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Hello everyone! I know I haven't been active for a very long time, but I am hoping to change that. I'm a fan of all things Nintendo, Sonic, I love Gaming, Movies, and TV Shows.


Celestia is a fool. She truly believes that peace and harmony could be obtain if we all settle our differences and became friends, she believes that if all of the nations in the world unite to create a 'alliance', that it will improve their people's ideas that we can all be friends. She's a hypocrite, she claims that her ponies are all about 'peace', 'love', and 'tolerance', little does she know that only extends to ponies, to us non ponies we get beaten, feared, hated, and shun.
True peace can only be achieved through power, true harmony can only be achieved if all are united under one single banner. The Illusion Kingdom, my kingdom, will grantee anyone true equality, true love and tolerance, no one will be ridicule simply for not being a pony! The Minotaur's were the only ones to accept and practice my philosophy, and as a result I had been their tactician during their war against the ponies. But soon all will be united under one rule...under one banner.... the fool will soon learn the true meaning of peace and harmony...
"Welcome all my honored guests
To the ultimate duel of the best of the best
At my invitation you come to compete
For the honor of suffering the final defeat~"

A Yugioh Displaced fic.
If you don't like Displaced fics then don't read.

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And of the multiverse one rule stands for the first and best defense: See a pony, kill a pony.

Not a very good introduction. Not enough of the story to establish how these things work or what have you, and the "dramatic final battle" stuff falls flat if we have no idea about the steaks or relationships involved.

fear causes anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering,

Since when was Pegasus Yoda?
Liking this, will keep an eye out for it

I'd read this..... but the summary's grammar is so bad it ended up scaring me away.

Now you have my attention

Okay, I have to admit, I was kind of hoping a Pegasus fic would show up.

Also, nice work with the motivation. You always see someone trying to throw a bit of chaos into their overly orderly world, this is the first time I have seen a main character actually try to take things further into order.

This is different. I have high hopes for this.

This story is awesome can't wait for more

Okay now THiS is an interesting idea.

I wonder if Yami Bakura is in the Millennium Ring.

I'm going to keep an eye on this just because ii want to see one joke.
Twilight: What kind of moron bets their soul on a card game?!
RD: All right, let's do this thing! :facehoof:

Starlight, we are going to the temple of the shadows.

^shouldn't it be cap as ''Temple of The Shadows''?

"If you don't like Displaced fics then don't read"

What's a displaced fic? :pinkiecrazy:

Tirek had to mind control him to make him him betray them.

“The only change I seek to to be human once more,”

Awesome chapter can't wait to find out which monster killed the draconequus :rainbowderp:

Darn, I want to crossover my sith lord with you now...

If you want, we could crossover our stories. PM me if you are interested.

Pegasus. Does He Think Himself A Monster? I Do Not Condemn Him Or His Actions, I Merely Wish To Know For Certain.

Best Regards,

5954002 In a way Pegasus does think himself as a monster, mostly because he blames himself for the extinction of the Draconequus race, even though it wasn't exactly his fault.


Hm. A True Monster Would Feel No Remorse For Their Actions. Yet He Does. In My Humble Opinion, He Is A Better Man Than He Thinks. I Do Not Agree With Nor Approve Of The Slaughter Of An Entire Species For Any Reason, But I Will Not Attempt To Change It, For To Try To Change What Already Happened Is Pure Folly. Pegasus Is No Monster, He Is Just A Man Filled With Guilt.

Best Regards,

I really enjoyed this story so far. It deserves in my opinion more likes. :pinkiesmile:

O.O That was very good, but maybe my oppinion is a little biased because I like corruption and take over stories.

Are you going to have Pegasus make a toon version of the Xeno6 and Xenolestia?

5963007 Probably have Pegasus get them one by one just to cause Celestia pain. Although maybe not, who knows, you'll have to wait and see.

I think you kind of used the whole 'welcome to Toon World' line just a bit too early. Though, you can always use the extended version later.

5949770 Something tells me it might've been Toon Blue Eyes. It IS the strongest Toon (well, until we get Ancient Gear Toon Golem), and he hasn't summoned it once yet, even though it probably could've made mince meat of the Princesses.

So, Pegasus can turn other things into Toons? That fact alone makes this story AMAZING!

Also, yes, I'd be interested in seeing the effects of his new Toons. I'm especially curious as to what Nightmare Toon can do.

perhaps you should slow down on the crossovers a bit ?
maybe space em out through more chapters

HERK! Oh Christ, looking at those cards... Must! Resist! Urge! To fix! PSCT!

6004416 No, it's just... You know how the effects are written on the actual cards? The effects aren't written like that here. And I REALLY want to fix that.


Xenocide, you unwashed masses *turns to the actual unwashed masses* No offense. Genocide- the eradication of a group, based on an inherent and shared trait among them( race, religion, blood ties, etc), Xenocide - the eradication of a species.

Erase her mind? By the Most High, I liked you until that moment, Forteren. You violated by moral code. It isn't even a long moral code, it's just 1. Keep your word 2. The mind and its sanctity is sacred, do not violate it 3. Do not spill blood on holy ground and 4. We don't discriminate. Be good, evil, kind cruel, apathetic, orderly, chaotic neutral, or any combination, but be fair. Is it so much to ask that people respect that simple code in life?

... Rau's point is kinda mout in a world where the existence of multiple gods has been confirmed and creation myths are scientific cannon.

Bloodline Curse destroys the Death Army! *Uses the Noble Phantasm, "Chicen Itza: Annihilation of the Monsterous Brood" on a newly spawned member of the Death Army, laughs evilly as they all die simultaneously* Where is your god now?!

This would actually make a very nice crossover with my story, I can just imagine it now

6382489 If you want, we could crossover our stories. PM me if you want to write a crossover, we'll go over the details there :3

5861440 Do, or do not. There is no try. :trollestia:

Well, now that I know what Pegasus is like in your story, I can see now that my Warriors of Chaos are, in a way, alike in your perspective. For example, Ahriman see's Equestria as a virus sapping from the other nations, slowly draining them until they can no longer function as a civilization. In a way, Ahriman's doing his world a favor.

Pegasus sees most other species as pests, that need to be exterminated.

Very much alike. Perhaps we can do a crossover sometime? Who knows, you might just get duplicates of my guys to turn into toons. Wonder how that would work

I'm sorry but this entire thing is just...Pegasus is trying too damn hard. And there's no need to point at what specifically he's just trying to hard at anything at this point, this crossover making it quite a thing. It's making him less likable as a character even with the whole 'tragic past' bit, and also I was hoping to see Pegasus being a derpy guy who didn't want world domination, not world domination because reasons.

A card! A card! My kingdom for a card!

This is absolutely evil...AND I LOVE IT!!

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