• Published 1st Dec 2015
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The Void Rift Crisis - Visiden Visidane

A young alicorn seeks information on a world-changing event.

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Aftermath - Magnus Chartophylax

It should come as no surprise that the Void Rift Crisis had, and continues to have, a significant impact on the Eternal Herd, such as the attitudes of its alicorns, and the steps that had to be taken by our new King.

The Herd was saved, let there be no doubt of that. We continue to exist because we successfully prevented the Agamanthion from destroying us all, but our heavenly realm was badly damaged as a result of our struggles. Only the power of our Throne has what it takes to repair our world, and the King and Queen are the only ones who can focus its power.

That task alone, with absolutely nothing else interfering, is difficult and time-consuming enough, but fate would not make it so easy now, would it? Our King and Queen must deal with with volatile, sometimes petty, situations arising from within the Herd and outside it.

Very early into the Sixteenth Cycle, the Wolvenaar made an inquiry regarding our state. They sent emissaries, they smiled their toothy smiles, and asked if we needed assistance. I highly doubt that they did so out of a deep concern for our well-being. The Q'tzal followed suit. Our patrols also noticed an increase of wandering creatures in Vestibulum, feeling about our borders, checking if we responded as readily to their little threats after the Void Rift Crisis as readily and as aggressively as when we did before. Even if we were weakened, the likelihood of an otherworldly invasion is very very slim. Still, we must continue to show a united and strong front, partly out of dignity, and partly because even a very very slim chance should be eliminated. Since the First Cycle, there has never been a war between realms, and we have no intention of providing a reason for one.

His Majesty has shown a remarkable degree of restraint in this matter, far more than I had expected of him. I was afraid that he would listen to every one of General Gravitas' aggressive proposals, but he has been cordial with all our guests, and surprisingly subtle in his displays of power. Our brethren have been inspired, and follow his lead. I suppose that is to be expected of the Lord of Sunlight. As the sun, he naturally radiates power without ever appearing that he is trying.

Far more poignant and worrying is the effect of the Void Rift Crisis within the Herd, particularly the Seekers of the Sixth.

Before the Void Rift Crisis, the rest of the Eternal Herd was, more or less, sympathetic to the cause of the Seekers. We cannot even begin to fathom what it is like to know so little of the cycle you were born in. Though many of us wouldn't go so far as to join them in their wanderings and obsessive studies, we were happy to lend some assistance, and there were indeed those not of the Sixth Cycle who did take up the Seeker's mantle.

Once the circumstances involving the Agamanthion came to light, however, that sympathy cooled into suspicion, scorn, or simply apathy. General Gravitas, clearly displaying his bottomless source of self-righteousness, continues to call for the punishment of all the Seekers involved with the Agamanthion, including those who were already untimely diminished by the crisis.

The Seekers have responded by shutting down. At first, they were willing to argue with those who accused the Sixth Ascendant of causing these horrific events. They posited that the Agamanthion was misused, resulting in a malfunction. They argued hard against Gravitas' motion to eradicate every last one of the Sixth's artifacts. Recently, they won't even bother anymore. They guard these artifacts fiercely, submitting only to His Majesty's commands that every possible precaution should be made before even the most minor undertaking.

You are very fortunate in tracking down, and speaking to Ignis Cordo. She is among the very last of the Seekers still willing to speak of anything regarding the Agamanthion. You'll find that trying to speak with the other Seekers will be nearly impossible. The few that remain here to study what is left of the Agamanthion have become extremely guarded. More and more of the Seekers that were not diminished have taken their quests to Vestibulum, and the other heavenly realms. I suspect that it is to escape the shame that will likely haunt them forevermore. If this matter still does not seem grim to you, colt, I must remind you that nearly all Sixth Cycle alicorns are Seekers. Not only have we lost the Sixth Cycle historically, we may have well lost the actual generation.

In this matter, I consider His Majesty to have been very prudent as well. He has made no attack on the Seekers as an organization nor decreed the destruction of what little physical remains there are of the Sixth Ascendant's reign, proving himself a friend to History, and certainly more than earning the gratitude of the Hall of Records, and the Circle of Knowledge, if not the Seekers of the Sixth as well. His Majesty understands that we need to know more of the Sixth's legacy especially because of what happened with the Agamanthion, not in spite of it. Perhaps, most telling of this commitment is that he allowed Prince Oceanus to study the Sixth's notes on Necromancy, despite the worried outcry from many of his subjects.

