• Published 24th May 2017
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Never Setting Sun - Brony Parasite

What if Sunset Shimmer kept her powers when she arrived on Earth and rethought her life? An Anti-Hero Sunset Shimmer introvert.

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Prologue: Two Faced

Sunset stared at her feet as she walked along a sidewalk in the nastiest part of town. It was a pretty dull day for Sunset, but then again, she always had dull days, which was why nights like right now excited her. Everyone knew she was like that at school. She was the most antisocial person in school, even more so than Fluttershy, the school’s shiest girl.

Now, this may have bothered Sunset… If she even cared. Trivial things like popularity weren’t on her to-do list back home, or here. She was a wolf in sheep's clothes, not a sheep in sheep’s clothes. She wouldn’t act like them, and wouldn’t follow their social “norms”.

Sunset Shimmer, the once proud prodigy of Princess Celestia, Guider of the Sun and Moon, and master mage. She had all the recognition she needed of commoners. She needed more. She wanted- no, needed to be Celestia’s equal. The mirror promised her that, and so she took that opportunity. She traveled from Equestria to Earth, and found herself in an alien world.

Shock had taken her. A mixture of fear and curiosity filled her in the first days. But that fear vanished soon. After a while of learning that this world was magicless, Sunset was afraid she’d have to live an an Earth Pony for the rest of her life… But as if Faust was smiling down on her, that was not the case. She had her magic, and her life’s meaning was secured.

Though, after some time, the magic she had was an advantage that shook her to her core. Learning more about this world, she discerned that nothing sort of an atom bomb would be able to stop her. She felt so invigorated, she even started a cult that worshipped her, and as time passed, her interest in world domination bored her.

That was something… She didn’t plan for. Her life’s goal, to be Celestia’s equal, was in her grasp. She could even rule over the world if she wanted, surpassing Celestia with but a Unicorn’s magic! But as soon as this thought occurred, it vanished. Sunset wanted to be an Alicorn, to be on Celestia’s level, yet here she was, with the power to rule a nation unopposed, truly carrying Celestia’s equal in a weaker world… But this new flavor of power tasted bitter in her mouth.

What would be the point? It wasn’t long until it dawned on Sunset that ruling over a nation, let alone the world, would be daunting. Impossible. Celestia was a god, yet even she chose to rule over only one nation.

And just like that, Sunset’s hopes, dreams, and goals went up in flames.

She was nothing. A failure of every category. She was lost without her mentor… Her mother… Her family.

She threw it all away. And for what? Something she’d realized wasn’t what she wanted? She tried returning, but the portal was closed… She was cut off by the only one she ever cared about.

After some time, Sunset resigned herself to go to school. Optimism soon diminished when, the first week, some girl named Gilda threw her homework into a toilet.

She wasn’t bullied, but she wasn’t welcomed. Other than Gilda’s once and awhile threats before getting expelled, it was okay… But Sunset had already shut herself in.

Sleepless or nightmare filled nights caused lowered grades, even if they were only B’s and A minus’, it highly degraded Sunset’s perfectionist personality. But in the end, she was the only one who ruined her life.

So, here Sunset was, a year later, bags under her eyes and always wearing a hoodie, even in-doors. The most negative person in the school. Some had tried to cheer her up. A month of Pinkie Pie begging and throwing parties drove Sunset to threatening Pinkie in ways the pinkette would understand. Another one who tried was a girl named Rarity who’d tried to give the introvert a makeover. That obviously failed. The captain of every sports team and most popular girl in school played around with Sunset, and still did. Lastly was a girl named Derpy, Ditzy, or Muffin depending on who you asked, was the only one Sunset wasn’t annoyed by. She only sat next to her during lunch and offered her muffins.

The last one always confused Sunset. No matter how much she tried to analyze her, Sunset couldn’t grasp what she was like. She had decent grades, yet seemed so stupid she’d eat a plastic bag instead of her food… Then there was her name. Nobody knew it, because she’d change it daily. Even the teachers didn’t know whether or not her name were Derpy, Ditzy, or Muffin.

