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Trio On Water - Brony Parasite

Friendship is magic... Then what are Emotion, Knowledge and Willpower? POKEMON! That's what! Spicifically, Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf, the lake spirits. Sombra finds them interesting. Can the Mane Six protect these Pokemon from the Tyrant? (Displaced)

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3. Coooooool

(Chapter 3)

“Run!” Bagon shouted as he ran past Mesprit and Ralts, the group having just encountered a group of Snover.

“You don’t have to tell me twice!” Ralts replied as he hovered after Bagon while dodging snowballs.

“I hate Snovers!!!” Mesprit mentally screamed as she flew right behind the two.

The snovers roared as they chased after the group, trying to freeze them alive for having disturbed their sleep.

“How far are we from the city!?” Bagon asked as he jumped over an ice patch and continued to run.

“Half a mile!” Mesprit replied, and just as soon as she did, ice froze her whole left arm.

“Then we need to run FASTER!” Ralts thought as he frantically tried to dodge the attacks from the group of Snover on their tail.

Mesprit started to wobble in mid air, the ice over her arm causing her to lose balance.

A train whistle blew as a train started to come into view and would soon pass them.

“It's one of those train things humans use! Jump on it!” Bagon shouted in a split moment decision in an attempt to escape their pursuers.

Mesprit fell on top of Bagon and mentally shouted, “Good idea, do it!”

Bagon complied to his mother's orders and with Ralts’s help all three of them were able to jump onto the last car before it passed them. “That… Was… To close…” The dragon wheezed.

“My arm!!!” Mesprit yelled in pain.

“Are you going to be okay?” Ralts asked, slightly worried about Mesprit.

“My arm is frozen… But I think I’ll be fine.” Mesprit thought.

“I hope we don't get noticed, it would be bad if the humans on this train saw us while on its way to the city…” Bagon said as he slowly opened the door to the car they jumped onto.

“At least were heading on the right direction.” Ralts chuckled.

Mesprit groaned. “Azelf should have been here instead…”

“And then boom! The Charizard beat the Infernape with a seismic toss! Doesn’t that sound awesome!?” Pinkie said with wild gestures.

“It was actually a Charmander, vs. an Apalm, and it was a tackle.” Applejack added. “She’s been having this recurring dream for the past week.”

“Well, while that was interesting… Why don't we get started on training?” Twilight asked, getting a nod of agreement from Rainbow Dash as the group exited the train and left the station.

“How’re we gonna do that?” Applejack asked. “Ah mean, are we gonna fight each other or somethin else?”

“Well, there is a beginner level path nearby.” Twilight offered. “Well, I will see you girls at the Gym this afternoon, I need to go pick up some papers I requested from the crystal empire lab.” She said before walking off.

“So who wants to go with me to the fields and train?” Rainbow asked as she pulled out a map.

“Ah’ll go, might as well.” Applejack nodded.

“Oh, um… I think I’ll just go to the Pokemon Center…” Fluttershy murmured.

“I absolutely must see the sights! I heard there was a waterfall that looks like it goes up.” Rarity sighed dreamily.

“I’m… Hungry…” Pinkie said, seeming to be zoned out. “Uh… Yeah, I’m hungry… That’s it…”

“Train from Hoofington now arriving!” The station intercom blared behind them.

“The ice isn't going away!” Bagon said in a panic as the train they were on pulled into the crystal empire station a few minutes after they got on.

“Ah~! Why won’t it melt!?”

“We need help! But from where!? We don't know where any aspear berries are!” Ralts thought as he helped Bagon get Mesprit off the train before they are found.

“And there aren't any friendly pokemon around that we know either… What do we do?” Bagon said as he shifted Mesprit onto his head once they were out of the train.

“Uh… Look for a Pokemon Center. They have red tops, they’re for healing injured Pokemon. They should have something.” Mesprit thought, gritting her teeth. “Find a place to p-put me…”

“I am not leaving you! What if something happened?” Bagon scolded, finding it ironic how he was in the parent position.

