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Are the changelings all gone? Is Chirp the last of her kind? Taking place two weeks after A Mother's choice and consequence , Chirp is now being taken care by Twilight Sparkle. As she lives her new life in Ponyville, she will go through struggles for being different, but as she lives and grow older she starts to feel something she doesn't know what, but it feels as if something is calling her.

Chapters (21)
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Get link in previous story, it will help for sure ;p

And maybe some temporary art like that ONE.

Nopony better make Chirp cry or its to the glue factory!:pinkiecrazy:

Great work! Chirp is so adorable.

kill him i mean it kill him slowly and painfully, how dare he hurt chirp?! BUCK HIM! seriously that pissed me off XD
looks liek your off to a great start!

3226444lol thanks
thanks for the ideas i actually got the first part all figured out because of them lol:pinkiehappy:

omg she is too adorable! X3
but i have to admit i am worried! D:
after what that stallion did i can only imagine what will happen to her without her guardian D:

You might want to work on your grammar in a few parts
it was a bit wonky but otherwise good

nice sequel dude. I'm excited to see the next installments.
its got some few typos you might want to fix like this gem.....

"We're almost guys!" Yelled Rainbow.

close but no cigar, rainbow.

3231090 yeah i'm still working on though but improved some wat so yeah.

wait a minute.... why didn't twilight just send a letter? Or atleast ask one of her friends to help babysit, spikes just a little guy. Its so trippy.

maybe all that magical friendship is startin to mess with her brain. thats my theory any way.

3245553 meh that would be too simple wanted her panic and rush thing and besides i wanted spike and chirp to have a few chapters to themselves, you know for them sibling bonding stuff to kick in

Short but nice not bad

lol big bro spike to the rescue XD
not a bad story i was really scared that this would end badly or something would happen to her lol

where is the love it button?!
seriously F whoever threw that rock
but anyway talk about setting up a big plot. not only did she just connect to the hive mind for the first time and she hears voices!
what i am assuming is the ghost of her mom is there watching her! :D
i am dieing to see the next part to see if anything will happen XD

Well, that escalated quickly.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

Please tell me the poor and tree thing was in purpose

NInjas! Always with the ninjas

3391593 sooooooooo uh hmmm SMOKE BOMB! ~POOF~ Gone!

oh no! chirp! D:
cliff hangers got to hate them lol

3391593hajaajajaha of course besides i got bored using numbers lol

Good to know that Pinkie Pie is still Pinkie Pie. :pinkiehappy: Something tells me Chirp accidentally teleported herself. At least, that's what I'm hopeing for.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

Hey there soldier, I haven't seen another of us in a while .-.

Message to author:
Please fix the grammar.

Hmmmmmm them Ponies got off easy.

3445904 them ponies got a certain role *wink wink*:duck:

Things look like they're about to go from bad to worse. Here's hoping everyone comes through in one piece.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

oh i wonder what celestia has to say about this! more gaurds! >:D

I may have said this before, but I'm saying it now anyway. Chirp is becoming a Queen. How long, I wonder, before the Changlings 'force' her to do something she doesn't want to, like feed off of the Ponies she loves?
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

Love this but you gotta have Luna huggle Chirp at one point yes?

3525921 hue hue hue perhaps who knows my brain does as it please I just write the stuff it tells me.

oooh i wonder what will happen next! will she be the savor of the changeling race?! and who are those shadows?!

3530551 Nah I thought that would be too soon

You might want to get an editor. I spoted some obvious errors

"We're almost guys!" Yelled Rainbow.

I'm guessing that should have been "We're almost there guys"

"I'm sure everypony back at Ponyville will except her."

"I'm sure everypony back at Ponyville will accept her."

3548941 yea i've been looking for one and yea sorry i sometimes miss those :P
but thnks for showing :pinkiehappy:

“How was your day miss Perry Wrinkles?” I turned my head to see Chirp sitting down in front of a small table, a small tea cup set was set up.

“It was simply just marvelous.” My eyebrow was raised when I heard the voice. I turned my head towards the far end of the table and saw the tough stallion pretending to sip tea from his cup.

it's about time a guard lightened up:facehoof:
'cept Shining :twilightsmile:

sooo....yeah not sure how long this part is going to be but yeah......SMOKE BOMB! ~POOF!~

Damn't fell for it again!

Hmmph luckily I have my hound dogs


hm... this should be interesting. i just KNOW this is gonna be one hell of a review. multiple part story... first time i've encountered one since i've been reviewing.

Well, that's one way to start a new story arc.
Keep up the good work. Dues tecum.

dun dun duuuunnnnn!
oh wow that is going to make twilight and the gang go into panic mode for sure XD

“Hmm well alright then good bye Prince Luna.” Nodding her head she made her way back to her night carriage.

I thought you might want to be aware of this.

3625048 AHHH FREAKIN AUTO CORRECT....thanks for poniting out :twilightsheepish:

3626009 No problem, glad to help.

swanTK i got a question when will the next chapter for this story come out

yay a update for this story and it sucks for chrip that she is grounded for two weeks bye her mother

Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

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