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Visiden Visidane

Is that a terrorist?!?


(Part of the Upheaval world)

Sharp Mark has been training his charge for a long time, knowing that, one day, this quiet pegasus colt must bear a tremendous responsibility upon his shoulders. But there are still a few more lessons to teach, and a few more wrinkles to iron out.

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Ha. The Prince and his slaves.

Definitely something wrong with the Legion. They really don't put much of a value on lives. It's very results driven. Numbers and statistics rather than the pony element, which fits with Terrato I suppose.

My bimonthly dose of upheaval finally arrived.

Seariously at this pace WW3 will happen and we won't even get to see the final rebellion.

Well, I am looking forward to Rainbow Dash's part of the journeys a bit more now... Some awkward romance ahead... I hope... Legion isn't above some questionable projects but we already knew that... Still I would like to skip to TS's part of the story and see the Ethernal Herd... Guess I have to wait anyway... Keep it up!

Gotta say, what amounts to medieval eye grafts sound terrifying to receive.

It took me a bit, but then I realized whose origin story this is.

7115965 Terrato doesn't give a fuck about the life of "lesser beings." His job is to protect Celestia and whoever is in HER charge and as a result, the Legion is a computer made up of numbers and the OS it runs must be at peak performance. Any lack of performance is considered to be the worst thing ever, which you will be summarily executed. And really, he doesn't give a fuck, cause to him they end up in The Eternal Herd anyways...much better place then the Barrier Lands. Not sure who is let into the Eternal Herd, surely they don't let a mass rapist in there, but Visiden has never been clear on that.

I don't completely understand the philosophy of this organization. Why don't they use the 'failed' candidates as very good archers, even if they're not super archers, instead of pushing them until they break?

Personally despited, the fact that the colt has being bread for this purpose, I still feel that his growth as an archer has been stunted in some ways, like being able to read and analyses the behaviors of his targets reciered to be come a better killer, and that he is in en environment so restrictive controlled that he doesn't have the spirit of imagination that would help him to innovate in his technique by having complementary skills along with his main one.

I like the idea of the Legion having something akin to a super solider project. I guess we shouldn't be surprised that Black Rose had her eye on the operation. Definitely digging the expansion on Ash Frost's lore. Apple Slice is cool and all, but I often wonder about the story behind the other old heroes.

Overall this was a pretty neat way to go into Longstride's back story. I can't wait to see how this ties into the main narrative.

Haha, Derpy is a descendant of Longstride like Applejack is to apple slice. If we give her a bow will she miraculously miss and ricochet into a better target, or cause a chain reaction?

Even Twenty-Six seemed shocked at the notion. He opened his mouth only to shut it again as he mulled his thoughts over.. Sharp Mind frowned at this. Clearly more work had to be done with Twenty-Six. Two years suddenly seemed so short. "What must I do then?" Twenty-Six finally asked.

Sharp Mark?

The thing I don't get is how number 26 is... young teens but has only had 2 years training. Usually I'd expect super solder projects this dedicated to start in infancy. (and how are these kids recruited anyway).

Obvious suggestion would be for 26 to breed with 25. If that would have worked I suspect Sharp Mark would have suggested/ ordered it but he didn't say why it wouldn't work.

Certainly shows a dampening, thus indication to LongDash. I'd always wondered why the impulsive, party going Scarlet Rabbit never made a move on Dash, now I predict Dash will come onto Longstride and Scarlet will get jealous.


This is actually strangely close to my cannon of Derpy that I started developing in Storm of Secrets. At least in that she was conceived in genetic super-soldier experiments. :derpytongue2:

Remember in the episode when AJ ran away? Derpy flying backwards knocks into a huge wooden column and snaps it easily.

Calling it now, it's going to be revealed that Rainbow has a vague or possibly strong resemblance to Twenty Five and that's why Longstride saved her from the rapist slave in Reckoning.

Nice to know where his disdain for Rainbow's exploits with Scarlet comes from. Her drunken escapades no doubt remind him of Twenty Four. Still maybe he'll try and make a move on Rainbow later once he learns to relax a bit and not be 100% logic driven. I hope it doesn't lead to another love triangle though with Longstride, Rainbow and Scarlet. Oh Luna no, anything but that.:flutterrage:

Terrato did say it was only when he began to fall in love with Black Rose that he began to truly care for the ponies and see them as anything other than numbers and stats, this is a perfect example of how much he has changed

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