“And getting separated so close to the humans would probably just make it easier for them to catch us…” Ralts added as the group came around the front of the station. They then started to head towards the city to find a ‘pokemon center’, until they were spotted by a pink haired girl in a yellow sundress halfway there.

“Oh… My…” She said.

“Buck my life…” Mesprit thought.

The girl gasped at seeing Mesprit and ran towards them and fell to her knees to hug the Legendary. “Oh you poor dear…”

Bagon growled at the girl before knocking Mesprit out of her arms and taking a defensive position. Ralts quickly grabbed Mesprit and dragged her away from the human so that Bagon was between them.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you didn’t like Humans. Let me help though, please?” She pleaded.

“Give me one reason why I could trust you.” Bagon replied with a glare.

“Uh…” The girl stuttered. “Y-you can talk?”

“Um… Rar?” Bagon said smartly as he realized his slip up.

“Sometimes I wonder how you have managed to stay hidden.” Ralts thought as he face nubbed.

“Well… Um… I’m Fluttershy, all I want to do is help.” She said.

“Let's give her a chance, she seems like she’s telling the truth.” Ralts told Bagon.

“Fine, but I have my eye on you…” Bagon said as he nervously stepped aside.

Fluttershy waddled her way to look at Mesprit, who was moaning in pain.

“Oh… I wish I had something for this with me…” Fluttershy sighed. She looked the frozen arm over a few times, then looked to Bagon. “Would it be okay if I get a Pokemon doctor out here?”

“Only if mom says it's ok.” Bagon replies as he walks over to Mesprit. Ralts just hovered there, watching to make sure Fluttershy didn't try anything.

“N-no m-more humans…” Mesprit shivered.

“And she said no.” Bagon translated for the mute pokemon.

Fluttershy tapped her chin. “Hmm. What if I go to the Center and get the stuff…”

“That would be ok… I think.” Bagon replied as he started to rub Mesprit's back in an attempt to sooth her.

“Okay, I’ll be back as soon as possible.” Fluttershy said as she stood up and dashed away.

Mesprit gasped in pain. “Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!!! It’s like a thousand knives!”

“Hang in there.” Bagon whimpered as he tried to make Mesprit feel better.

“That human better hurry… If something happens, she is now responsible.” Ralts thought as he watched to make sure there were no other humans nearby.

Fluttershy was in a panic.

Why wouldn’t she be?

Nurse Joy was following her...

And Chansey was eyeing her suspiciously. But she needed to find something to help that hurt Pokemon, whatever it was.

“Um… Nurse Joy, what here can treat ice damage? Preferably a block of ice?” Fluttershy asked.

“Well, we have a few Ice heal’s in the back because of the large wild snover population. Why do you ask?” Nurse Joy asked the frantic girl.

“Umm… My friends Pokemon got frozen… Sh-she can’t bring him here because the ice beam caught its leg.” Fluttershy lied.

“Oh, that is problematic. But why didn't she return it to its pokeball and bring it here?” Nurse joy asked. Chancy was now glaring at Fluttershy, convinced that something was up.

“Sh-she… Uh… Her Pokemon hates being in a Pokeball!” Fluttershy almost cheered.

“Oh? Well, I have never heard of something like this before but ok?” Nurse joy said before walking in back, Chancy continuing to glare at Fluttershy. When she came back she had a blue spray bottle in her hand, “Do you mind showing me where her pokemon is? I can't let you walk out with this without proof of what you're going to use it for.”

“Oh, uh… My friend would be embarrassed, and y-you’re needed here.” Fluttershy started to breath more heavily.

“Sorry miss, rules are rules.” Nurse Joy said, causing Chancy to smirk.

“C-could I… Pay for it…?” Fluttershy asked, looking down.

