• Published 2nd Feb 2016
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Trio On Water - Brony Parasite

Friendship is magic... Then what are Emotion, Knowledge and Willpower? POKEMON! That's what! Spicifically, Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf, the lake spirits. Sombra finds them interesting. Can the Mane Six protect these Pokemon from the Tyrant? (Displaced)

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5. Dreams Of A Past Forgotten

“Mommy! Save me!” Bagon cried as he was dragged away by a human.

Mesprit’s eyes opened, and she shot out of where she was sleeping and looked around. “Bagon!”

“Save me!” Cried Bagons voice from behind Mesprit.

“Im coming Bagon!” Mesprit cried as she turned around to go after his voice but froze. In her way was a pair of scientists with nets, seconds later the scientists managed to catch her no matter how hard she tried to escape.

“No! let me go!” mesprit cried as she was dragged off and strapped to a metal table.

“A species of unknown pokemon that can talk, this is quite the find!” A third scientist said.

“Please! Leave me alone!” Mesprit cried as she tried to escape.

“It's time to dissect it!” A fourth scientist said as all the scientists pulled out various tools and sciency things. Slowly the scientists drew closer and closer to Mesprit with the full intent to dissect her until everything turned grey and froze.

“This is quite the nightmare Mesprit.” Laughed a familiar voice.

“What? Who’s there!?” Mesprit yelled, before realizing she was speaking. “Wait…”

“Long time no see Mesprit. What’s wrong? None of your previous nightmares were anything like this one.” Darkrai said as he appeared from the shadows.

“Darkrai!? What are you doing here?” Mesprit asked, before realization hit her. “Now I get it… This is just a dream…”

“And quite a traumatic one at that… Where did you ever get the idea that the humans would dissect you?” Darkrai asked.

Mesprit hovered up, dusting herself off. “You know where I come from...”

“I have seen your nightmares about things from your old world but I know nothing more about it.” Darkrai said as he hovered over to Mesprit, “And a being as lovely as you could hardly come from a place full of the horrors in your nightmares.”

“Trust me, it’s pretty bad… Wait, you watch my dreams?” Mesprit tilted her head.

“Erm… Yes?” Darkrai confessed as he started to scratch at the back of his head nervously.

“Why?” Mesprit asked, but face nubbed. “Nevermind... Why are you here is a bigger question.”

“I was worried about you. Do I need any more reason than that?” Darkrai asked.

Mesprit grumbled to herself. “Nightmares are just a part of life, there’s nothing you need to worry about. Now, can I please wake up?”

“Soon as you tell me what that form is.” Darkrai said as he pointed at Mesprit.

Mesprit looked down at herself, seeing herself in her human form. She was surprised, but didn’t show it. “Someone I used to know… Her name was Mallory… She doesn’t matter.”

“Nice try Mesprit, but you can't fool me. Good morning Mal.” Darkrai chuckled as Mesprit began to wake up.

Mesprit silently gasped awake, seeing the light shine on her face.

“You ok mom?” Bagon asked as he noticed Mesprit wake up.

Mesprit tried to talk with her mouth, but realized she couldn’t again.

Seems someone forgot they were mute.” Ralts said as he rummaged through some of the boxes in their hiding spot in for food.

Mesprit glared at Ralts. “I had a nightmare, but I’m fine now. We should find Azelf before anything.” The legendary used her telekinesis to pick up the two. “She went to find food, but we never met back up.”

She probably got ambushed by a group of snover and is being thawed out by Uxie and Dratini.” Ralts said as he removed himself from Mesprit's telekinetic grip.

“I’d have more faith in your mother if I was you… But you’re probably right. Let’s find some food, then meet up with your aunt and cousin.” Mesprit said, hugging Bagon like a teddy bear.

“I can smell something cooking.” Bagon offered as he sniffed the air.

Lead the way fido.” Ralts joked, causing Bagon to laugh a bit before starting to follow the sent.

Mesprit hovered low to the ground, following the two from a distance.

Why you so far behind us?” Ralts asked Mesprit as he noticed her actions.

“S-sorry, I’m just feeling uneasy… It’s just the Nightmare, keep going.” Mesprit replied.

When Bagon heard Mesprit mention the word nightmare he immediately stopped and turned around to face her. “What nightmare? What happened?” He asked with a slightly concerned tone.

“Bagon…” Mesprit said, shaking her head. “It was just a nightmare, nothing that’ll kill me.”

