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Now that I made you laugh, you are now my best friend we shall engage in various activities that Best friends do from, Bowling, playing video games, camping, and long walks on the beach


Pain. That's the last emotion Songbird felt before sinking into an abyss. His only friend taken away from him and corrupted. After waking up in the Everfree he makes new friends and he is going to make sure no one hurts them.

Takes place after season 4
Please, point out any Grammar mistakes and leave any constructive criticism it'll help me a lot.

Note: I know people are going to be whining that Songbird has no gender but to those who never heard the Nursery Rhyme, it says he is male. Example of the Nursery Rhyme.

"Songbird, Songbird, see him fly, drop the children from the sky. When the young ones misbehave, escorts children to their grave. Never back-talk, never lie, or he'll drop you from the sky!"

Crossover with
Bioshock Infinite
I do not own any of these

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 45 )

YES a story about song bird is too much win.

4513596 I see that you play Fallout 3...


"Fluttershy? Is there birds that are that size?"

Should be "Fluttershy? ARE there birds that are that size?"
At least I think so

4514089 Thank you sir has been fixed.

4514073 I play fallout on xbox, i think your computer lacks the requirements the game has.
Either that or you got a buggy version.


This is A lot like Me and Mr. B ...

Constants and variables...

*deep inhale*yay!:pinkiehappy:

4516324 In Me and Mr.B, a big daddy protects a little filly (Dinky), While Songbird (soon to be)protects the ponies


This story can be good, it is promising. But you need to slow the hell down dude.
One moment Spike is at the Flutters cottage, a second later he already found Songbird in the forrest. And yes I know that Everfree is close and whatnot but all of this is happening too fast. Like Songbird speed fast. And we must remember that Songbird may be a real giant but he is fast as hell.

I spotted a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes in this chapter. You should really read through it again and fix them.

4517552 Thanks but it'll make my work easier if you point them out thanks.

4516958 As Elizabeth said, "It all makes a kind of sense. The Little Sisters and the Big Daddies, Songbird and me..."

4520458 Yeah I played Burial at sea, the songbird was what spawned the creation of the big daddies. Hopefully they continue such a great game franchise

4529103 Sadly, Irrational Games was disbanded, and now the franchise belongs to 2K Games

4530923 But 2K games stated that they might continue the franchise hopefully they get a company.

4532788 *sigh* Bioshock would never see its former glory ever again :ajsleepy:

4533319 I agree, new companies who continue a franchise tend to do a horrible job.

4536080 Yup both games that went down the gutter

When's the next chapter man

4627906 Still working on itbrotha but I'm still editing it.

All right I just curious is all

So your just fixing up chapter 2 before posting good idea

Honestly, I wanted to see Songbird grab that Hydra and do some suplexes, pile driver, and finish it off with a super high Seismic Toss just like Ash's Charizard does for its finisher. But there isn't much in Equestria that can stand up to Songbird... so fights might get real booring when he just thrashes everything. He outmasses most of the monsters and has so much power behind his blows he'll kill most anything he hits.



Honestly, I wanted to see Songbird grab that Hydra and do some suplexes, pile driver, and finish it off with a super high Seismic Toss just like Ash's Charizard does for its finisher.

Oh my! My sides! :rainbowlaugh:
Anyways are you sure nothing will stand up against it?

4663912 I know the size is pretty small but I typically spend a few thirty minutes writing a chapter.


Meh, good chapter. Quite small though. I mean, it has been quite some time.

I know the size is pretty small but I typically spend a few thirty minutes writing a chapter.

Couldn't help myself

4663838 Not the average monster.

4663995 *Guy yells out from the background.

there was a heir thatn a her and a te than the

More please!

4667116 Fixed

4668234 Still writing next chapter

If I could ever go to equestria I would bring R/Cs mounted with paint ball guns and cameras to watch a mayhem as I pellet the town of ponyville with paintball for a added bonus I would dump a can of brown paint all over rarity I put would be hilarious.

4685356 I would probably do something similar, but make sure that the brown paint is the ugliest shade of brown I can find, then make it worse.

Can't wait for the next chapter

great story!, looking forward to more chapters!,
this story has great potential please don't give
up on it!, i hope the songbird gets to live his life in
peace for once?!, overall great story! keep up the
good work!.:twilightsmile:.

At least Songbird has made a new friend since the purple dragon felt rejected by Twilight. I just wish she'd focus less on studies and more towards her number one assistant.

He might not be great with kids, but Songbird knows how it feels to be ignored, he was being ignored by Elizabeth as she got older and grew to hate him for keeping her in the tower. He was made to be her protector, like a Big Daddy with a Little Sister.

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