“It would cost 200 bits. And if you're going to buy one you should go to a store.” Nurse Joy said, slightly suspicious of what the girl in front of her was up to.

“O-okay. I was hoping to get some here, but I’ll go find a store I guess…” Fluttershy said disappointedly as she turned around.

“I thought it was an emergency though?” Nurse Joy asked.

“It is, but… Um… I can’t say…” Fluttershy felt bad for lying, but didn’t want to misplace Bagon’s trust. “I gotta go.” She then ran off to find the Pokemart.

Nurse Joy and Chansey just watched as Fluttershy run off, confused by the girls antics.

“Sorry kid, you don’t have enough bits.” The cashier said.

“B-but…” Fluttershy tried, but failed to speak. “O-okay…”

The shy trainer left the blue building, frustrated. Why was it this hard to get something for ice damage!?

Unknown to Fluttershy though Nurse Joy and Chansey had decided to follow her and were hiding around the corner as she left the store.”It seems she couldn't afford one from the store, I wonder what she is going to do now?” She said to herself as they followed the shy trainer from a distance.

Fluttershy returned to the three Pokemon with her bad news.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t get anything… I hope you can forgive me…” Fluttershy apologised.

“You tried… that's what counts I guess.” Bagon sighed as he looked over at Mesprit who had fainted from the pain.

“Someone seems to have decided to follow her.” Ralts told Bagon causing the dragon to tense visibly.

“What’s wrong?” Fluttershy asked nervously at seeing Bagon’s expression.

Bagon slowly inched closer to Mesprit until he was standing over her, Ralts hovering by his side.

“So this is your freinds pokemon?” Nurse Joy said as she walked over with Chancy, having not heard the conversation.

“Uh, yeah! She…” Fluttershy looked to Bagon to see is she got the gender right, which he simply nodded. “She’s a rare Pokemon from another region! My friend was hoping to… Surprise the Gym Leader with her!”

“Then where is your friend? and what is with the other two Pokemon?” Nurse Joy asked with a raised eyebrow, not believing Fluttershy’s claim anymore.

“Oh, she… went to take care of the Snover that did this! Cloud Chaser was always-”

“Snover don't come this close. What's really going on?” Nurse joy asked.

“No no no! Uh, I-... ThesearewildPokemonIfoundwhoneededhelpbuttheydon’tlikeHumanssoIwenttoyourPokemonCenterhopingIcouldgetsomehelpbutyouwouldn’tbuymystorysoIwenttobuysomeandIonlyhadtwentybitssoIhadnothing!!!” Fluttershy, after her rant, gasped.

“What?” Nurse joy said blinking owlishly, having not caught a bit of what Fluttershy said.

Chancy was just as confused but when she saw who the pokemon were she froze, eyes growing the size of dinner plates.

Immediately, the pink medic ran towards the fallen Legendary. She used ‘heal pulse’, and some of Mesprit’s color returned.

“Chansey, Chansey!” The Pokemon cried, pointing to Mesprit in panic.

“Oh my… What has gotten into Chansey.” Nurse Joy asked as she looked between her pokemon and the three wild ones.

Bagon allowed Chancy to use her healing technique on Mesprit but was still standing protectively over the Legendary. Ralts however decided to hover between him and the nurse just to be safe.

“Okay, I understand.” Nurse Joy said. She pulled out the Ice Heal and held it out to Fluttershy. “You could have just told me the truth though.”

“I… S-sorry…” Fluttershy murmured, hiding behind her hair and taking it. She then rushed over to Mesprit and applied it, causing the ice to melt off.

As soon as the ice melted Bagon pulled Mesprit into a hug as Ralts hovered over and put his nub on the dragon's shoulder. Bagon sent a wary glance over towards Joy but noded towards Fluttershy in thanks before putting Mesprit on his head and running off into the tall grass where they wouldn't be seen, Ralts following shortly behind.

“That was too close…” Ralts thought as he and Bagon watched to see what the humans would do next from their hiding spot in the grass, which was taller than them.

