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The Glorious Thousand were the ones who stayed. They were the ones who fought. They were the ones who died so that others may live. This was their final moment of respite, in the face of certain death. Here they waited, at the end of it all.

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That was intense. Nice!

EDIT: Did anyone else here think "Austraeoh" when they saw the title?

Short, simple, and enjoyable. Nothing more needs to be said, but a lovely moment in the grand scheme of things.


If this is a small part of a much bigger story... That story would be one to read indeed!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Few ponies choose how they die. Even fewer die knowing their deaths have been for something.

These are words to remember and to honor. And though most of us, hopefully, need not to die protecting others, we can aspire to die knowing that our lives have been for something. :rainbowdetermined2:

That was so awesome, I really hope you decide to continue this in the future at some point.


I second these! I'd love to read a full version of this! The title alone sounded like Austraeoh, but the content was as amazing, too! :yay:

Ya. That was my 1st thought when I saw the title. I know that there are still 5 chapters to go but had to check if this was anyway.

"Oh hey, ImplodingColon is doing another— Wat. Who dis."

When I read this i thought of the first verse of this

damn that story was more epic than 300 and it didn't even have any real fighting i could wright a paragraph on how good this short is and if it was a real scene id watch the hell out of it
take this like and this 'stache :moustache:
and id love to here if youd continue this or not


If and when I do continue this, I plan on the story being pretty damn dark. If you've ever read Robin Hobb or George R R Martin, then that's the kind of story it would be. There'd still be eloquent moments such as this, but the overall feel would be something like Hobb or Martin.

4013758 any thoughts of what a name would be if you did


No exact thing in mind, but I'm gravitating towards "What Was Promised".

It seems that no one played age of mythology lol. Einherjar are the men who died in battle who train in Valhalla for Ragnorok. It's a fitting title, though I'm surprised to see it applied to ponies, who are pretty generally considered you know, vegetarians and pacifists. Interesting thing with the meat in there.

Well written. You don't see a lot of good tragedy, and most people don't appreciate noble sacrifice anymore.

4013779 badass sounding

Your characters felt real. I enjoyed your worldbuilding.

So… we can use made up words for story titles now? Sweet! :pinkiehappy:

4014032 .......... I'm almost offended......

4013758 That sounds utterly amazing

Bob, you don't know Norse?

4010820 Myself, I thought of Valkyrie Profile.

4013758 Like Robin Hobb or George R.R. Martin? There's a pretty big difference between Hobb's :fluttercry: and Martin's :pinkiegasp:

I don't really know what to make of this. It's a bit short to build a strong attachment to the characters--it seems to be banking on the idea that readers have been attached previously to similar characters in other stories, so they'll feel the same thing this time around. Still, they're believable fellows, and there's a certain nobility to their sacrifice.

While I have yet to read your story, I have to question the use of the cover art, as it is commissioned by a writer by Priceless91 for his OC: Star Bolt?

Looks like the cover pictures from priceless911 and Starbolt


Honestly, I just grabbed something off an image search that seemed most appropriate. Couldn't find the original artist. The torn-down soldier looking back towards the dawn and the ruins of his old home seemed very like the general feel of the fic, but if it's in use by another writer, then I'll have to find a new cover art. Thanks for pointing that out.

My only knowledge of the Norse comes from listening to Manowar songs..:twilightblush:

SO I don't think I'll fully understand this one :unsuresweetie:
I'll come back to it

4010820 Never read that story, but I know of it, and yep, I did.

Ahh, I understand and I'm sorry about if I pointed out rudely.

The name and cover art are reminiscent of Imploding Colon's works.

amazing story, it really does seem like a small part of a larger narrative but still works as a standalone.

I also agree with what others said, with that cover picture and title you have to be deliberately invoking the Austraeoh series (especially given that the most recent story just ended and the next installment is due any day now)


Not deliberately. Just coincidentally. It's not like Imploding Colon has a monopoly on using the Old Norse language.


It's not an uncommon theme in the fandom. Also see BlackRoseRaven's mega-epic series.

Fake edit: noticed ME's journal about the very subject just after saying that.

you're right, but when you see an old Norse word as a title paired with a cover picture of a scenic land scape prominently featuring the sunrise, its kind of hard to think of anything else.

Plus we are expecting the next release of the series soon (which coincidently just came out about an hour ago) so it was easy to confuse the two.

At first I was like Nooooo, Skirts, I'm not even done with Austraeoh, you just released Urohringr, I can't keep up with this, what is this side story asdfgh

And then it was like ohhhh this is nfc guy

what does it mean?

I feel like Demon Hunter's new song would be rather appropriate for this story. I felt that is was wonderfully well written, and the characterization was supreme. There was no need for a battle scene, everything you needed in a story was in the 5,000 word short, and I absolutely love it.

This story deserves more likes and fav's, but for now you have both of mine. :moustache::yay:

4022937 It refers to norse warriors that fell on the battlefield and were chosen by valkyries for their skills in battle.
They are then taken to Valhalla to eat, drink, and be merry. Along with training to fight against the events of Ragnarök (Norse Apocalypse).


Wow, thats rather...fitting actually.

this is amazing, I really await the day you will start this story :pinkiehappy:

Aww...when Celly and Lulu came, I was like,"Buck yeah! Now these two can go *pewpew* at those chasing the thousand, and everything would be fine, but when I looked up "einherjar" after reading, I knew why...*sniffle*
Also, lol, having little knowledge of Norse mythology, I was just thinking about the 300 Spartans. Lol
Finally, that scene where Hollow Stone hits on Celly was hilarious! And when celly said she didn't "mind", I pretty much expected hollow sneak in a kiss or rump slap, and then aegis would be like "you imbecile!", and lulu would laugh, and celly in turn would blush and stuff

I have a special place in my heart reserved for the old ways. Their words have weight, and I felt them throughout this passage. There are times I wish we could return to such ways, if only so our speech would no longer be dampened by the cheap sounds of today's language and thoughtless talk.

Truly, you have done well with this. I can do little more than add to the rating, but accept my praise nonetheless.

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Awesome story man, I am glad I found it. Too bad there was no right scene. Great read none the less:twilightsmile:.

Comment posted by RaritySimper44 deleted Mar 10th, 2014

4030037 You talk cool.:rainbowderp:


Thank you for the compliment. Sadly, such eloquence does not extend into verbal communication. Only with the time given to write a response do I have the chance to speak in this fashion.

Some tremendous worldbuilding in this, well done. :moustache:

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