• Published 2nd Feb 2016
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Trio On Water - Brony Parasite

Friendship is magic... Then what are Emotion, Knowledge and Willpower? POKEMON! That's what! Spicifically, Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf, the lake spirits. Sombra finds them interesting. Can the Mane Six protect these Pokemon from the Tyrant? (Displaced)

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4. The Sleepover

Mesprit, Bagon and Ralts were hidden under blankets under one of the beds. Fluttershy unfortunately wasn’t able to clean herself up from the blood on her legs with a shower, but luckily her nightwear was simple butter yellow PJ’s that covered her entire body besides her head.

Mesprit hadn’t stopped teasing Ralts about the incident after they got to the room.

“What did it feel like between that humans legs? Had to be good because your nose exploded.” Mesprit teased as she tended to Ralts’ nose. “Bet your mom’d love to hear this.”

I don’t think that's a good idea.” Ralts thought as his nose started to bleed again from being reminded. “Darn it!

“You can stop teasing him now…” Bagon chuckled nervously.

“Are you serious? He’s just like his mom when it comes to teasing when she was your guys’s age!” Mesprit giggled silently.

You were no better.” Ralts countered with a mischievous grin.

“What's that supposed to mean?” Bagon asked.

Well. According to Azelf, Mesprit here wa-” Ralts started to tell Bagon before Mesprit hit him over the head.

“Don’t say another word. I don’t need Bay thinking of me any lesser than he already does.” Mesprit glared. “Besides, I could tell you a few embarrassing stories about Elf girl.”

“Oh? Do tell.” Ralts chuckled mischievously.

“What makes you think that I think less of you?” Bagon asked Mesprit innocently.

“I heard you outside the cave and so did Azelf. What? You don’t think we snoop a bit every now and then?” Mesprit shrugged. “Well, that and you three are loud.”

“Hehehe… Whoops…” Bagon muttered.

We were just messing around.” Ralts told Mesprit with a playful grin. Bagon and Ralts then double teamed Mesprit with the most innocent faces they could muster.

Mesprit rolled her eyes. “Yeah, whatever. And since you seem to really want to know about Elf’s embarrassing stories I’ll keep them to myself since I don’t want you telling stories about me.”

Aww… But I wanted some dirt on Azelf!” Ralts whined.

“Anyway… shouldn't we be keeping an eye on the human's?” Bagon said before turning to look at what was going on outside their hiding spot.

He was surprised when he saw there were five of them including Fluttershy. There was the rainbow haired girl Fluttershy called ‘Dash’ who wore a blue sports bra and boxers, the girl Dash called ‘Twi’ who wore a purple onesie, a pink curly haired girl who wore a frilly cyan nightgown, and a purple haired girl who also wore a nightgown, but more… Sparkly. ‘AJ’ wasn’t there yet. The girls were all talking about… Various stuff.

“Where’s AJ again?” Pinkie asked, head tilted.

“She’s embarrassed. She said she never… Well, you’ll see…” Rarity said, smirking.

“Now I’m curious…” Rainbow groaned.

“You're not the only one.” Twilight said pulling out a notebook and pencil.

“What’re you doin Twi?” Pinkie asked, hovering over the mage’s shoulder.

“I'm going to take notes… How are you overing in the air?” Twilight said as she turned to face Pinkie.

Pinkie suddenly was sitting next to Rarity, smiling like nothing happened.

“What did I just see?” Bagon asked Mesprit.

“That my son… That was something called cartoon logic… I’ve met a few humans who have a strange ability to not make sense… Just don’t question it.” The Legendary replied.

“Ok… But what's a ‘cartoon’?” Bagon said.

Mesprit face nubbed. “Ask Uxie, she’s the nerd.”

Uxie suddenly sneezed.

“Are you okay? Did you catch a cold again?” Dratini asked Uxie.

Uxie wrote on the wall: “I’m okay, just sneezed.”

“If you say so.” Dratini said before returning to thawing Azelf out of a block of ice dropped off by a Snover.

“Okay. Wait… where did the one in pink go?” bagon asked as he started to look around the room for the the human with the curly pink hair.

“I think she blurred away to do something…” Mesprit replied. The door to the bathroom opened a crack, showing AJ’s face.

“Hey, uh… Promise y’all won’t laugh?” She asked bashfully.

“I can try?” Rainbow offered.

“Why would we laugh?” Twilight asked, even more curious than before.

“Just come out darling, we’re all girls here.” Rarity said, smiling sweetly.