“Well it seems everything’s fine. I better go back to the Center. Here’s a Potion, it’ll help.” Nurse Joy said, giving a purple bottle to Fluttershy, who thanked her. The Nurse and Chansey left soon after to return to their work.

Fluttershy placed the Potion down, giving the two hiding Pokemon a small smile. “This should heal her more when she wakes.”

Ralts use his psychic powers to float the potion into the grass where he was for him to hold onto for later. He then waited with Bagon for the human to start to leave.

“S-see you later… If you want to…” Fluttershy said as she backed up away from them. When she was gone, Mesprit started coughing.

“Are you ok?” Bagon asked as he lifted Mesprit off of his head and gently set her down.

“Y-yeah… It just really hurts…” Mesprit replied.

“Here, use this…” Ralts thought while handing Mesprit the potion. She took it and gulped it down, and some of her wounds healed.

“Ah! Wh-where are we gonna sleep?” Mesprit asked the million dollar question.

“Uh… We’ll figure that out after you feel better.” Bagon said as he glanced away from Mesprit with a sheepish expression.

“Why don't we follow that nice human from earlier and see if she could help us with finding shelter?” Ralts asked simply.

“We can’t rely on humans to baby us, no matter how tempting.” Mesprit replied. “Besides, it can’t be that hard to find shelter.”

“There aren't any trees or caves…” Bagon pointed out.

Mesprit sighed silently. “Fine, but didn’t she leave?”

Yes, But I know which direction she went.” Ralts replied.

“Then lead the way.” Mesprit shakily rose into her hovering position.

As Ralts started to float in the direction that Fluttershy went Bagon went over to Mesprit. “Ride on my head, you haven't fully recovered yet.” He said as he nudged his head underneath the legendary. She nodded lazily and rested on her son’s tough head.

Love ya Bay…

“Your welcome.” Bagon said as he started to follow Ralts, once Mesprit was comfortable.

They finally saw Fluttershy in the market place. Luckily for them it was getting late, which meant there weren’t many people out and about.

You think she might be with anyone?” Ralts wondered as the trio hid behind a crate.

“She’s alone, I don’t see anyone around her. Pull on her dress.” Mesprit said.

If you say so.” Ralts replied as he hovered over to Fluttershy from their hiding spot.

“Yo! Flutters!” Rainbow shouted as she walked into the market center with AJ.

“Where’d you get that Ralts?” Applejack asked when she saw the psychic Pokemon. Fluttershy was confused, and turned to see what her farmer friend was talking about and was surprised to see him behind her.

“Yeah, and how did you catch it? They’re supposedly realy rare, and I have never heard of one being this far north before.” Rainbow added as she jogged over.

Not good…” Ralts thought, causing the two pokemon still hiding to go on alert.

“Oh, I… Um… Found him wandering… He’s not mine, and before you say anything, he’s not for capturing.” Fluttershy said as she picked him up.

“Why not? They’re rare Flutters, RARE!” Rainbow whined while emphasizing her point.

“He dislikes humans already. No need to capture a poor Pokemon who already distrusts us. Besides, he’d be disobedient.”

Applejack whistled while smirking. “Color me impressed…”

Mesprit sighed in relief.

“Fine, but if Twi tries anything it's your job to protect him.” Rainbow relented.

Fluttershy gulped, but Applejack laughed. “Ah doubt Twi’d do somethin’ to upset one’a her friends.”

“Did you forget about the want it need it incident?” Rainbow asked as she arched an eyebrow.

Applejack’s smile faded, replaced with fear. Fluttershy’s pupils turned to pinpricks.

“Ah see yer point, best not tell ‘er.” Applejack said, shivering.

“S-so… Where are we sleeping again?” Fluttershy asked, holding Ralts close to her chest protectively.

I take it this ‘Twi’ is dangerous?” Ralts asked Fluttershy nervously.

