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Is that a terrorist?!?


After the siege of Bastion City and the theft of the power of sunlight, Spike takes on Prince Terrato's offer to train under the kirin, Seethe Scale. He must travel to the Western Barrier Land to gain the strength to help his friends.

Once there, however, Spike soon realizes that there is more for him to contend with in this harsh environment than developing his abilities.

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Oh sweet mother of...So been waiting for this! :D

Pardon the silly question, but it's been a while since I read the rest of this saga. Where does Spike's adventure here fit within the larger verse?

Onwards we read! :pinkiehappy:

Awesome! The series continues!:rainbowdetermined2: No cover art though?:rainbowhuh:


Now i have to forget sleep for an hour.

Will definitely be keeping an eye on this. Can't wait to see what's next!

she wasn’t going to part with a single coin

I just saw The Battle of Five Armies last week, and that sprang to mind when I read this line.:twilightsmile:

The parts that already were published prior to the separation ran in parallel to Upheaval: Reckoning.


Does the name carry any meaning?

I promise not to eat Big Mac.

I made myself the same promise. I've lost 30 pounds since I stopped eating at fast food restaurants.

The arrows were no

This sentence was never completed.

If you’re finding yourself sick. Think more like a dragon.”

This should probably be one sentence, connected by a comma.

It's pretty chill to see Spike's side of the story being reorganized into it's own section.
I'm quite fond of the dialogue between Seethe Scale and Spike, their quasi mentor/student relationship is very interesting.

5480539 I believe he left right before the Mane Six went back to the Heartland, after the Wolven were defeated at the big battle of the northern fort place(I'm a bit rusty too).

I'm really enjoying the duality to Spike and Seethe Scale's actions, and how neither of them are really assholes which is rare in duality in this. Seethe kind of is, but from a dragon perspective she's practically a beacon of morality.

I feel like I read this whole part of Spike's journey with Seethe (all the chapters from this book) in Upheaval: Reckoning, or some other story. Did this get re-uploaded or something? I read this entire part of spike's journey months and months ago.


The first chapter is new, but the other ones are taken from the ones removed from Reckoning with additions and adjustments to PoV. This is also incomplete and all the upcoming chapters will be new.


Does the name carry any meaning?

Yes. Seethe Scale will explain. When she feels like it.

This is very cool. Scale's character is interesting to read, as she struggles with dragon instincts. Neat idea.

You have me feeling very mixed. I am filled with anticipation for finding out what will happen to spike after his intersection with the draconian leaders and the magical fire-shooting butterfly, but I also know that more of spike and scale's interaction and training will be an incredibly fun read.

Either way, you got the vision. Keep it up, this is awesome.

“I’ll get into the details as his time with your progresses,”

Should be you, not your.

Is this the next installment of Upheaval (as the name would suggest) or the side-story dedicated to Spike?
...Or both?

Spike wondered why Prince Terrato had not simply teleported him, but could not work up the courage actually ask.

You're missing a 'to' between courage and actually.

Aha! I knew I recognized some of this from somewhere else back when I was reading these as intermission chapters in Reckoning!

Gluttony Dragon form is spot on for the Gaping Dragon.
Seethe Scale has something of the background of Crossbreed Priscilla, with a name that is a variation of Seath the Scaleless.
Drellhadar's description is a perfect fit for Seath the Scaleless.

Bravo for not getting noticed for this before. The only reason I even made the connection now while missing it before is because of the recent Steam Migration for Dark Souls from GFWL.

I eagerly await more.

And my guess from just the descriptions last chapter is vindicated fully here as we get the Crystal Cave labs and three or four miniature Moonlight Butterfly guardians for Spike.

Oh of course! The fight with the two asshole alicorns, one with a hammer and the other a spear. Ornstein & Smough! The fight against the six companions in the abyss was The Four Kings and the Old Kingdom was New Londo. The fact that all mortal ponies carry the 'taint' of Oceanus is the Furtive Pygmy/Manus and the Dark Soul of Humanity. The knight who went first and fell, Lexarius/Discord is Artorias! I suppose this would place Luna as Dusk of Oolacile, sort of.

Oh you clever, clever boy.

“Is that it?” Spike asked glumly. “Are dragons always defined by bad things?”
“Supposedly--” Seethe Scale stopped herself. No need to bring in that myth.

Oooo, excellent. I had forgotten that there was support in-story for Spike becoming something other than a Sin dragon.

Poor dream Mac.

Heh, I still can't help but think that the gluttony dragon sounds an awful lot like a less pleasant version of Crackle. Hey, maybe the magic of the heartland ended up changing how some of the adult forms worked.

Gotta love the badass butterflies.

Drellhadar's Ban, hmn. If it really is 'a way home' as Seethe suspects I wonder what exactly Spike's father was working on. If he has created a way to open up a portal to the celestial planes, where was he trying to go and why? Find an unclaimed Throne and claim it for dragonkind? Assault an existing celestial realm to do the same? Just experiments to see what is out there?


An interesting theory I suppose. But I have serious doubts about their being another undiscovered throne. Hell we don't even know if every celestial realm has some kind of throne. Still I think it's more interesting to consider that Terrato gambit involves recruiting dragons to fight this "Stranger".

