, causing Roseate to shoot upwards immediately. Seeing the shape of her pursuer in the distance, Roseate began to move from pillar to pillar, trying to find a means of escape.

'Come here, Roseate! You know I don't like to play games!'

The last time it was a hole in the ground that had served as a means of escape. Perhaps this time she could do the same.

Carefully, Roseate scanned the vine ridden floor for any tunnels similar to the one that had linked to Sour Sapphire's nightmare. All the while keeping an eye on HIS position. Wandering through the incongruous woodlands, Roseate spotted a glowing green light in the distance.

'Roseate, where are you?'

Roseate moved stealthily toward the light, hoping that perhaps it would lead the way to another dream and away from HIM. She could hear her own heartbeat as she shifted to a new hiding spot. Even as HIS calls grew distant, the throbbing of Roseate's heart was ever present in her mind.

As she crept toward the light, she discovered that her intuition was indeed correct, as the light illuminated the tunnel below.

Moving carefully, Roseate descended into the tunnel. Eventually it opened up into a large chamber, with tendrils hanging like roots from the ceiling. In the center of the cavern was a surreal object.

Before her was a large white cube, the shape standing on the tip of one of its corners. On one of the box's faces was a single blue door, its corners stained black, and on another surface was a window, the interior completely obscured by darkness.

The door opened and the sides of the edifice stretched toward Roseate, like an amoeba swallowing its prey.

Unsure of the structures intentions, Roseate tried to slash one of the milky white appendages with her Athame, the blade passing through it like a knife through water. Unhindered, the slimy surface engulfed Roseate and pulled her through the door.

Passing through the portal, Roseate found herself in a black inky void. The door slammed shut behind her, trapping Roseate inside.

With its prey now within its clutches, the box's interior became illuminated as a few lights flickered on. Looking around, Roseate found herself on the ceiling of a decrepit mansion, the light source being from the chandler's that hung upwards from the "floor."

Splotches of black ink were splattered haphazardly around the room. Looking up at the "ceiling," Roseate was able to determine that she was in the entryway of the abandoned building.

Roseate's ear twitched as she heard the sound of somepony giggling nearby. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a door to the right creak shut. Closing her eyes, Roseate cast the spell she had used just earlier today, her body moving as she flew upwards to the "ceiling."

Safely landing on the upper surface, Roseate made her way to the door and pushed it open.

This room was covered in the same ink that she had seen in the other room. Paintings of unfamiliar ponies floated near the ceiling, their eyes, noses, and muzzles consisting of black smudges.

A creaking sound, alerted Roseate to some pony leaving through the door across the room. As she walked toward the door, that same creepy giggling echoed through the room.

The portraits of the surrounding painting melted into a black sludge, before slimy hooves emerged from within. Small, foal-shaped creatures pulled themselves free of the paintings and began to float through the expanse, like windigos made of putrid ink.

Five of these beings landed on the "ceiling" and stood in Roseate's path, their giggling giving way to a tune Roseate had heard long ago.

"Dead horn, dead horn, poke her with a thorn! Dead horn, dead horn, better never born!"

It sounded as if the very walls were singing the cruel chant as the small monsters moved toward her. The tune repeated as the inky apparitions advanced toward their prey.

"No," Roseate muttered, "no, you are all just... just this... thing's aberrations."

The Athame sliced through one of the inky monsters. Even as the creature's form slumped into a puddle of sludge, the others continued to move toward her, the laughter growing louder.

Their chant reminded Roseate of the cruel things her fellow children would say to her so long ago. Perhaps somehow this nightmare was taking those old memories as some sort of defense mechanism and, unfortunately for her, it was effective.

It took much of Roseate's willpower to push out the familiar taunting and focus on what she needed to do.


In a flash, the magic holding her to the "ceiling," deactivated, sending her downward, the inky monstrosities following after her. The one she had cleaved slowly rebuilt itself.

There was a jolt of pain as Roseate hit the "floor," however, she knew she had to keep moving. Pulling herself up, Roseate ran toward the wall where the door was.

"Clomb Onsictem!" Roseate shouted, the spell activating just as her hooves made contact with the wall. Once more her gravity shifted as she ran up the wall toward the door.

Roseate dared not look back, her ears informing her that those monsters were close behind her.

Reaching the doorway, Roseate called out once more, "Dospilodh!"

As the spell allowing her to run along the wall dissipated, Roseate used her strength to pull herself through into the next room. Doing so, Roseate found herself plummeting to the "floor." Only now it wasn't the ceiling of an old manor but an ink-stained wasteland.

There was a splash as Roseate fell into a sea of black liquid. Her lungs burned as the harsh fluid dripped in through her nostrils and mouth. The substance robbing her of necessary oxygen. Painfully, she began to swim toward the surface, her body yearning for air.

Breaking the surface, Roseate coughed, ink sputtering forth from her muzzle.

Looking up into the gray sky, Roseate could see those five foals circling overhead. Their giggling barely audible over the inky waves. Glancing around, she saw a black island not too far away. Roseate coughed once more before she began to swim to the island.

As she moved through the oily liquid, Roseate did her best to keep an eye on the blackened shore, though occasionally a drop of ink would splash into her eyes, making it difficult to see.

She was about half way there when Roseate felt something touch one of her hind legs. Like the rubbery tendril of some horrific monstrosity.

'No. No. No! NO!'

Panicking Roseate moved as her legs as fast as she could, paddling painfully to the distant shoreline. Out of the corner of her eye, Roseate could see something looking above, however it dipped below the waves before she could fully see it.

Soon Roseate could feel sand under her hooves as she began to crawl out onto the beach. It was then that she felt a tentacles wrap around her hind legs. The tendril tugged hard, trying to pull Roseate back beneath the waves.

Roseate coughed as more black water entered her muzzle. Summoning her sacred instrument, Roseate reached back with the dagger and sliced through the aggressive appendage. As the blade cut through the tentacles, Roseate could feel it dissipating in the water.

Once she was free, Roseate rushed onto the shore as fast as she could. As she ran, Roseate thought she heard a bestial roar among the crashing waves.

Glancing back out to the black sea, Roseate thought she saw something large move beneath the waves like a whale or a massive worm.

Turning away from the sea, Roseate examined the island.

The island was covered in black trees, their branches reaching up into the sky past the clouds. Dark sap dripping from cracks in the ashened bark. Their roots stretched deep into the ground with ink pumping through them.

As she examined the island, Roseate thought she saw another pony wandering in the forest.


There was no response and instead the pony wandered deeper into the forest.

"Hey wait!'

The pony continued on, ignoring Roseate's call. With no other choice left, she proceeded to follow the pony into the dark woods.

Despite her efforts, Roseate was unable to catch up with the other pony.

After stopping to catch her breath, Roseate found herself standing next to the Muleport school, dark vines clinging to the sides of the building.

The door was left open a crack with inky hoof prints leading inside. Following the black markings, Roseate stepped inside the school.

Black sludge dripped from cracks in the ceiling and openings in the lockers lining the walls. As she wandered the halls, the sound of somepony crying caught Roseate's attention.


Following the inky hoofprints, Roseate found herself standing at the entryway to her classroom. Peering inside, Roseate saw a small pony sitting in the center of the room, the form barely visible in the darkness.

Yet for Roseate it resembled one of her students.

"Quillian, is that you?"

To be Continued...

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