“Fine, I’ll ask Darkrai about it then.” Bagon said before he grabbed Mesprit and held her on his head as he resumed walking down the hall after the sent.

Who’s Darkrai? Is he Mesprit's boyfriend?” Ralts asked with a smirk.

“Well… He’s… I don’t know, I think he’s a legendary like Uxie, Azelf and I. He’s the… Whatever of nightmares. I met him a long time ago along with a few other Pokemon.” Mesprit explained to her best ability. “He stalks me, hangs out with Bagon, and just generally bothers me with his presence.”

So you're playing hard to get?” Ralts asked Mesprit.

“I don’t play ‘hard to get’. If he liked me like that, I’d tell him my answer to his face.” Mesprit said simpley.

“I think he’s a nice guy, I don't see why mom doesn't go out with him.” Bagon said as they went around a corner.

Well, he seems to have gotten Bagons approval. That has to count for something, right?” Ralts chuckled.

“Are you two seriously talking about my love life? Look, I don’t want someone like a boyfriend. I’m perfectly happy with my life.” Mesprit groaned. “Talk about Azelf or Uxie’s love life, just don’t talk about mine.”

“But we don't know much about what's going on in Uxie’s life, and Azelf’s life is full of minefields.” Bagon pointed out.

Wait, what minefields?” Ralts asked.

“Nothing~” Bagon said as they snuck into the palace kitchen.

“Now you’ve made me interested… Where did you learn the word minefield? And what’s this about Azelf?” Mesprit questioned.

“Darkrai may have snuck me into one of your dreams-” Bagon started but didn't get to finish.

“That’s it! When I see him again I’ll slap him with my tails before burning him alive!” Mesprit’s head caught on fire.

“Hey look, Pancakes!” bagon said, trying to diffuse the situation my pointing at a giant stack of pancakes left in a secluded corner of the room.

“Keep going, I want to know what you saw…” Mesprit telekinetically pulled the pancakes over to herself and the other two.

Before we get to that touchy subject… what's this?” Ralts asked as he pulled a piece of paper out from under the pancakes and held it out for Mesprit.

The pink headed Pokemon narrowed her eyes as she took the parchment. She read it over in her mind, which lead to the other two hearing it. “Sorry about last night, hope these pancakes can help smooth things over! ~Pinkie”

“Wait… What?” Bagon asked as he nearly choked on a pancake.

Mesprit rubbed her head with her nub in confusion. “Who the heck is Pinkie?”

She was the human with the pink curly hair from last night that gave our position away. But how did she know that we would be here? Let alone find the pancakes she left for us?” Ralts asked as he began to munch on one of the pancakes.

“More important than that…” Mesprit said, hearts in her eyes. “How did she know my favorite syrup!?” The hovering legendary swiped a bottle of Blueberry Syrup and hugged it.

Whats syrup? And how does Bagon know what these things are called?” Ralts asked.

“Well, sometimes I sneak into our humans village to get these. They’re a breakfast meal that is very fluffy and oh so good~” Mesprit cooed, caressing the bottle.

Interesting… I will be looking into this at a later date where I can be certain that Azelf won't be causing any trouble then.” Ralts said as he started to nibble at a second pancake.

“I still don't know how Mom gets past the humans to get these. But it sure beats eating berries all the time!” Bagon chuckled as he started eating another pancake.

“It’s all in the speed.” Mesprit said smugly as she ate.

By the way, what did you see in Mesprit's dream?” Ralts asked Bagon, causing the dragon to almost choke again.

“Why don’t you tell me? I want to know what that…” Mesprit growled a bit. “Nightmare Pokemon showed you.”

“Erm… I dont think its my place to say anything about what I saw…” Bagon said as he started to slowly back away from Mesprit, having decided he had enough pancakes for now.

“Tell me Bagon…” Mesprit said, before sighing. “We’ll talk about it in private.”

I’ll give you two some private time then. I need to use the bathroom anyway.” Ralts said before he walked off.

“Don't leave me!” Bagon begged Ralts to no avail, “This is not going to end well…”

When Mesprit was sure she couldn’t use the telepathic communication, she gave Bagon a stern stare, expectant of an explanation.

“Um, maybe we can talk about this?” Bagon chuckled nervously, before face numbing at his mistake.

Mesprit used her nub, gesturing she wanted him to go on.

