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Visiden Visidane

Is that a terrorist?!?


A great many things occur all throughout Equestria as the reunification proceeds and the days count down to a great upheaval. Every grand picture holds many small details, easily forgotten or unnoticed. These are brief records of such things.

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Using letter entries was a really interesting way to examine the changes that are occurring in the world. Each entry was unique and the variety of themes explored helped paint a realistic picture of the reunification process.

That being said the thought of Nightcanter making advances on both Cadence and Shining Armor was priceless. Even more so considering Cadence took the time to write her back. XD

Well if it isn't a regular old cast reunion in here. Still it is really cool to see what the likes of Stormbrew and Hassyth have been up to. It was especially interesting to read about the ramifications of the Hashymissa incident. Plus seeing how both the Western Legion and Ophidus are responding to the aftereffects of said event is quite intriguing.

I've worked in some absolutely hellish restaurants in my time, but even they didn't have sacrificial pools. :twilightoops:

Getting the chance to read more about Bell Strike and Blade Gleam was awesome, as I enjoyed their personalities in "Kin and Kind". However this glimpse into the past once again reaffirms my belief that out of all the Six Companions, Princess Platinum was definitely the worst of the lot. Must be that sickening combo of self entitlement and having psychopathic tendencies imo.

This was great, and it's amazing how quickly you shifted tones without it feeling jarring.

5352710 I think it's just that we haven't seen enough of the other companions. We've really seen the most of Princess Platinum, so it makes her seem the worst. I mean, Pudding Head's a cannibal and Smart Cookie sold her own brother into slavery, and who knows what the others are doing in detail?

Yeah don't get be wrong, they all have committed some messed up atrocities. I just find Princess Platinum's particular blend of crimes to be the most abhorrent. At least her father seemed legit, well that is if his letter is reflective of his true character.

once the see the quality of an ursan fur coat

You're missing a 'y' in they.

Huh, so Zebra's exist in the Barrier Lands too, interesting...

Why would ponies want to visit Pyre's grave?

This is very concerning ...

I love this fluff so so much.

Ooh, this was disturbing...

I can't wait for more! ... Okay I can, whatever... :raritywink:


Man, the world you built is so rich & Awesome even these random letters gave me goose bumps

Dear Captain Nightcanter,
Princess Cadance of Equestria


Oh hell, so random daughter and this Spear Stroke dude are having dreams of Oceanus and the influence leads to murder and a trip to the east. Either they're going to be important OCs in the next story or (far more likely IMO) a certain percentage of the population, both barrier land and chosen, is going to go over to the ocean side of things. This seems bad.

Dear Blinkanice Nicolette Pie,
We've received your application and Mortar's recommendation. The guild is happy to accept you for apprenticeship given your skill set and in the spirit of reunification. A place has been set aside for you here in our headquarters, and we await your arrival.
Tower Crash, Great Delve Siegeworks Guild


Good god, why are ponies treating Pyre's grave like a shrine? :rainbowderp:

Though speaking of her, I wonder if we'll catch up with her and Blademane in the Eternal Herd.

For that matter, I wonder if we'll find out how the afterlife works for mortal ponies. Do they ascend to a heavenly alicorn form to match the rest of the Herd? Do they live as their original pony type among the alicorns? Way back in the first story, the way the Queen sent AJ back really sounded like she was familiar with her Apple family ancestors, so I'd assume they're not some sort of eternal second class citizenship.

Yikes. I see life in the Everlasting Kingdom was fun. Good thing it wasn't so everlasting in the end.

I wouldn't read to much into it. I mean loads of people visit areas where notable people finally bit the dust. There are even tourist agencies in New York City that offer to guide visitors through the most notorious of old gangland killing locations.

So it doesn't really surprise me that there would be ponies interested in seeing where Pyre Valor and Blademane met their end. After all they were instrumental in the events leading up to the removal of the barrier, for better or for worse.

