• Published 24th May 2017
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Never Setting Sun - Brony Parasite

What if Sunset Shimmer kept her powers when she arrived on Earth and rethought her life? An Anti-Hero Sunset Shimmer introvert.

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4. Sunday Part 2: Quiet Sirens...

Coldness seeped into Adagio’s skin as her head throbbed in pain. She tried to remember her old body, the one she had before the human world, but even the reason why she was there was foggy.

The only thing that was clear to her right now were six teenage girls standing on a hill, rivaling her own power at its peak. Barely. Just as things were starting to look up for her and the Dazzlings, and they were winning, a seventh rose to challenge her and a white horse made of light appeared, surrounding the seven girls in a protective bubble.

While Adagio was distracted watching the forming horse before her, she failed to notice that her own avatar, a translucent orange representation of her old body, began falling apart above her like shattered glass.

In Adagio’s hands, to her horror, were the shards of her heart stone. The image faded away to be replaced with the girl from before standing above her with a mocking smirk...

The sound of screaming caused Adagio Dazzle to jerk awake, causing something on top of her to drag her off of the worn, blue couch she had been sleeping on. After crashing into the ground, Adagio’s eyes shot open in a glare.

In front of her was her youngest sister; Sonata Dusk, grinning back at her nervously. She was wearing her pink pajama top and matching bottom. Adagio’s tired eyes stared at Sonata, before looking towards the source of the screaming…

Aria Blaze, their middle sister, was watching an animated horror… thing.

“Aria!” Adagio’s voice was shrill and cracked, a side effect of not wearing her pendant to “bed”. Said purple siren, wearing a light green silky set of pajamas which clashed with her off colored orange socks, jumped at the sound of her elder’s fury and paused the program. “What did I say about watching your cartoons while we’re sleeping!?”

Aria groaned and rolled her eyes as if she were an angsty teenager. “It’s called anime… And maybe you shouldn’t have fallen asleep in the living room like a bunch of retards.”

Adagio was less than amused with her sisters attitude. “I don’t care if you watch a show for little girls, but when I’m not at work-- whoa!” The head siren stood up shakily, causing Aria and Sonata to flinch. She then stomped towards Aria, snatched the TV remove, and proceeded to turn it off. “No ‘anime’, you hear!? Besides, Sonata looks pale.”

The last sentence was more of an excuse rather than something that pertained to the current topic. While it was true that Sonata looked pale after watching the gruesome scene that was on the screen mere moments before, Adagio knew that Sonata was a horror enthusiast. Which scared her, if she were honest to herself, imagining her little airheaded sister becoming influenced by things so gruesome… She’d caught her more than once watching the likes of Scream, Halloween, Alien/s, Friday the 13th, Chucky, and many, many more.
“Oh come on--!” Aria whined, but the older siren cut her off.

“I have to work. Watch over the house, don’t let Sonata see anything that’d scar her, she’s already messed up as it is. And for the love of Tartarus, don’t let that weird boy near our house again! He thinks we’re aliens of all things!” Adagio said, oblivious to Aria mouthing her words as she spoke, all in a mocking and degrading manner, to which Sonata let loose a quiet giggle. Adagio looked over her shoulder to see her siblings making fun of her in their own ways and huffed once, before taking her leave.

The Dazzlings lived together in a two story house with two bathrooms, two bedrooms and a master bedroom, a living room which she just exited, a garage which Sonata used for her “arts and crafts”, a backyard with a pool that wouldn’t be able to sustain the water due to numerous cracks in the concrete, A basement for laundry and whatever little projects Aria occupied her time with, and lastly, a small kitchen with only enough space for one person to cook at a time.

Every siren had their own hideaway, their own chores, and their own roles. Adagio was the leader, the planner, the income, and the ‘scout’ as Aria would put it, searching for safe places to absorb magic on weekends. Aria was the enforcer, the thug who beat up anyone the trio didn’t want to waste their magic on, and kept the house running while Adagio was away. Sonata was the moral support, helping the others keep their sanity while they lived their immortal lives in their own internal and external hells, and did most of the chores around the house like cooking and cleaning. The chore part was Aria’s doing.

Adagio took a moment to regain her nerves, as the nightmare had shaken her. An outsider might not have understood the fear losing one's heartstone could inspire and although it seemed silly, it was as if one dreamt about their teeth falling out. Multiplied by ten. With cancer. Well maybe not the cancer part, but if Adagio explained it that way it’d make sense in an instant. It was bad.

The head siren readied herself with her standard routine. Shower, toothcare, wardrobe change and the usual. Except breakfast, that was something she skipped out on a lot, even though Sonata complained about her health. Even though she herself was careless with hers, staying up for far too long.

Today was like any other…

“And then, he dumped me right then and there! In front of everybody!” A woman in front of Adagio said to her companion, her voice shrill and unrelenting, like someone was dragging their nails along the top of the siren’s brain. Waving her purple hand around as she spoke, the woman ignored the waiting customers behind her in the line. They were next in line, and Adagio already felt her teeth grating along with her patience.

“Welcome to Wendigo’s, may I take your order?” Adagio asked. Her day had already been taxing, so this woman was in a very bad position.

