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This is a group for stories focusing on Princess Celestia's grief and despair, as well as tragedies that she was involved with. Thank you for joining!

Just please follow the general rules of the site and don't be mean to others. A good rule of thumb is that you think that you shouldn't do something on here, you are probably right. But it's still okay to ask an admin if you're really not sure.

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I like the wordplay in the titles, I just wish there was a mirror of [Celestial body rating] and followed by (sadness level) after each folder in the Luna group too.

I don't think a vote would be the best idea since it would represent consensus rather than the quality of the sadness. A submission thread like the RCL has could always work instead.


extremely helpful ratings

Oh, you mean instead of the annoyingly ambiguous ones :rainbowwild:? I'll have to think about it. Seriously, though, I didn't know the folder descriptions weren't readable on mobile.

candidates and guidelines laid out for the eclipsed folder in both groups.

Hmm, there's a thought. Maybe put candidates to a vote? Or have a contest? Agreed, either way guidelines are needed. I'll take care of that.

Hopefully, we get some more folks to spam a lot of high-quality sad in here. Also, will the extremely helpful ratings you stuck in parentheses be mirrored in the Luna group? It would make adding stories a lot easier, especially on mobile. I can't imagine I'm alone in not being able to read the descriptions of each folder.

Also, it'd be nice if there were some candidates and guidelines laid out for the eclipsed folder in both groups. I'm sure that there are some stories on the site that could really manage to fit in there, and it'd be easiest to sort out in forums/PMs.


Welcome! Still a bit under construction here. It'll get snazzier.

It's about time that this group was made. We've had the Luna one for ages.

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