Applejack sighed as she opened the door all the way, revealing her attire. She was wearing socks, her shirt from that morning, badge panties… And nothing else.

“Okay? That's actually what I expected.” Rainbow said shrugging.

Twilight put her notepad away and didn't say anything.

“Applejack’s shy about this. It’s clear none of us care.” Rarity said. “Darling, you don’t have to cover yourself...”

Applejack’s freckles were hidden by her huge blush. “Ah can’t get to bed unless ah don’t wear pants… It’s silly…”

Mesprit was hiding the boys eyes.

“Hey there!” Pinkie said as she appeared under the bed next to Mesprit.

We've been seen!” Ralts mentally shouted. Bagon immediately getting between the human and Mesprit, posing defensively.

“Pinkie, what in Equestria are you doing?” Rarity asked, bewildered. Applejack was just glad the others weren’t looking at her anymore and got into a sleeping bag.

“There are Pokemon under the bed!” Pinkie giggled.

Rarity stared at Pinkie for a moment. “What...?”

“Oh… My…” Fluttershy whispered.

“There are three wild pokemon under this bed!” Pinkie elaborated as she pulled herself out from underneath, still giggling.

“Ah! Are they Rattata!? Weedle!? Snover!? What!?” Rarity screamed, jumping into AJ’s arms.

“A Bagon, a Ralts, and a pokemon I have never heard of before!” Pinkie said as she lifted the bed over her head with one arm.

“P-Pinkie! Don’t scare them!” Fluttershy cried out. Meanwhile, Applejack tossed Rarity onto the floor and covered herself more.

“Two rare pokemon and an undiscovered one...” Twilight mumbled, a dangerous glint in her eye.

“Please… They distrust humans.”

“If they don’t like humans then why are they here?” Rainbow asked, slowly backing away from the pokemon.

“They had no choice. They don’t have any shelter so I decided to… Help them… That’s why there was blood dripping down my leg, I was hiding Ralts…” Fluttershy said.

“Wait… You hid a pokemon under your skirt… and blood started coming out of it?” Twilight asked, her mind coming to a screeching halt.

“Twi, Ah think that little fella’s a boy… Nosebleed…” Applejack said as Rarity fainted from the idea of a Pokemon up her own skirt. “Ya know what ah mean, right?”

“A pokemon getting a nosebleed? And because of a human?” Twilight said, her eye starting to twitch and her hair beginning to friz.

“It’s not that uncommon! Some people fall for Pokemon, and some Pokemon fall for humans!” Pinkie said. “My aunt fell for this Geodude once and-”

“Ah think we get the picture!” Applejack shouted.

I DO NOT HAVE A CRUSH ON HER!” Ralts mentally cried, his face bright red.

There was silence in the room for a moment, before Applejack spoke. “Uh… Did y’all hear that?”

“You mean the voice screaming in my head? Yes.” Rainbow deadpanned, rubbing her temples to try and alleviate the pain from the telepathic outburst.

“That Ralts knows how to talk!” Twilight beamed, slowly pulling out a pokeball.

“Run!” Bagon yelled, grabbing Mesprit before sprinting out the bedroom door. Moments later Ralts started to float after his fellow pokemon and music began to play.

“No, wait, Twilight!” Fluttershy tried, but to no success as the bookworm summoned Owluicious to help chace the Pokemon.

Applejack got up out of the sleeping bag and tried to tackle the mad woman, but was taken down herself by Rarity for some odd reason.

“Applejack! Your underwear ripped!” Rarity screamed in horror.

As Rainbow was about to help Fluttershy stop Twi, she herself was tackled by Pinkie.

“Yay! This is fun!” The pink haired trainer yelled in happiness.

Twilight chased the Pokemon with Owluicious, but was also chased by Fluttershy who called out Angel Bunny and the group went down the hallway.

As Bagon ran with Mesprit clinging to his head and ralts floating right behind him they passed through many hallways and made many turns until they reached a dead end with a set of doors. “We need to push these doors open!” Bagon ordered before he and Ralts started to open it.

Mesprit looked through, and shook her head. “There are more humans in there. Guards with spears… So pointy…”

Would you prefer to be inside a pokeball?” Ralts thought as he and Bagon dragged Mesprit into the room and past the guards faster than they could react. They could react though when they saw two girls, a Hoothoot and a Buneary ran past them.

“We don’t get paid enough for this…” Said one guard.