Still Commander Dreadstep is totally right. Get those needless security risks out of Fangbreaker Fortress. :moustache:

Mfw, I just find this and It's been sitting here for two months.

Come six months, if the prince asks why his reinforcements aren't ready, I'm throwing you under his hooves.

'the prince' should be 'The Prince'

I have just been informed that you allowed a shipment of Luna's Piss to be carted into the Heartland, specifically for the Cloudsdale training grounds.


This will not end well.

Cadance's letter was gold though it possibly rides the borders of believe-ability as I'd think someone who got made a special forces captain would have a bit more... professionalism. It's probable that Nightcanter's offers are usually appreciated, and she considers this her best way of 'meeting new people', but I also get the impression that she gets turned down enough that she should know being this forward can cause offence.

(This one might happen, the only one I thought was utterly illogical was when she and Vanguard were fighting, and then vanguard was about to sacrifice himself, and she was still making the cracks.)

I had hoped for some more information about Blue Blood. I know you've set him up for something important, but I'm not sure what. :raritywink:

that sewer under your tail

I get that his was meant as an insult but, technically speaking, it's a completely accurate term for any mare, (Unless Smart Cookie and Private Pansy were doing some really weird stuff with their experiments.)

Just checking here, previously I'd though it was just the pegasi that ate earth ponies, but now it seems all three races eat them? Were unicorns and pegasi food as well, or is it just earth ponies that were universally considered delicacies?

5621690 I believe it's supposed to be read after Reckoning, same with the rest of the side stories.

High Scholar Crow Quill

I'm trying to find out who this individual was, or even if they had a minor part in the series and I cannot remember. I should know this, but I do not.


High Scholar Crow Quill gave Applejack the chain of Apple Slice.

Bon-bon strikes me as a pony with a lot of integrity. She is willing to stand up against Terrato's tyrannical and immoral constipation order even though she was jailed for it. At least she didn't get whipped or hung for it. Honestly, Visidane made it hard for the reader to empathize with him. What kind of sadistic psychopath uses the methods he uses? It is hard to believe he and Celestia are even remotely related.

he is by no means sadistic, his punishments are certainly extreme but he is still very much so just,

I hope the spoiled brat wasn't Diamond Tiara, reformed Diamond is my favorite foal character and even before that I was convinced there had to be some good in her. I'd also think Filthy Rich would take advantage of the new business the reunification presents,Spoiled Rich being afraid of the Legion does make sense.

Oceanus is manipulating Ponies through dreams, because he wasn't Cthullu enough already, am I right? :twilightsmile:

Karma's a bitch isn't it Hasyth?

Ponies visiting Pyre Valor's grave you say. Her parents maybe, were they ever told the truth of what their daughter did and why she died? What must it be like for them? Pyre Valor caused hundreds of Pony deaths and allowed Bastion City to come under siege. This in an ultimately failed attempt to make Terrato overthrow Celestia and bring the barrier down (remember it was Twilight, independent of Pyre Valor, that truly started the downfall of the barrier by calling Celestia's bullshit, Celestia barely even reacted when Fangbreaker fell).

Hope nopony's blaming them for their daughter's crimes is all I'm saying.

Now these were really entertaining, had good world building and I enjoyed learning more about the Old Kingdom and Equestria's true founders. Great work, have a like and a favorite.

Oh hi Fume Knight, how are you doing? Annoyed you only get this cameo while Pony Ornstein and Smough got epic fight scenes? :twilightsmile:

I had hoped Puddinghead’s ghost was an exaggeration, but clearly not. She reminds me of Pearl from the first Blade movie.

I think of the six I prefer Princess Platinum by far. She seems the most normal of them, though that doesn’t really say much. She isn’t a cannibal, isn’t tearing herself apart or experiments other ponies, though she does sacrifice them. She’s a religious tyrant slaver, and compared the rest of the companions that is very mundane.

Pinkie, Inkie, and Blinkie? Wait, is that a pacman reference?!?!?!

Probably not, as she bonded with Lunalux, which is apparently a one way ticket to the Abyss

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