• Published 20th Mar 2018
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Does this count as... A Crossover? - Robipony

It's the story of two fictional villains (or are they) coming together to kick plot, chew bubble gum and perhaps find love. It is such a shame they are out of gum.

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This isn't at all what I had in mind!

Wringing his hands Ahuizotl gazed upon the Sapphire Stone in his palm, a menacing chuckle passing through his salivating maw. For so long Ahuizotl had sought this power and now with this ancient relic in his grasp, he would be able to achieve his goal. The artifact was itself a statue carved from sapphire into the shape of two jackals sitting back to back.

Torches lined the walls, illuminating the dark gloomy room. Though they were more for his servants then for Ahuizotl, who could see the darkest corners of the room as if they were in broad daylight. The room was composed of stone bricks, this included Ahuizotl's throne and a pedestal at the center of the chamber. It was the true resting place for the Sapphire Stone.

His throne was fairly simplistic for a warlord of his stature, but that didn’t matter to Ahuizotl. Soon such concerns would be trivial when compared to the power he would harness.

"Yes. YES!" Ahuizotl chuckled as he stood up from his throne and walked over to the pedestal, "Soon I will have the power that is rightfully mine."

The Fortress of Hezragon was secured by Ahuizotl's followers, Dr. Caballeron's henchmen as well as a few stray changelings he had hired. There was nothing that could possibly interfere with Ahuizotl's plan. There was no chance this temple was going to topple to the ground like the Fortress of Talicon had.

As Ahuizotl gloated over his prize, the sound of hoofsteps ascending the steps grew louder.

"Ahuizotl!" Dr. Caballeron called out, warranting an annoyed growl from the blue creature.

Dr. Caballeron was an earth pony stallion with a light gray coat and a charcoal gray mane. His cutie mark was that of a golden skull with a single ruby in its left eye socket. He wore a white button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up along with a handkerchief that was orange with white polka dots.

"What is it?" Ahuizotl barked.

"It is Daring Do," the doctor answered in a panic, sweat dripping down the sides of his face, "she is here!"

"Then keep her away from here," Ahuizotl instructed harshly, "until I have obtained the stone's power."

"First I insist that you double my payment!" Caballeron spoke his voice raised.

"Fine!" Ahuizotl growled, "I'll do it, just make sure Daring Do doesn't stop me!"

Following his orders, Dr. Caballeron left the throne room, descending the stairway to the lower chambers.

After watching the doctor leave, Ahuizotl let out a sigh of annoyance, he had hoped to relish his victory for much longer, but it would seem his arch nemesis had other plans. Still, it was too late.

Of course, when Ahuizotl regained his power, he had no intentions of paying Dr. Caballeron. The stallion had proved to be as helpful as a broken tooth. There had been more than a few occasions that Ahuizotl had learned that the artifact he had hired Dr. Caballeron to hold for him, had been sold to another pony with more gold. Once he had ascended to godhood, Ahuizotl would crush the untrustworthy doctor along with Daring Do and any others who stood in his way. The land of Tenochtitlan would pay for all it had done to him.

Showing a toothy grin, Ahuizotl set the statue on the pedestal. The room began to take on a blue glow as magic energy flowed from the stone into the chamber. Then in a flash, a swirling blue portal appeared. According to the hieroglyphs this portal would lead him to a new world filled with power, power that he would most assuredly be able to take for his own.

Ahuizotl shielded his eyes with his arm as they adjusted to the light radiated by the whirling vortex, his grin growing wider. Victory was so close he could taste it.

Beyond this gateway would be untold treasures. Relics and trinkets so powerful that he would be transformed, achieving metamorphosis from a mere being into a god. His power would rival that of the celestial alicorns that ruled Equestria. Nothing could stop him! Power so great that the Tenochtitlan Basin would tremble before his wrath.

The fact that he was so close to accomplishing his goal of vengeance almost made Ahuizotl’s heart waver, but his resolve endured as a maniacal laugh roared throughout the temple chamber.

As Ahuizotl stepped closer to the portal the sound of fighting could be heard in the stairway below, however, he decided to ignore it as he drew closer to the gateway. He couldn’t be stopped now.


Daring Do stood in the stairway, an unconscious Dr. Caballeron lying on the floor with a black eye. The adventurer was a pegasus mare with a light gold coat and mane that consisted of colors varying from black, gray and white. On her flank was the cutie mark of a compass rose. She wore a light green shirt as well as a pith hat.

Ahuizotl frowned at the fallen doctor, how pathetic. Even if the warlord had considered the thought of truly paying Caballeron, he wasn’t going to get paid now.

Ahuizotl snapped the fingers of his tail-hand, summoning forth a few tigers and one white cat to fend off the intruder. The three tigers were of varying shades of orange and yellow with elegant stripes, while the white cat looked like just a regular run of the mill house cat. Still, the warlord really enjoyed Fluffy’s company as well as the damage her claws could dish out.

"You can't stop me, Daring Do," Ahuizotl grinned menacingly, "it is too late!"

The tigers lunged toward the heroine, but she managed to dodge them all. One went head first into the wall, knocking itself unconscious. Pulling some rope out of her bag, Daring Do was able to tangle up two of the tigers. Fluffy charged forward trying to claw at the pesky adventurer, but with a carefully timed sidestep, Daring Do tripped the cat, which tumbled down the stairs, scratching a few of Dr. Caballeron’s henchmen along the way, causing the minions to yelp and groan in response.

Not that it mattered, the felines had served their purpose.

Before Daring Do could do anything to stop him, Ahuizotl stepped through the portal. Flapping her wings as fast as she could, Daring Do rushed over to the Sapphire Statue as the vortex faded away.

Pulling the relic from the pedestal, the mare stored it in her satchel. However, somehow it felt as if the relic had lost any magical energy it had previously contained. The blue crystal now completely dim.

"I need to get this to a magical relic specialist immediately," Daring Do said, "There is no telling where that portal went."

The universe seemed to swirl around Ahuizotl as he moved through dimensional space to his destination. Streams of blue light spiraling through the black void that separated dimensions. This went on for what felt like hours.

Admittedly he had been entertained by it at first but now it had become rather boring. With his arms crossed, Ahuizotl tapped his fingers impatiently.

"Oh, why is this taking so long?" Ahuizotl growled.

Almost as if the universe was trying to answer him, a sickening sensation flowed over him. Pain swam over his body as bones snapped and shifted. Slowly it became very apparent to Ahuizotl that his body was changing. Yes, at long last he was turning into a god!

Or so he thought until he noticed that the magic he had stored up from various magical artifacts and rituals began to leak from his body. That was why he was changing, it wasn't because he was ascending to godhood, no, he was being drained of all his power.

"No.No! NO!"

Despite his outbursts, his body continued to be racked with pain as his magic was sapped from his body. His vision blurred as his brain screamed in agony.

Ahuizotl could feel his body being regressed to a lesser form. His eyes had moved from above his nostrils and was repositioned to have the appearance of a normal canine. His gorilla hands had been regressed from their massive physique and were morphed into thinner, frailer paws. His bones cracked violently as Ahuizotl's body and stature had been reduced to that of a small purple jackal.

Bled dry of the magical energy he had absorbed over the years, mystical power that had robbed from their sacred relics so that one day he could achieve his wish, now had been stolen by some unseen force. It wasn't long before the powerful Ahuizotl lost consciousness in the void.