I also believe that the reason for this also has a personal aspect. Turbo Pinnae dedicated himself to the Seekers' cause, for good or for ill. To destroy what is left of the Sixth's legacy is to render everything Pinnae has done, and the sacrifice he and all the other Seekers have made, meaningless. It is easy to see that, despite all that has happened, His Majesty still highly regards his old friend.

And then, there is the most direct result of the void rift...

You have not heard of this? You must try to keep up with current events, it caused quite an uproar. It is a curious thing. Quite recently, Prince Oceanus traveled to Vestibulum to try to gate into the place the void rift led to. Many of us thought it was madness. Even I thought it was an incredibly risky act. But His Majesty agreed if it was in Vestibulum, and that Prince Oceanus was not to enter.

To our wonder, Prince Oceanus reported that, despite his meticulous calculations to make sure that it was the void rift's destination he was gating to, he did not find the endless blackness that his father saw in the Agamanthion's core. He spoke of seeing a lush world filled with strange scaly beasts with wings. More observations were quickly made after this report. We know that this world is fairly new, likely no older than the Sixteenth Cycle. It is also...limited in some ways. It has no layers as our heavenly realm does. We do not know what happens to its inhabitants upon their deaths.

A wave of frenzied speculations have followed. A popular theory is that this was the void that the Agamanthion was feeding, that it was a device that ripped a world's very essence from it to create a new one. Prince Oceanus himself has stated that it appears to have materialized shortly after the Sixteenth Cycle began. The timing either fits or is an incredible coincidence. He suggesed that the strange properties, and lack of layers is because it is not fully formed, that whatever process of creation has been interrupted.

Others believe that Prince Oceanus simply opened the wrong gate, and that this is just an unexplored world with strange properties.

His Majesty has forbidden all meddling with it, let alone entry. All the Herd is limited to very distant observation. Now, some in the Council of Elders have been saying that if this was the result of the Agamanthion's process, then this world is rightfully part of the Eternal Herd and should be populated as one. His Majesty has rejected such a proposition. I do not know how well this will fare. It might be that the other heavenly realms have discovered it already. They might make a move, and we would have to respond.

For now, I have a feeling that this matter will become the center of great events just like the Agamanthion was.

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I got to say that the "Void Rift Crisis" entry into the Upheaval series was unexpected and incredible. I was definitely a big fan of getting the chance to tour the Eternal Herd's various locations to a greater degree than in the other stories. It certainly helped me as a reader get a better feel for what this realm is actually like.

Being a heavenly plane, it was very refreshing to read about a place that isn't bound by nature's typical laws. With the Lightning Forge being my favorite of the lot. XD

Overall there is a lot to love about this entry, as it had a little something for everyone. World building, character development, new mysterious plot threads, and its fair share of action. I can't wait to see how this all ties together in the end. :twilightsmile:

A month of silence then BAM!
A long story about the Void Rift.
I should have never doubted you vis :heart:

The Eternal Herd lore warrants a fic on its own.
It's so rich and compelling.

It was enjoyable reading it in this "colt" 's prespective, who runs around interviewing important Alicorns. Really inventive way of narrating.
I also liked the way the mortal world was tied to the story of the Void Rift Crisis, and the idea that dragons are the natives of the mortal world (which always felt right for some reason).

However what doesn't feel right is that the Mortal world is a creation of the Agamanthion.
Oceanus must have pulled that nasty Throne from somewhere Horrible which is none other than the Void Rift itself.
And clearly the mortal world isn't the origin of the throne. So we can safely conclude that Oceanus opened the wrong gate, and afterwards he managed to find the real gate for the Void Rift.

This was great, the world building in this universe is amazing.

Wired's latest issue has an interview with J.J. Abrams, who spoke of the challenge of how to

"...create a world that clearly went so far beyond the boundaries of what we were seeing."

That is particularly apt to this work.