“Ugh, gimme three frosties and-” Before she could continue, Adagio’s eyes turned a crimson red and a green mist swirled around her and her friend, and their eyes dulled.

“Just give me your cash and go jump off a bridge.” The Siren ordered, and the two nodded. The shrill voiced one searched through her purse, and the two pulled out wads of cash which Adagio took with a smirk and put under the counter until she was done with her shift.

After they were done making sure that they succeeded in their first task, the two began walking towards the exit...

But the last person in line actually made her smile a bit. Rainbow Dash.

“Hey, customers givin’ you a hard time?” Dash asked, leaning onto the counter.

“You have no idea…” Adagio bitterly chuckled, a hollow smile adorning her lips. Rainbow didn’t entirely understand the meaning, so she continued.

“So, how’s Aria been?” Rainbow asked, a genuine smile donning on hers. ‘Wow, one track mind.

Aria and Rainbow had met a few months back, and since they were… similar, they decided to hang out from time to time. Or in their case compete, when Aria wasn’t in one of her moods.

‘Aria acts far too much like a teenager...’ Adagio thought to herself. “She’s fine, cooped up in the house.”

Rainbow chuckled, though she didn’t know about why Aria was hiding, and Adagio didn’t care to rat out her sisters closet pastime to her… Frenemy? Rivend? Frienval? Adagio’s internal Sonata struggled to find a word as Rainbow spoke up.

“Figures. I’ll get ahead of her one day if all she does is she lounge around all the time.” Adagio internally laughed, ‘You have no idea.’

“Of course, it’s only a matter of time.” Adagio said, but then frowned in surprise at the sight of the rest of Rainbow’s friends. “What’s the occasion?”

“Fluttershy wants us to help out some girl that acts more like a clam than she does.” Rainbow Dash brushed the question off. But Adagio pressed her for information.

“Fluttershy… Wanting to help someone get out of their shell?” Adagio raised an eyebrow. “Now I’ve got to meet this girl.”

“She’ll be here soon, Shy is gonna wait for her-.” Rainbow turned around to gesture her animal loving friend, but found she was missing. “Huh…”

Adagio looked on in mild amusement, shaking her head. “Are you going to order?”

“R-right!” Rainbow shook her head in order to snap herself from her daze. “Uh, two double cheese, one baconizer, a super salad, a veggie burger, three northern swirls, two vanilla, one chocolate and… Guess that’s all.”

“Not gonna’ wait for the new girl?” Adagio teased, leaned on the counter with a smug smile. ‘Humans...

“Yeah, guess so. She can order separately.”

“Maybe you should wait…” Adagio insisted, a tinge of force layering her voice. “I’ll remember your order and bring it over to your table.”

“Fine, fine, guess I’ll head over to the arcade.” Rainbow grunted, waving as she walked away. Adagio gave a half hearted wave, before going back to her dull job. Minutes ticketed by, when Adagio felt something in her heart surge.

“Equestrian magic…” Adagio whispered, before looking around. Most of the shoppers had gone back to their shopping, meaning the human siren was free, at least until the next rush started. Jotting down Rainbow’s order, Adagio left her post to search out this energy, grin adorning her face.

She was nearing the source when she heard Fluttershy’s voice not too far away.

“-know what it’s like to be afraid. But my friends and I are here to help.”

Adagio turned the corner and ran right into the source of the magic. She looked familiar to Adagio, but she would put that thought away for the time being. “Oh sorry,” The girl tensed, and Adagio’s smile widened. “Did I scare you~?” The girl in front of Adagio froze up, eyes widening in a mixture of fear and surprise. ‘What a novice...’ Adagio mentally considered what to do. She had Equestrian magic in front of her, but…

“Look, how’s about I make it up to you?” Adagio looked towards Fluttershy for a moment, who seemed neutral about bumping into her. “You and Fluttershy friends?”

“I…” The new girl trailed off as Adagio devised her plan. However, Fluttershy spoke for the both of them.

“Sh-she is.”

Adagio back at Fluttershy once more. “Why didn’t you say so? Lunch is on me, for everyone.”

“Oh, n-no, I couldn’t!” Fluttershy took on an alarmed expression. Adagio chuckled, amused with how open the shy girl was. While the siren wasn’t close to anyone, she did remember the people she met. Acquaintances that meant nothing to her they may have been, but the day Adagio’s mind dulled would be the day she died.

“Oh come now, I’ve made enough money today. I can splurge for friends.” She nearly choked on her last word.

With hesitant glances, though clearly for different reasons, Sunset and Fluttershy resigned themselves. As Adagio made her way to the counter, she started to grin maniacally.

The Sirens are back in business...

“... Sun and moon, and harmony has been maintained in Equestria ever since. Hmm… Elements of Harmony. I know I’ve heard of those before, but where?” Twilight Sparkle, prized pupil of Princess Celestia, huffed. “I’m sure Sunset would’ve remembered…”

Author's Note:

I'm sorry I made you all wait, I was having trouble deciding on what to do after this chapter. And no, that doesn't mean I'm clueless about where I want to head, I just dunno how to write slice of life scenarios.

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