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This story is a sequel to Acceptance

Taking place just a few weeks after Acceptance.

The past should not be forgotten, nor should it blind us to what the future may hold. With the new change in statuesque between ponies and their new changeling neighbors, the past may be the answer to help set an understanding.
But not all is as it seems, as some parts of the past, may hold answers to things others may not wish to see.
The truth may not always be pleasant to hear, but it is necessary if you wish to know what real goes on.

You have waited... and waited... and waited a little more.
For those that know, wait no longer. For the second act has finally arrived!
No guaranties it will be better than the first act: Acceptance, but I will do what I can.

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Ponyville is seen as a quaint little town by those who live there, and for Twilight Sparkle, it has all she needs with her friends by her side. When a stranger that she is familiar with comes into town, she finds herself questioning as to what to do and how to accept a secret they have held from her since they meet.

Sometimes, friendship is tested by what your willing to see as truth or lies. But how can one trust those who live with using masks to hide both lies and truth?

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I'm sure some of you have heard the story. you get an adorible pet that is smart, and sings from time to time. its sweet and loving, playing with you in a shy way.
but remember, there are three rules you must fallow.

Rule 1: Dont expose it to bright light.
Rule 2: Dont get it wet.
Rule 3: never, ever, no matter what, feed it after midnight.

And now, one of these little creatures has been sent to Ponyville. what could go wrong with such a adorible little critter?

this story will be horror based, and should be noted i havent done much of those. the begining might be a tad slow, as a quick warning.
Gremlins go to there respective owners at Wanner Brothers.

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