When I saw that the red notification at the top of FimFiction was caused by a new work posted by Visiden Visidane, and that not only was it a chapter but a complete work, I wanted only to devour it. The mind-stretching required to conjure the worlds, creatures, scenes in the Upheaval universe makes each chapter like another hit of an addictive drug.

Well done.

Wow. So the realm that would become the foundation of Equestria and it's various border lands was actually created as a direct result of the void rift crisis.. That's...entirely unexpected! Bravo!

And I'm going to assume that Sanctus Dominus sought to cast Oceanus into this void after the First Rebellion? It would certainly be a fitting and appropriate punishment.


Yes, it is my little shoutout to Forest Rain. He's done a lot for the fic with his reading, for which I'm thankful.

6703931 Nice!! I feel special for picking that up, haha.

I really hope he decides to at least finish Reckoning at some point. If I won the lottery and had thousands of dollars to give away, I'd definitely try convincing him to finish what he started. VisualPony TheNarrator is great and I appreciate his efforts, but his accent takes some getting used to, and it's just not the same.

This is amazing all around. I've never read anything like it. Since cordus the armorer was a first cycle alicorn, how does he not remember what happened during the sixth cycle?

6741683 I got the implication that he rarely leaves the Lightning Forge. So he's probably pretty isolated. Not to mention either the Sixth was incredibly secretive or somehow the entire population from then got their memory suppressed. Too bad Visiden didn't expand on it, but it looks like not even the Alicorns know how all that information was lost.

Can someone remind me how Alicorn diminishing works? Or point me to where it was being explained.

6779560 Kinda have my answers, but still a little sketchy on some parts, like why The Seekers can't remember anything about their own cycle - probably ties into how diminishing works, but all of them? and what happened with the sixth cycle...

If memory serves me, I believe she was a handmaiden of Oceanus. Scope out the beginning of chapter 5 in Upheaval: Reckoning for the scene I'm thinking of. Happy reading :D

Well this was certainly a surprise ending.

I would like to hear more about Prince Oceanus, that gang of mares that stalks him and why he turned evil.

There's a lot of unknowns about these Vestibulum creatures: how they seem to go on living when they don't have an apparent source of subsistence, how they reproduce, why they attack and generally if they are living creatures by the definition of MRSGREN; but I wondering if the Necromancer Queen made deal with them, that they could have their own worlds built by the Agamanthion in exchange for their loyalty.

Anytime you rip a world apart and start again from scratch, the new world would have to be smaller due to the energy used in the process, but you could use the Agamanthion to destroy worlds you didn't want to rule and create worlds for the Vestibulum creatures in exchange for their help conquering, but not destroying worlds you do want to rule. Put 20 Centimanus's at the front of your army: and you could conquer a new realm with minimal alicorn casualties.

but who was the colt so curious? it cannot be Terrato, as speculated in earlier chapters. it seems not to be a relative of one of the speakers, as they never refer to the inquirer as anything other then 'colt'.

could it just have been a random curious colt? Would everypony, including the keeper of records Magnus Chartophylax and general Gravitas, just makt time for a curious colt? The VRC is important in the Herd, but not important enough to be sufficiantly covered in the schools (or equivalent studies) of the Herd?

still, I eeapy like this story (and most entries in the Upheaval lore) and I look forward to what else you have to offer.

darn... there goes my shipping theory >.<

This was an awesome story, great world building, introducing a potential final villain (Sixth Ascendent) and showing how much of a badass Sanctus Dominus is and therefore how terrifying it is that Oceanus was able to wound him. :twilightoops:

Which, in turn just raises the question of how the hell are Celestia, Terrato, Luna and the Elements of Harmony going to beat the Cthullu wannabe? Even assuming they managed (somehow) to get Queen Chrysalis, King Fenrir, Emperor Sesyth and Arugek to help, I'm under the impressive that even that wouldn't be enough, at least while Oceanus is connected to his throne.

You know something, with all the Dark Souls/Bloodborne references, I half expect Luna's regalia will the Moonlight Greatsword or at least look similar to it. A magnificent mare deserves a magnificent blade. :twilightsmile:

There’s a reading of this!?!? My day just infinitely better

I wonder why I took so long to read this. It drips with lore and characterization, and just comes to show how deep and involved your vision of the Eternal Herd is. The perfect companion piece for the Upheaval series.

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