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Is that a terrorist?!?


This story is a sequel to Upheaval: Reckoning

Equestria's fragments have reunited, and the power of sunlight shines once more within Celestia. With the remnants of the Old Kingdom destroyed, the Abyssal Throne sent away, the threat of Gravitas defeated, and Black Rose no more, Equestria now faces the encroaching darkness of Oceanus and his rebels.

But the stage is not yet fully set. Twilight Sparkle and her friends must gather what means they may before the battle is joined.

Cover art provided by Captain Nibbles

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I can't wait to see the over excited comments come flooding in.:twilightsmile:

I knew it! They are going to try and help strengthen what little good Oceanus has left in him.
Oh, I've been waiting for so long for my suspicions to be correct! Praise be, praise be!
I can't wait for what's next, I'll be restless for days and nights.

Engine room, SQUEE Factor 9!


Yes finally the next part is here!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome! The adventure continues, and it seems all the characters have got their work cut out for them.
Still it was tough holding my feels together for some parts of the chapter. I mean just when you think Twilight has it rough, then you remember what Terrato is also going through.
I promised myself I wouldn't cry (T-T)

Oh shet, now I have 2 hype trains to get on

5705871 Yeah, an immortal being, losing their mate to this sorta scenario is far from having it rough, Id go as far as saying it could be life threatening. I know Terrato is smart and clever, but even his strong will could falter. He could easily spiral into severe depression (if he's not already there) affecting his judgement and his ability to operate in society; even worse, combat. In the battles to come, many still rely on him, if he falters then, It could be the end.

Let us hope he gets her back quick and he can try to be happy once more.

Poor Twilight. Her husbando has been taken. Let's hope she doesn't spend 20 chapters moping about it. Maybe a nice trip to the Eternal Herd will cheer her up and won't result in disasters in any way.


Here we go!

And where we're going seems to be the separate directions mentioned in Spike's story. Well, except for AJ and Dash. Not everyone dreams up the next step as a matter of course.

"I...um...if it's okay with you, I'd really appreciate it if you released Starswirl," Fluttershy said.

I probably like Fluttershy's plan the best, girl knows how to think big.

Ouch, poor Twilight. I was rooting for you Twi, but you don't always get what you want.

Rainbow scratched her head with a foreleg. "I'll probably talk with the girls for a bit, then hang out to drink with Scarlet. I was thinking that...uh...well, it's getting boring with just Scarlet. Maybe..."
"I will join you," Longstride replied.

Rainbow, Longstride, and Scarlet hanging out together, just think about the potential for public infrastructure damage.

Woah, that's Starswirl's plan? And here I was saying that Fluttershy was thinking big.

So Twilight's headed to the Eternal Herd, Pinkie Pie and Rarity are headed to the Great Delve (along with Rainbow), Applejack (and presumably Vanguard) are infiltrating Ophitus to find Apple Slice's tomb, and Fluttershy will be helping Starswirl attempt to redeem Oceanus. Welp, that should keep us busy for a while, let's get to it!
Additionally Longstride is still a complete duty nut, but at least he's self-aware about it. And the second love triangle is going out for drinks...this will only end in vast property damage. Personally think Scarlet 'care-free' Rabbit's a better fit for Rainbow than Longstride 'the stick-in-the-mud'.
Huh, so Oceanus is potentially not completely willing corrupted, that's kinda a let down, but I'll have to see where Visiden goes with it.


Rainbow, Longstride, and Scarlet hanging out together, just think about the potential for public infrastructure damage.

I'd only be concerned if they get a hold of some of Storm Brew's "Good Stuff".
Still I suppose having drinks with Longstride isn't so bad, it's definately safer than drinking with Sablesteel :pinkiesmile:

Go Pinkie go it is time for you to be EPIC.


Maybe a nice trip to the Eternal Herd will cheer her up and won't result in disasters in any way.