“All we do is stand around, we get paid too much for this.” Replied another one.

“Lets just pretend we never saw it.” A third guard said, to which the other two nodded.

As the pokemon continued to run they noticed the hall started to change from crystal to stone, with several pokemon statues lining each side and unknown symbols on the walls.

“Not here! Get out!” Mesprit tried, but realized that there was no other way.

“Whats wrong?” Ralts asked as he swerved around a statue in an attempt to keep up with bagon.

“Unknown…” Mesprit replied simply, fear written over her face. “They’re a kind of Pokemon I’d like to avoid… More so than Snovers…”

“I dont get it, whats wrong with unkown?” Bagon asked as he made a sharp turn and went up a set of stairs.

“After an… Incident, they started hunting me and the girls. This is one of their temples.”

“Then let's hope we don't run into them.” Bagon said as they reached the top of the stairs and continued running.

Mesprit was freaking out. She didn’t want to be captured and experimented on. “I’m too young to die! I’m not even five million years old yet!”

Quickly! this way!” Ralts said as he lead the group into one of the corridors and found themselves over the edge of a cliff.

Below the cliff was the entrance where they had entered the ruins through. And deciding to escape while they could, Ralts and Bagon jumped.

Mesprit grumbled, but ended up following them.

“Boys, what’s the plan after this? We have no place to stay… And that room was so…” Mesprit drooled at the thought of how warm it was.

“Mom? You’re drooling.” Bagon said as they ducked into a broom closet from the humans.

“Sorry honey… It’s just, well, I used to live in a very warm place, and being in the heat makes me feel safe and… Well, it makes me feel soothed.” Mesprit apologised as she looked for a hiding spot.

Does it have anything to do with Azelf’s crazy story about how you three came from another world?” Ralts asked with and expression that said he didn't believe one bit of it.

“Oh, you don’t believe your mother? Well, let me put that distrust to rest.” Mesprit found an opened crate and hid inside. “I was hoping I could’ve told you when you were older, but… I guess now’s about a good of time as any… Years ago, before Equestria was made, before the world existed, there was Arceus.”

Oh boy…” Ralts sighed as he levitated into the box and got comfortable for the long tale.

“I was wondering if we would end up hearing you three’s backstory eventually.” Bagon joked as he got into the box as well.

Mesprit smirked. “Yes… Anyways, Arceus was exhausted after he repaired what was left of this world. He needed three beings to create the elements of Knowledge, Willpower, and Emotion. So, he made a deal with two interdimensional beings… This is where we come in.”

The deal was, the two beings would take three souls to embody the elements, give them new bodies, and give them to Arceus to care for until it was time for humans and Pokemon to be reborn in this world.

Mal couldn’t move. She felt crammed, wet, and couldn’t breath. She didn’t need to, and could barely think. She tried opening her eyes, but realized just in time that her eyes… Were to small…

She could feel two other… Things... With her that moved bit by bit. One was shaking, while the other was thrashing. Mal heard a voice saying something, but could barely understand what was going on.

There was a ‘shink’ sound, and a sudden warmth filled her. It made her smile, and almost beam with happiness. She tried to keep her emotions in check, like she normally tried, but just couldn’t. It was almost like she was made of emotion.

A loud, yet kind voice rang out through her head. “Hello little ones… My, you are a all perfect. I can’t wait to finally meet you all in the flesh.”

Mal was oddly calmed by the voice, and wanted to hear it more, but it went quite for a long, long time. It felt like an eternity, and who knows, maybe it was.

Then suddenly, there was a cracking sound. She could feel one of the things shoot up, and the space was doubled. Mal searched with her… Whatever, and tried to pull herself out.

The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was Azelf.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!” Mal screamed.

“Wah!” Azelf yelped herself.

Then the third thing hit the surfaced two, pushing them out of what Mal could now say was an egg.

Mal and Azelf face planted onto the dirt, and turned to see Uxie, who screamed at seeing Mal and Azelf. Mal and Azelf screamed at seeing Uxie, and the three continued this until they saw themselves.

Mal saw silver body with little nubs for feet and hands. Two tails dangled off her butt, with what looked like gems. Mal was pretty smart, and caught on quickly.

“Why am I Mesprit!?” She screamed. How did she come up with this, one might ask. Of course, her body, the fact that there were only two other Lake Spirit Pokemon, and Mesprit wasn’t there kinda helped.

Just then, the other two pretty much said the same thing.