“Hey look! Blueberry Cheese Cake!” Bagon said pointing behind Mesprit. She didn’t look away. Instead, she glared daggers at her son.

“Welp, I tried.” Bagon said before turning to try and run away. Mesprit’s eyes glowed, and he was lifted in her telekinetic grip. She turned him towards her, and sharply pointed her nub at him, before pointing to herself.

“Fine, I give! It all happened a few summers ago...” Bagon said as he began to recount what had happened.

Mesprit was tossing and turning in her sleep as Bagon watched over her in his cave.

“This cold is really getting to her…” Bagon said to himself.

“Would you like to help her sleep better?” A voice asked.

“Who’s there?” bagon asked as he spun around and took a defensive stance.

“The names Darkrai, and I came to help.” Said the voice as a figure emerged from the shadows.

“And how do I know I can trust you?” Bagon questioned, glad for the offer for help but still not willing to trust a complete stranger.

“Because I know Mesprit from a long time ago.” Darkrai replied.

“Then why hasn't she mentioned you before?” Bagon said, now feeling slightly confused on how this pokemon knew his mother.

“It's a long story, but basically she and the rest of the legendaries had a falling out a while back.” Darkrai sighed.

“What?” Bagon asked, he was confused on what he meant by legendary and that they had a falling out but decided not to question it.

“Nevermind… you want me to help or not?” Darkrai groaned.

“Um… I guess?” Bagon replied before a black vortex appeared next to Darkrai, he was then carried into it by the legendary before it closed.

When Bagon was finally able to see again he was inside a strange wooden structure that vaguely resembled a cave. “Where are-” He began to say before Darkrai covered his mouth.

“Shh! You don't want to get caught do you?” Darkrai whispered in a slightly urgent tone.

“I’m not a Princess!” Mesprit screamed.

“This is going to be interesting.” Darkrai chuckled causing Bagon to become curious.

After a while of searching, Bagon and Darkrai had managed to find out where Mesprit was in the mindscape… And boy was it hilarious! In the center of a room was an antro version of Mesprit wearing a frilly pink dress and a smug looking Arceus standing in front of her.

“He’s mine!” Mesprit yelled, flailing her arms.

“Young girl, your attitude makes me realize he’s not good for you, so I’m taking him away.” Arceus said with an almost nonexistent voice. He held an upside down Bagon plushie with a twisted head.

“Is that really mom? And why is there a funny looking version of me?” Bagon questioned out of confusion.

“Just watch, if you get involved something bad might happen.” Darkrai warned, “But I can get involved if you want.”

“Then please help my mom, I don't want her to be worried.” Bagon told the legendary.

“No!” Mesprit cried, before the scene changed to an underground cavern. Voices whispered “Traitor…” Over and over again. Mesprit was hanging upside down with black cracks forming over her skin.

“Crap! Not good!” Darkrai shouted before he grabbed Bagon and darted towards Mesprit.

Mesprit spasmed out a bit, as numerous shadowy monsters appeared and closed in on her frozen form.

“Stay away from mom!” Bagon yelled at the shadows as Darkrai got between them and their target just in the nick of time.

“You are not welcome here, now leave.” Darkrai told the shadowy creatures.

There were a couple of growls, and the shadows backed away slowly. They finally retreated into the dark, and Mesprit fell onto her face.

“Mom!” Bagon yelled before wiggling free of Darkrai’s grip and falling right in front of Mesprit.

Mesprit’s hand moved towards Bagon shakily. Bagon noticed her movements and instinctively ran over and hugged her hand to try and comfort her.

“Are you ok!?” Bagon asked as he looked her straight in the eyes.

“I-I’m fine… Wh-what are you doing here?” Mesprit asked.

“I was worried about you… And why do you look like that?” Bagon said as he clung to Mesprit's hand.

“I… I don’t know…” Mesprit said still lucid.

“You look funny like this, but it suits you.” Bagon chuckled as he took in how she looked right now.

Mesprit stood up, legs shaking. “Th-thanks I guess…”

Bagon then jumped onto Mesprit’s chest and tried hugging her around her neck for support. “By the way, why were you wearing that strange pink thing?” He asked.

Mesprit raised her eyebrow at that, and then looked down at herself only to realize she was naked and exposed. A red tint appeared on her face, but she shrugged it off, knowing he wouldn’t care. “It was… Armor. Protection.”

