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Is that a terrorist?!?


The Void Rift Crisis, the ill-fated bridge between one era to another. A time of great falls and rises within the Eternal Herd. An alicorn colt, curious about the events involving this time, speaks to some prominent figures involved in it.

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Magnus Chartophylax is a pretty damn based scholar. Got to respect his dedication to recording history as it really was.

6685189 Very little information has been revealed about it so far, and this fic will probably reveal 100x as much about it as the hundreds of thousands of words Visiden has already written in this world. The only other information really is that in the Sxith Generation of Alicorns, the King was a necromancer, and some very, very bad things happened.

It's pretty hype to learn about how awesome Sanctus Dominus and Divina Gratia were during the void rift crisis.
Really makes you wonder how intense things got during the 1st Rebellion :twilightoops:

Well that was very informative.:ajbemused:

I relish the opportunity to delve deeper into Gravitas' thoughts on the events of the void crisis. It certainly puts into perspective some of the actions he took during the course of Reckoning. One can't help but respect his genuine desire to protect the Eternal Herd.

Oh you magnificent bastard :raritywink:

Now, one has to read between the lines to get the deeper message here, but I think that the specific font and lack of indentation, as well as a period in place of a more subtle form of punctuation, hints that Oceanus has some truly profound thoughts that he wishes to share, but already is being afflicted by whatever dark spirit possessed him during his rebellion.

Out of all the unreliable narrators so far, I think this guy is the most unreliable. I'm amazed Gravitas hasn't insulted him. Silva probably wrote a poem or something about Gravitas' battle prowess, I bet.

There are a lot I like about this chapter. Maybe I'm just a sucker for anything relating to Elder gods. Add that to the revelation that even the powerful Alicorns aren't the highest in the otherworldly totem pole is a very enticing concept. Then sprinkle in that final layer of conspiracy of the Sixth's potential involvement with the summoning of these beings....mmmh the world building buff in me is dying of happiness right now.

Solis Coruscaria, now there is a name we haven't heard in a while. I wonder if this is the last we will hear of them?

I got to say that the "Void Rift Crisis" entry into the Upheaval series was unexpected and incredible. I was definitely a big fan of getting the chance to tour the Eternal Herd's various locations to a greater degree than in the other stories. It certainly helped me as a reader get a better feel for what this realm is actually like.

Being a heavenly plane, it was very refreshing to read about a place that isn't bound by nature's typical laws. With the Lightning Forge being my favorite of the lot. XD

Overall there is a lot to love about this entry, as it had a little something for everyone. World building, character development, new mysterious plot threads, and its fair share of action. I can't wait to see how this all ties together in the end. :twilightsmile:

A month of silence then BAM!
A long story about the Void Rift.
I should have never doubted you vis :heart:

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I though that this "colt" was Oceanus himself... Guess i was wrong.

The Eternal Herd lore warrants a fic on its own.
It's so rich and compelling.

It was enjoyable reading it in this "colt" 's prespective, who runs around interviewing important Alicorns. Really inventive way of narrating.
I also liked the way the mortal world was tied to the story of the Void Rift Crisis, and the idea that dragons are the natives of the mortal world (which always felt right for some reason).

However what doesn't feel right is that the Mortal world is a creation of the Agamanthion.
Oceanus must have pulled that nasty Throne from somewhere Horrible which is none other than the Void Rift itself.
And clearly the mortal world isn't the origin of the throne. So we can safely conclude that Oceanus opened the wrong gate, and afterwards he managed to find the real gate for the Void Rift.

i read that all in discord voice.

This was great, the world building in this universe is amazing.

wow Sanctus Dominus is a true badass.

Wired's latest issue has an interview with J.J. Abrams, who spoke of the challenge of how to

"...create a world that clearly went so far beyond the boundaries of what we were seeing."

That is particularly apt to this work.

When I saw that the red notification at the top of FimFiction was caused by a new work posted by Visiden Visidane, and that not only was it a chapter but a complete work, I wanted only to devour it. The mind-stretching required to conjure the worlds, creatures, scenes in the Upheaval universe makes each chapter like another hit of an addictive drug.

Well done.

Hey Visiden, great work, as always! While running the names of these new alicorns through google translate, I found that Silva Inber translates to "Forest Rain."

Is this your own little homage to the Forest Rain on YouTube? His recital of Breaking Point and the first half of Reckoning are (in my opinion, at least) the best audio adaptation of any fanfiction in the MLP Universe. The way you write your characters is already sublime, but it's Forest Rain's flawless impressions of their voices that really drives it home for me. If it hadn't have been for those readings, I would have likely never heard about this series, which has become a staple of my life (I usually go to sleep listening to a reading of either work).

It's also entirely possible that the naming is pure coincidence, but I just had to ask and find out for myself!

Thank you so much for all that you have done and are continuing to do. I eagerly anticipate your future writings. You are awesome! :)

Wow. So the realm that would become the foundation of Equestria and it's various border lands was actually created as a direct result of the void rift crisis.. That's...entirely unexpected! Bravo!