“Why am I a Pokemon!?” Azelf yelped.

“Why did I come out of an egg!?” Uxie shrieked.

Pretty much the same… Yeah…

“Wh-what’s going on…?” Uxie asked.

Although Uxie had a point, Mesprit had a better question. “What now?”


“Uh… Is that you Mal? Una?” Azelf asked. Mal and Uxie nodded, and everything came into place.

“You’re Alex… Right?” Mal asked. Azelf nodded.

Silence again.

“Who’s hungry?” Mal asked.

“And so, we set out on a quest to find food… But you don’t want to hear about that. It was pretty confusing, Especially since we were alone besides the few Legendaries around at the time.” Mesprit said. “Although, after we got food, we focused on what happened.”

“Wait… the first thing you think of once you wake up in a strange world... in bodies you never had before... is food?” Bagon asked.

“My body was a baby at the time, I could barely think straight.” Mesprit defended, to no avail as Bagon and Ralts burst into laughter.

“Okay, what was the first thing you thought of after popping out of your eggs.”

“Protect you.” Bagon said with a shrug.

Figuring out who the creature hovering over my egg was.” Ralts stated.

“Huh… Guess that was Azelf.” Mesprit said.

Yup.” Ralts confirmed with a sagely nod.

“What, you don’t like your mom?” Mesprit teased. “You act like she’s the worst thing in the world sometimes.”

No… I’m just the one that has to take the role of the grownup all the time even though I’m the child because she’s so... You know… And I actually think it's gotten worse these past few years.” Ralts groaned as he rubbed his temples with his nubs.

“Well, Azelf and I found that life is no fun if you act all grown up. I mean, look how happy Azelf usually is.”

Do you deliberately annoy a dragon just to play tag? or put a Beedrill’s nest on your head to see how I react?” Ralts deadpanned.

“Ralts… I’ll see if I can talk some sense into her when we meet up with her again. Just don’t be annoyed with her, she probably just wants to see how much you love her. You’re kinda…” Mesprit trailed off.

I’m what? You can be honest.” Ralts said as he began to smirk.

“Kind of emotionless around her…” Mesprit finished.

Yup, that’s exactly what I thought you would say… Don't tell her this but I do that to mess with her as payment for all her life endangering shenanigans, and it's cute seeing her frustrated at being unable to get what she wants.” Ralts explained as his smirk spread into a full blown smile that took up a whole fourth of his face.

“Huh, didn't think you were the puppet master type.” Bagon admitted with a chuckle.

“Heh, yeah, I never would have thought of you like that.” Mesprit said.

“Where did they go!?” Twilight screamed in the hallway.

“Stay quiet everyone!” Mesprit mentally squeaked.

“I… Think You… Scared them… away!” Fluttershy berated as she tried to catch her breath now that she had caught up with Twilight.

“What!? B-but… I wanted to study them!” Twilight whined.

“Did you take into account for how they might feel about you ‘studying’ them?” Fluttershy said.

“I… Uh… No?” Twilight responded in confusion.

“Then maybe you should! They might not even trust me ever again now because of you!” Fluttershy scolded. Shortly after, footsteps could be heard slowly moving away alongside the sounds of someone whimpering.

“I think there gone…” Bagon sighed.

At least we know we can trust the one named Fluttershy for certain.” Ralts said as he returned to his usual neutral look.

Guess not all humans are bad.” Mesprit thought.

Coming from a self proclaimed former human… that's quite ironic.” Ralts thought.

“Hey, I never said I was human. Cause I’m not.” Mesprit grumbled.

Meh, Azelf’s story is too similar to yours to mark it off as fiction now. but she said that you three used to be human before the start of the story.” Ralts pointed out.

“I never said we were human… Plus, Azelf exaggerates.”

Uh huh… Sure.” Ralts replied as he rolled his eyes while giving Mesprit a knowing smirk.

I was never one of those of those super strong, winged or magical monsters that tried to capture Azelf, Uxie, and I! I was NEVER ONE OF THEM!!!

“Mom? You’re on fire… Again…” Bagon said nervously.

Mesprit realized this, and calmed down as quickly as she could. She started breathing deeply, rubbing her face with her nubs. “Sorry baby… Bad memories… Go to sleep you two, I’ll take first watch. Okay? Let’s not talk about this.”

Whatever.” Ralts replied as he rolled over to go to sleep.

“Good night.” Bagon sighed before curling up to sleep.