You know, having Twilight's heart broken right before meeting the most powerful being in the multiverse is one hell of a recipe for disaster.
Imagine the king Demands that Luna is sensured (is how you spell it?), or that all his children stay at his side in the Eternal Herd, and Twilight getting pissed at his highness for thinking to selfishly and ignoring the well being of equestria (hey it happened before in breaking point with terrato)
The king (having not met a mortal yet, and summoning what he though was the best example of what a mortal could be only to be confronted by her and her tiny little ideologies about friendship) would surely stomp the entirety of equestria into Vestibulum.

Our only hope is for Twilight to control her emotion and act professionally (but that would be too boring, i really want her to cause problems).

5707890 The King sends his sentinels into Vestibulem to retrieve the mortal pony's souls when they die and put them into a nice place within the herd where they can be happy. Whether it's with their family or their friends...or both.

The King does not hate mortals, he is far from ignorant about them, but what most important is that he loves them like Celestia does. I highly doubt he would stomp Equestria into Vestibulem when he sees so much potential.

A shame that I only saw this published via the feature box. Looks like sequel notifications in our feed is a bit broken. Will comment with more after I get a chance to read it.

Woo! I just finished Reckoning too.... although I have an issue with reading stories before they are completed. I suppose the many I started but ended up cancelled or permanently on hiatus formed that habit.

I very much look forward to the completion of this one now. :)

>dat title

Sorry, but every time I look at "Journeys", the way these guys talk pops into my head... :rainbowlaugh:

Will give it a read soon, but I gotta finish up "Reckoning" first. :ajsleepy:

But he was not the one that decided their fate.
If i remember correctly, he isolated himself from the Herd after the first rebellion and never ruled. So it is obvious that Celestia and the council are behind accepting mortal ponies into the Herd.

Also you must have mistaken the king for the queen when saying that he loves mortals just as Celestia Does. The queen is the one that helped mortals, indirectly. But it seems that the king's stance towards mortals is yet to be revealed (and it is obvious that it will be the same as his wife's)

But I was only suggesting that Twilight, after having her heart broken, might indirectly sour the king's opinion on mortal ponies.
(and 'stomping equestria into Vestibulum' was just a metaphor like 'turning Equestria into a blast crater', anyways i doubt the king will ever do that as it would ruin the whole purpose of the story)


From what I've read on the King, he's more of a seeing potential in people and dealing correct punishment, laws and regulations. He doesn't completely despise mortals.


The King favored Lexarius's motion to protect and adopt Equestria's ancestors even though the council voted to adopt Procul Ocularus's decision of simply ignoring them and letting either Oceanus's abyss consume them or the wolvenaar to hunt them for all eternity. When Lexarius went rogue, Dominus sent his beloved children to solve matters. When his children rebelled because of the mortals, he let them stay, though he took away their regalia. Up to the present, each pony of Equestria that dies and ends up in Vestibulum is rescued by alicorn sentinels and brought to the Eternal Herd all because of Dominus's command. "Not despising mortals" does not even begin to cover his feelings for his firstborn son's wayward children.

I stand by the King being a big softy like Terrato. Also, clearly he doesn't decide the fate of every mortal soul. That's kind of obvious, they are likely judged through base ethics and morals. If you're a rapist, well fuck you, you can have fun being in whatever situation they'd put somepony like that in.

Oh wow, I am surprised you remembered that.

I guess my judgment was clouded with the more recent chapters:

Dominus and Gratia had been too silent. The Herd was in chaos as a result.

“Convene the Council of Elders. Send for my children. This silence is over.”

I though he was completely disconnected from the world, but that seems to be wrong.
Thanks for correcting me.

5708967 Wait...I was right?! Oh my goodness, what a momentous occasion! I'll go get the 'good stuff.'


Maybe the opposite will happen and the King will try to make the moves on her. :moustache:

Apparently this story is on fire.


Poor Upheaval: Legacy. Everyone seems to be ignoring it. This story will probably have more upvotes and comments by next week or so.

What the heck never noticed these existed vs the main stories thanks.
Will read them tonight.

The only problem I've ever had with this story are the seemingly forced het relationships, crushes etc. Apart from that it's easily one of the best fics I've ever read.

5709403 Then the newbies are like "Darn it, I just noticed this was a sequel." Good way to get sucked into the Upheaval Universe if ya ask me.