I can only guess they are referring to another alicorn, perhaps Oceanus and his ilk. Still if the elements of harmony can throw down against an alicorn and barely avoid getting TPK, then I suspect a dragon would be an strong contender. But that's only speculation :twilightsheepish:

Ohhh, new tidbits of information on top of the old chapters! Awesome!
So, this 'Stranger' is assumed to be Oceanus since apparently dragons call Alicorns 'strangers', oh the theories I could spin from that term alone...

Hey, Visiden, you might want to put links to the respective chapters in Reckoning where the old chapters used to go, otherwise this now sidestory might go unnoticed by new readers.

5490103 I think Thrones are the WMD deterrent against races invading other Celestial Realms (pure speculation). We don't know how many races have Divine Beings that control Celestial Realms. We of course know about Alicorns and Wolvenaar. We can probably assume that the Ursans and Ophidites control their own Celestial Realms as well. If Zebras, Griffons, Dragons, Diamond Dogs, and Cows (and all the other races) have their own Divine Beings and Celestial Realms we haven't heard about them. The fact that Dragons call Alicorns 'strangers' gives me the impression that the Dragons were on the mortal plane before Alicorns started to mess with it (original race?).

As for Dragon vs Alicorn, we're not sure just how resistant dragons are to magic spells and mental assaults. But physically they'd probably be the equal of at least one Herd soldier each. Plus with Dragons you're (hopefully) not risking corruption by Oceanus like you are with ponies, especially mortal ones.


I'll admit that the thought of dragons being the primordial race of the planet has crossed my mind before. I have no idea what the implications of that would be though. Regardless I still really enjoy how dragons, and by extension dragon society is defined in this series.

They aren't mindless beasts, nor are they overtly similar to the other races. Plus the delivery is pretty neat also, Seethe Scale is just as much of a teacher to us as she is to Spike. :twilightsmile:

Only time will reveal what role they will play within the series, and how Spike's journey will intersect with the main plot.

Ahhh it's not part 3 but it will suffice until such time VV does release Upheaval part 3. I love this fanfic it's my most fav.

I dunno if it's me or I really did notice but it seems you have a writing style similar to Christopher Paolini writer if The Inheritance Cycle

Yes a lot of the characters are based off if dark souls

I'm just wondering. The dragons are pretty powerful, right? Can you life tap the greed and lust dragons since that would make crazy mana batteries and get rid of the corrupted dragons.

Perhaps she’d find an ordinary bear still gorging itself just a little longer before hibernation. No, bear might be too tough

So bear meat can be harder than gemstones and gold?

Question: It seems Seethe Scale is more 'on standby' a here than a crucial part to Wallforge's defense. If that's the case, why didn't Terrato send her to help at Bastion City, I'm sure she would have enjoyed chomping on a few hundred woven.

First paragraph; in Unheval, wasn't there a part where Terrato told Spike to take the scenic route because he wanted Spike to see his country?


In terms of hardness? No. In terms of being annoyingly chewy and gristly? Yes.

Because she's not "on standby" as you put it.

I love how that last question cancels itself.

Good to see that Spike's story is continuing again, I've been quite interested in where it's going.

Shit, it took me up until now that Seethe Scale is very obviously Seethe the Scaleless. Shit! She's even scaleless. Well done


I have heard comparisons to Dark Souls before. Is Upheaval just a copy and paste of Dark Souls with ponies?

5555211 Short answer: no.
Long answer: There are some very blatant references (character designs mostly) to Dark Souls and even a few expos past the late-middle of Reckoning and the various side stories. However, the story and world is entirely original and it's one of my favorite 'Expanded worlds' for (pre-season 3) FiM.


It's pretty good, but sometimes it feels a little bloated and overcomplicated. Upheaval has enough ideas to fit three different stories.

5566942 Good thing Visiden's making Upheaval a four part story then...:trollestia:
But I get what you're saying, there's certainly enough raw world building ideas to easily fit three other 'expanded universes' with plenty left over. However, I do love me some overly detailed fantasy worlds...:twilightsheepish:


I just hope most of it will actually mean something in the end. Like this story for example, I really really hope Spike and the Dragons play a huge part in defeating Oceanus. Otherwise, this whole story will seem pretty pointless and a waste of time. That is problem with having too many ideas in your story, some of your best ones are left by the wayside.

so.... its been a month and there hasn't been a new chapter, is visden messing with us or has he decided to take another hiatus before doing more writing

5595697 Month delays are very, very common. Also this story isn't taking off quite like the other two, so I wouldn't be surprised if the author's trying to figure out where the issue is.

Any idea how long this story is going to be? How far were we in Spike's story before it was cut off in Upheaval?

Oh... Envy of ponies and the fact that they get to live in peace, even the most brutal ones are fairly peaceful, when his kind doesn't get to.

Yeah, now I see it.

Also, I laughed pretty hard at "Oh, but that's not good enough for dragons is it? As soon as he got a bit more muscle in his arms he had to start wrestling assassins."

Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll.

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