“Sleep tight…” Mesprit said as her mind went back to that day… She lied when she said that she asked for food.

Silence again fell upon the three Pokemon.

“Is anyone else feeling like their brain was tampered with?” Mal asked, fear in her voice.

“Y-yeah… M-my head h-hurts…” Alex whimpered.

“Wh-why are we the Lake Trio!?” Una screamed.

“I see you're awake.” Came an almost ancient sounding voice.

“Wh-who’s there!?” Mal yelled, looking around rapidly for the voice.

“You can call me Crux.” Replied the voice as the man wearing a blue cloak appeared from the shadows.

“Why are you here...?” Una asked uneasily.

“To chat?” Crux offered.

“Wait… You’re the bastard that did this to us!” Alex shouted. She started to hover.

“Your hovering.” Crux said simply.

Azelf yelped, before falling on her face.

“Now, before you go attacking people why don't we introduce ourselves like proper intelligent beings?” Crux said as he made a recliner appear for himself to sit in.

“Aren’t you that guy that gave us the eggs?” Una asked.

“Why yes! I’m glad you remembered.” Crux chuckled.

Mal glared. “I’m Malory Clover. These are my friends Une Siler, and Alexis Hurren…” Mal pointed to each of her friends respectively.

“Nice to meet you formally. Now do you have any questions before we get down to business?” Crux asked.

“What did you do to us?!” Alex asked.

“We turned you into Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf.” Crux said.

“Why?” Una questioned.

“Because we needed worthy humans.” Crux told una.

“For what?” Una sounded more curious than scared. Alex was more angry, and Mal felt a pain in her chest.

“Well, for a deal we made with this dimensions ruler.” Crux said as the three eggs that he had given them appeared, hovering above the opening to his cloaks right sleeve.

“Wait, why are you giving us those?” Alex asked, “They’re just props.”

“Oh? You thought these were props? My dear child, these are quite real.” Crux chuckled as he made an egg float to each the three pokemon.

Mal, Alex and Uxie stared at the eggs, surprise. “What!?”

“Hope you like being mothers!” Crux said as he burst into full blown laughter.

Alex’s glare returned. “What’s that supposed to mean!?” Una and Mal was just stunned.

“Well, you're now pokemon… and those are pokemon eggs… so wouldn't that make you their adoptive mothers since you are now the owners of those eggs?” Crux asked as he stopped laughing.

“Please! I don’t want a kid, I just got turned into a freaking Pokemon!” Alex yelled.

“Their your responsibility now kid. You accepted them, you raise them.” Crux said as he looked at the pokemon, giving them the feeling he was glaring at them which caused chills to run down their backs.

Mal herself was thrilled about the idea, but terrified by the state. She could feel his emotions, and somehow could tell he was a father. Una was thinking of all the problems that could happen, worrying about how Ash Ketchum took care of his eggs. Alex, though, was appalled. She didn’t like responsibility, she didn’t like having to care for someone other than herself, and she disliked babies.

“We never accepted anything! You sold us what we thought were props! We never wanted to be mothers!” Alex shouted but was slapped pathetically by Mal.

“Ignore Alex, Mr. Crux. We’d be happy to take care of the eggs and the little Pokemon they’ll become. Alex will just have to ease into the mother roll…” Mal said, smiling nervously. She was genuine when she said she was happy to take care of her egg.

“I’m not so sure about her but I know the rest of you will.” Crux said as he leaned back and relaxed a bit, an invisible grip visibly easing away from the chair's arms as they left deep claw like gashes. “Now you have three questions left until we meet again, make them count.” Crux added, his tone devoid of emotion.

“Uh… What are we going to do?” Una asked, a bit nervous about if she asked a good question.

“Until we meet again, you will be helping Arceus with anything he may ask of you.” Crux replied.

“When will we see you again?” Alex questioned.

“When the time is right.” Crux stated cryptically.

Mal started scratching her head, unsure of herself. “Why us? Ther had to be better candidates than us.”

“Your fate gave me two options, I preferred this one.” Crux said, “That's all your questions for now, but do you have anything to say before I leave?”

The three didn’t have anything to say, so they kept staring.

“Then this is goodbye for now, see you in few million years!” Crux said as he, and his chair, disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Mesprit sighed to herself. This was going to be a long reunion...

What next? Find out next time!

Author's Note:

The reason Mesprit has a fire attack will be explained later. Also, sorry about the weak Narrator finish.

Big thanks to Frost The Wolf who reviewed this story.

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