And I'm going to assume that Sanctus Dominus sought to cast Oceanus into this void after the First Rebellion? It would certainly be a fitting and appropriate punishment.


Yes, it is my little shoutout to Forest Rain. He's done a lot for the fic with his reading, for which I'm thankful.

6703931 Nice!! I feel special for picking that up, haha.

I really hope he decides to at least finish Reckoning at some point. If I won the lottery and had thousands of dollars to give away, I'd definitely try convincing him to finish what he started. VisualPony TheNarrator is great and I appreciate his efforts, but his accent takes some getting used to, and it's just not the same.

Holy shit, why doesn't FiMfiction send out notifications for new stories being posted? I can't believe I somehow missed a new Upheaval story for this long.

This is amazing all around. I've never read anything like it. Since cordus the armorer was a first cycle alicorn, how does he not remember what happened during the sixth cycle?

6741683 I got the implication that he rarely leaves the Lightning Forge. So he's probably pretty isolated. Not to mention either the Sixth was incredibly secretive or somehow the entire population from then got their memory suppressed. Too bad Visiden didn't expand on it, but it looks like not even the Alicorns know how all that information was lost.

Questions (just read third chapter):
Who is Turbo pinnae?
What is the void crisis?
What are the seekers?

6686363 Could you remind me who Solis Coruscaria was again?

Can someone remind me how Alicorn diminishing works? Or point me to where it was being explained.

6779560 Kinda have my answers, but still a little sketchy on some parts, like why The Seekers can't remember anything about their own cycle - probably ties into how diminishing works, but all of them? and what happened with the sixth cycle...

If memory serves me, I believe she was a handmaiden of Oceanus. Scope out the beginning of chapter 5 in Upheaval: Reckoning for the scene I'm thinking of. Happy reading :D

I will say that I'm very much enjoying the style of this story and you did it without it being as slow moving or confusing as a less experienced writer might have made it.

Confession: Before now; I'd always imagined the void crisis as being more like the 'nothing' from The Neverending Story.

Though it may seem like cursing at him, I wish Ater Lingua had been diminished during the crisis. He is the Seekers' best mind on Necromancy. Even an apprentice of his would do.

Why is this?

It does make me wonder: why was Conlis making this hoard of weapons, without specific wielders in mind. I would think someone like him would take those who proved themselves on Ida, make custom weapons specifically for them, and let them leave with their master-crafted armaments.

Such definitions are but academic in the end. His Majesty's twin blades, empowered with both the power of sunlight and the power of dark,

Not really a fan of this. Darkness has no power, it is only the absence of light; just like cold is only the absence of heat.

I know at the time no one really had time to study the shadows; but if the Agamanthion had a finite amount of shadows at any given time, and made one for every one you destroyed, I would have experimented with trapping/ crippling them en/mass instead of destroying them.

Thinking back, I am sure at some point Gravatis once said that when the voids first appeared, many tried studying them rather than destroying them, and so the crisis grew worse. Maybe you've edited that out since then :trixieshiftright:

I'd been hoping for a description of a centimanii and you did not disappoint.

It does strike me as odd though that if there are giant powerful monsters, seemingly with no home or loyalty, that it wouldn't be a more common idea to try and befriend/ tame/ harness them; though The Necromancer Queen might have been the only one to succeed.

These guys are friends with a gigantic living lightning storm aren’t they? Why not a changeling blob or a handy fellow?

Prediction I've been nursing for a while: the colt whose asking all these questions is Terrato

Well this was certainly a surprise ending.

I would like to hear more about Prince Oceanus, that gang of mares that stalks him and why he turned evil.

There's a lot of unknowns about these Vestibulum creatures: how they seem to go on living when they don't have an apparent source of subsistence, how they reproduce, why they attack and generally if they are living creatures by the definition of MRSGREN; but I wondering if the Necromancer Queen made deal with them, that they could have their own worlds built by the Agamanthion in exchange for their loyalty.

Anytime you rip a world apart and start again from scratch, the new world would have to be smaller due to the energy used in the process, but you could use the Agamanthion to destroy worlds you didn't want to rule and create worlds for the Vestibulum creatures in exchange for their help conquering, but not destroying worlds you do want to rule. Put 20 Centimanus's at the front of your army: and you could conquer a new realm with minimal alicorn casualties.

Hmmm, so given the foes from the Epic Level Handbook, we might be able to calculate the CR of an alicorn?

Okay, so it's likely that even veteran alicorn soldiers of the rank-and-file don't have much more than 10 HD, given the effects of the atropal's aura.

I think that I've figured out something. Given the timeframe we're dealing with, I think that the colt is Terrato.

How did they know that the atropal hated having to fight?

I cannot even imagine how it will be for the third child that Her Majesty is already carrying.

And goodbye to my theory on who the colt is.

I didn't know what I was expecting...

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