The shy winged human jumped in surprise, looking around unsure if she heard anything.

“You okay Flutters? You look like you just heard a ghost?” Rainbow asked.

“I thought I heard someone… Guess it was nothing.” Fluttershy replied.

Hey! I'm not noone! that's awfully rude of you!” Ralts thought as he started lightly hitting Fluttershy with one of his nubs on her chest.

“Gah!” Fluttershy yelped/screamed in surprise and fear. Mesprit was giggling uncontrollably.

“You okay Shy?” AJ asked, placing the back of her wrist on Fluttershy’s forehead. “You comin’ down with somethin’?”

“Or did that pokemon do something to you?” Rainbow asked as she started to eye the pokemon, having noticed its movements during her freakout.

“N-no, I’m fine…” Fluttershy breathed in deeply. “Are you mentally talking to me?”

Yes, how else am I supposed to communicate?” Ralts deadpanned.

“I didn’t know you could at all… I’m sorry… Do you need something?” Fluttershy replied.

Me, Bagon, and his mom need shelter…” Ralts told Fluttershy sheepishly.

“Flutters? Anyone home?” Rainbow said as she waved her hand in front of Fluttershy’s face.

Fluttershy shook her head to snap out of her trance. “S-sorry… Just thinking… C-can you girls answer my question?”

Applejack shrugged. “Ah don’t know, thought Twi was supposed to handle that.”

“W-we could always sleep at the Pokemon Center…” Fluttershy suggested.

“According to Twilight we were staying at the castle though.” Rainbow said, putting a hand to her chin.

“Uh… Okay, guess we’ll go there.” Applejack said, “Uh, does anyone know the way?”

Humans…” Ralts thought as he face nubbed.

“We’re not from here, and it’s a big city. Would you know the way?” Fluttershy replied.

Obviously it would be the largest building around and possibly in the center of the city?” Ralts suggested, trying to remember what Azelf had told him about castles.

“I think it should be somewhere at the center of the city…” Fluttershy relayed what Ralts told her to the others.

“And where are we?” Applejack asked.

“I thought you’d recognise a market place Applejack…” Fluttershy replied, making the farmers face burn with annoyance.

“I’ll see if I can spot the castle.” Rainbow chuckled as she zipped off into the sky. as she looked around she spotted what looked like a crystal tower in the center of the city, and marked out a path in her mind to get to it before descending.

“Ah’ll see if ah can find Rarity.” Applejack exclaimed as she walked away.

Bagon, Mesprit, follow us and I will alert you if anyone notices you.” Ralts told the two hiding pokemon.

Fluttershy and Rainbow started walking towards the castle. Fluttershy started up some small talk with: “So, how was your training? If you don’t mind me asking, that is…”

“It was going alright… Tank is actually better than I thought…” Rainbow admitted sheepishly.

“See? Almost every Pokemon can surprise you… Except Delibird…”

“I'm not even going to ask…” Rainbow said. “So how did you befriend a wild pokemon?”

“Oh, I befriend a lot a wild Pokemon… Remember my cottage?” Fluttershy said, “One of Ralts’ Pokemon friends was hurt by an ice attack and I got her an Ice Heal…”

“Heh, that's so you Fluttershy.” Rainbow said while smirking, making the breeder in training blush.

“These humans sure are different than the others.” Bagon said as he trailed after Ralts and the two humans, a scrap of cloth he found covering him and Mesprit. His mother nodded to that.

The two arrived at the castle finally, and looked on in awe.

“It’s so big…” Fluttershy breathed out.

Good thing Azelf isn't here…” Ralts thought.

“I’m still having a hard time holding back.” Mesprit almost snickered.

“So, um… What now?” Fluttershy asked.

“Hey girls!” Twilight said as she walked out of the castle. “I was just about to come get you all!”

“Why do I have a feeling something bad is about to happen?” Bagon asked as a shiver went down his back.