Sunset sighed. It wasn’t an angry, annoyed, or even happy sigh. It was indifferent. Which perfectly described what she thought of the rest of the school. CHS was full of… Oddballs, to say the least. A few whispered behind her back, mostly new students, but there were some that just made fun of her behind her back.

“What’s wrong with her?” A boy once asked, unaware Sunset had heightened her hearing to listen in.

“That’s Sunset Shimmer, the weird girl. She’s got zero friends and is such a grouch, I heard she made Pinkie Pie stay away from her.” A senior replied.

Another time three girls whispered in barely hushed voices as Sunset passed by. “Oh look, it’s Ms. Lonesome’s wandering the halls. What a freak.” One girl said.

“I know, I wouldn’t go ten feet of that putrid weirdo.” Another replied.

She did care. Her feelings were hurt, but she didn’t want to bother talking to anyone or spend the energy.

Shimmer sighed again, this time one of exhaustion. She was in the downtown Canterlot district, a littered place to be. The buildings weren’t as tall as Uptown’s were, but they were more humble. Though if anyone new tried to take the back alleys like Sunset did, getting lost in the maize-like designs was the least of one’s trouble… And she had not yet found what she was looking for… Still...

But she did find it almost an hour later, when she saw two guys with dark skin and blue eyes. The Changeling gang. Filled with monsters of all forms. They wore leather jackets and matching pants, with heavy looking boots. Sunset could see that they were carrying poorly concealed guns. From where Sunset was, she could tell they were handguns, but unfortunately Sunset wasn’t a gun expert, so she couldn’t name them. She did however notice that one was a shiny silver while the other looked like what a Police Officer would wield.

Sunset walked up to them, hands in her pockets. One of the Changelings noticed her and drew his gun, alerting the other to her presence. Quickly looking, Sunset saw that three more Changelings were clearing out a container and loading up a truck.

“Get outta here before ah pop one in ya!” The first Changeling, the one with a silver gun said in a threatening manner, pointing his gun at her sideways… It didn’t scare Sunset, though.

“You’re holding that thing the wrong way…” Sunset warned, and in a moment, she rushed him and wrapped one of her pocketed armed around his armed one, leaned away as he fired, and a golden shell shot out and hit the Changeling in the face, burning him.

The second Changeling fired, but Sunset cast a spell on herself to move faster, and moved out of the way, opening the Changeling to the bullet. It punctured his chest, ripping through his heart and causing him to go limp, dropping the gun. The second Changeling stared, mouth agape. But soon, he was pulled out of his shock by a shower of bullets. The three Changelings loading the car had pulled their own guns out and shot, hoping to kill their attacker. However, she jumped behind the second Changeling goon, riddling him with lead.

The three stood still for a long while, waiting to be attacked again. Finally, after what felt like forever, two of the three nodded towards the third, signaling him to move forward. The third did as such, walking towards the exit, before jumping out into the open, looking left and right. After a few seconds of nothing, he turned back to the other two before the ground below him glowed.

In a split second, and explosion rang out, knocking the remaining two to the ground. One of them opened their eyes, only for Sunset to be right there, smiling sadistically at him. She placed her hand on his head, and a searing pain caused him to scream in agony. The last Changeling groaned, sitting up and turning to his comrade, only to be horrified at what he saw… His face had melted right off, and the lone girl was somehow the cause of this.

“Wh-who are you!?” He hadn’t even seen her face.

“I’m the Bane of Changelings… Tell that to your boss, grunt.” And with that, Sunset vanished.

This was her new purpose. And she loved it.

Author's Note:

Thank you for reading my story. I'd like to thank Mr. Grizzly, Shadowgod3211, and Pen the Dragon.

I just realized that I forgot to save after I remembered who the helpers Fimfic names were.