Long live the lord of sunlight!

5709666 In fairness, the site is full of seemingly forced lesbian relationships, so someone has to take up the slack.

Part 3 WOOWOOT! TIME FOR A PARTY:pinkiehappy:


You forgot the near plagiarism of Dark Souls, but yeah other than those two things, pretty awesome. Also, was I the only one who was rooting for Vanguard to actually die in that last battle?

What can I say, I just dislike when authors ship canon characters with OCs.

Nope you weren't.
I really expected him to die, but he didn't.
It seems that the good guys in this fic are immune to death.

I agree that forced lesbian ships aren't fun (like TwiJack for example, that ship makes no sense), but forcing each of the characters in your story is also a very boring thing to do. Not everyone is straight. In fact, statistically, at least one of the main six should be a lesbian.
However, if you were take the assumption that the Heartland society is perfect, there would be no homophobia, and that would probably mean bisexuality would be a lot more pronounced. Imagine a place where people care so little about sexuality that no one bothers hiding any part of it.
I don't know, I've never played Dark Souls. I've tried it but found it pretty boring. The only open world RPG I got hooked onto was Fallout New Vegas. However, being inspired by something doesn't make it plagiarism, though then again I don't know how much of the Dark Souls plot was reused.
And to be honest, it would've been great for the plot if Vanguard had died.
Also you're not the only one with that opinion. OC/canon char shipping is usually eh, but if the OC is well developed and them having a relationship with said canon character makes it okay. Like, I don't have a problem with Vanguard being a love interest for Twilight and Applejack, I have a problem with him being a dude :v (though if I'm reading into the plot of the story correctly, Twilight will end up with either Celestia or Luna - the former more likely than the latter)


The story, or at least Reckoning, fluctuated how close it got to plagiarism. On the one hand, the descent into the abyss and the fight against the six companions is inspired by the New Londo Ruins and the Four Kings of the Abyss boss fight while still being different enough to be unique. On the other hand, the fight against those two alicorns, i forget their names, is a carbon copy of one of the most well known bosses in Dark Souls. Also, gluttony dragons are, in every single way, the Gaping Dragon from Dark Souls. Spike's father is also a boss from Dark Souls, just with a different name. Drellhadar instead of Seethe the Scaleless. Speaking of, Seethe Scale.


I'm a comment away from blocking you. This is not the comments section of Reckoning. Let go of this issue, or we're done.

5711992 I'm fairly certain there is at least one bisexual character. Nightcanter, I want to say.

Oh, and Twijack can be just fine, with the right story behind it.

5712019 I'm wondering if you've ever heard of the phrase "inspired by". This story will hardly be the first to gain ideas from others, after all.


I don't really want to restart this whole mess because apparently the author will block me, but there is a difference between "inspired by" and "took directly from"

And that is the last i will say on the matter.

5712861 Yes. Yes there is. But I'm guessing you're erring on the wrong side of this argument. You really have to be careful when you cry plagiarism. Hollywood has been creating the same shots based on other shots, characters based on other characters, and flat out scripts based on other scripts for over a century. Unimaginative? Sure. But Vis has created a world that is by and large his own creation, and used elements of a game he is fond of. However, those elements are still distinctly pony, even if their source was from a game. Adaptation of a source material is what fanfiction is all about, after all.

I am super fucking stoked for this.

Starswirl answered with a pat on her shoulders and a warm smile. "You are very brave to attempt it, but this task will be long and seemingly fruitless. To restore Oceanus's power of water we must gather what few redeemable fragments remain." He looked to the two princesses.

Sounds like a video game plot. I hope they're not in several different dungeons that each have a powerful boss. Or maybe they can only be found through special charts and need to be reeled from the deep sea?

Where is the next chapter already!!!

I wonder if Fenrir will even show up in this story. It's like story forgot he even exists. I hope the story doesn't end with him undefeated. He was the big bad of Reckoning Breaking Point and we should really have some closure with that.


He was the big bad of Reckoning

No. He wasn't.


Opps, meant Breaking Point. Silly me.

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