“Oh god, is that one of Uxie’s followers?” Mesprit asked, before face nubbing. “She is… She’s a nerd.

“Since when does Uxie have followers?” Bagon asked.

“Haven’t I told you? Ever since Uxie, Azelf and I appeared, we gave all being knowledge, willpower, and emotion… So any smartass or nerd is an Uxie-ite to me and Elf.”

“But wouldn't that make… Nevermind, that's a scary thought that I do not want to touch.” Bagon said to himself. “So should we continue hiding or introduce ourselves?” He asked Mesprit.

“If you haven’t guessed, I’m not a common Pokemon.”

“Yeah, but still… I feel like something bad might happen if we don't…” Bagon said as another chill went down his back.

“Well I know something bad will happen if I’m revealed. Do you know what they’d do to me if they caught me, especially the nerd!? She might cut me open!” Mesprit started hyperventilating.

“I know… We’ll just ride this out then…” Bagon sighed as he continued to follow the group as they entered the castle.

Fluttershy was somehow able to keep Ralts away from Twilight’s sight, but when it seemed like she might be able to see, the girl freaked out and did something neither Rainbow nor the hiding Pokemon expected… She hid him under her skirt…

“Holy-” The link was severed. Moments later it looked like blood was trickling from under Fluttershy’s skirt, most likely from the unconscious pokemons nose...

“Um… Fluttershy?” Twilight said nervously.

“Y-yes...?” Fluttershy asked.

“Why is blood dripping from under your skirt?” Twilight asked.

“Um… P-period…?” Fluttershy blushed, shaking a bit.

“That’s no period…” Rainbow stammered.

Fluttershy gave Dash the ‘stare’, making her reasoning known. She looked back to Twilight. “Um… She’s probably right, I b-bought s-some r-r-red… Um-m… P-panties… I-I-I th-think th-the c-color is dripping…”

“Panties don't drip color Fluttershy, what's really going on?” Twilight asked as she pulled out a pair of glasses and placed them on her nose.

“P-please d-don’t make this any more e-embarrasing th-than it is-s…” Fluttershy whimpered.

Mesprit looked to Bagon with utter shock at what was happening.

“C-can I g-go t-to my r-r-room…?” Fluttershy whimpered.

“About that… We're all sharing a room.” Twilight said, deciding to leave the matter of what Fluttershy was hiding for later. She then turned around and lead them to their room.

“This is going to be awkward…” Rainbow muttered as they walked down the halls.

(Oh no! Can Fluttershy keep Ralts and his friends a secret? And will Ralts be ok!? Find out next time! … Wait, where’s Azelf?)


Azelf was screaming as she sped away from an Abomasnow, berries held tightly in her little nubs but some still found a way to slip out.

Author's Note:

BP: Hey guys! New story! And it’s a collab with Solphestus!

Sol: Hello everyone! Nice to meet you, Are you enjoying the story so far? If so, it's only going to get better… and crazier… But I hope you like the story all the same! So BP, shall we tell them who is covering what parts of the story or leave them hanging?

BP: Hmm… We’ll let them hang for the most part, but we should at least say the Poke-Six.

Sol: Ok. For the six main characters I’m in charge of writing are Bagon, Ralts, and Dratini. BP is writing Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf.

BP: Pretty much. Also, if you have any suggestions for what Pokemon certain characters have, let us know in the comments.

Sol: If you have any ideas for the plot make sure to leave them in the comments also, I might look at them.

BP: I won’t… And here’s the song for the chapter!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTMfYpXl-1k

Sol: Thanks for reading everyone!

Pinkie: So this is where the voices were coming from!

Sol: Not again!


Pinkie: You’re funny~!

Sol: Huston! We have an anomaly! We must retreat!

BP: Who you gonna call?

Pinkie: Ghostbusters?

BP: They don’t fight anomalies… We’ll continue this conversation in another chapter...

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