“That was some really weird looking protection. No wonder you were complaining about wearing it.” Bagon said before he snuggled into Mesprit's chest, “Why don't you look more like this back in the real world? You're more cuddly this way.”

“Thanks… But I can’t look like this…” Mesprit then rubbed her eyes. “I’m sleeping…”

“By the way, what is this place?” Bagon asked as he looked around them, he also noticed the lack of a certain legendary that had brought him here.

Mesprit sighed. “I can’t believe I’m about to tell a dream about my past, but whatever…” The Legendary of Emotion sat on a rock, and hugged bagon. “A long time ago, when mommy was young, she made a small mistake in these caves. She was blamed for more bad stuff, and Pokemon she thought were friends turned on her. There was a nasty fight, and in the end, the Pokemon Ho-Oh needed to revive the planet. Legendaries don’t talk much nowadays because of that. Only a few kept in contact with me, but for the most part only Azelf and Uxie stay around…” Mesprit sighed. “Friendships fell apart, and I was labelled an outcast.”

“So what if you made a little mistake? It sounds like those pokemon don't deserve your friendship for turning on you!” Bagon pouted. He didn't understand what Mesprit meant but from what he could see it didn't make sense that they would turn on her because of what could have been small mistake.

“It wasn’t a…” Mesprit yawned. “Small mistake…” Then everything went white, and Mesprit vanished.

“Next thing I know I’m in my bed in the real world as you walk around perfectly fine.” Bagon said, finishing up his tale.

Mesprit stared at Bagon emotionlessly. She was unable to speak, so she just rubbed her head, slightly embarrassed.

“Are you ok? Your face is turning red again.” Bagon said as he walked over to Mesprit, having been set back down half way through the tale.

Mesprit nodded, and finished her pancakes.

So you two finished?” Ralts asked as he sat next to Mesprit while munching on some popcorn.

“Yeah, we’re done. Once we all finish up, we’ll head to Uxie’s place.” Mesprit said, still flustered.

“By the way, when did you get back Ralts?” Bagon asked.

Oh, I got back at the part where you said you woke up in some kind of wooden cave.” Ralts chuckled.

“If either of you two speak of this to Ralts’ mom or your guys’ aunt, I swear I’ll rip your happy emotions out of you for three weeks!” Mesprit shouted.

“...” Bagon and Ralts just stared at Mesprit in shock as she said that.

“Well that's not very nice now is it?” Darkrai chuckled as he appeared from Mesprit's shadow.

“Darkrai!?!? What in Equestria are you doing here!? Stalking my dreams are one thing, but visiting me in the real world is another!” Mesprit snapped.

“I wish it was that simple… But I'm actually here on business this time.” Darkrai said as he pulled out a scroll and handed it to Mesprit.

The tiny Pokemon took ahold of it and began reading. Her eyes then widened. “Who gave you this Darkrai?”

“Arceus himself.” Darkrai responded.

Mesprit groaned. “Great…”

“Guess this means I won't be seeing you much anymore...” Darkrai sighed.

“Mom? What's Darkrai talking about?” Bagon asked as Ralts just sat there confused.

“I’ll tell you later, we need to get to the others.” Mesprit stated.

“If you ever need me, you know what to do.” Darkrai said before he melted back into the shadows.

I have a bad feeling about this…” Ralts said to Bagon, getting a nod of agreement in response.

"And that bad feeling is something I'm getting to! Stay with us people!"

"Pinkie? What are you doing?"

"N-nothing, Twi! Just talking to myself!"

Author's Note:

Sorry for the late post. Me and Sol are working on a chapter that got a BIT too heated... Trying to keep it PG.

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Looking good, I'm liking this. Can't wait for the next chapter.


7858869 Having technical problems...

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Understandable:twilightsmile:, sometimes life just screws us over. Do what you gotta do man. I'm absoloutly loving this story, its curently one of my top 10 faves, and i hate to see an amazing story like this die.:twilightsmile: Keep on keeping on man.:pinkiehappy:

7859980 Thanks. It's also one of my favorite to write. :derpytongue2:

I decited to take a look and I like the description and the idea already, I'm only asking if you plan to continue it soon enough, so that I know if I should read it right now or later.

8048074 Well, I don't think it'll be soon. My co-writer doesn't have much of a signal, so I'm as much in the dark as you are.

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If you liked, there are potential plans for a reboot.

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