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Upheavology: List of Unicorns in Upheaval · 11:36pm Oct 8th, 2019

Upheavology: List of Unicorns in Upheaval

Twilight Sparkle - Bearer of the Element of Magic. She is the youngest child of well-to-do parents and sister to Captain Shining Armor of the Royal Guard. She is also protege of Princess Celestia having been chosen after an impressive display of magic during her entrance exam to Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns. Extraordinarily gifted and bookish, Twilight was a loner for most of her foalhood, shunning friendship in favor of her pursuit of knowledge. Her spell casting talents continued to grow, but her reclusive behavior led her mentor to send her to a place where she might appreciate the value of companions: Ponyville. Indeed, the fire of shared adventures allowed Twilight to forge bonds with loyal friends. Though she remained a little naive, and inflexibly focused on by the book solutions and impressing her mentor, her friends have come to appreciate her sincere compassion, optimism, and vast scholarly knowledge.

It was Twilight’s relentless pursuit of knowledge, albeit one tempered in seeing value in the harmony between ponies, that ultimately led her down the road to banishment. She met Special Operations Third Squad after an accident involving a mana battery, forcing her to take part in their mission. She then met Prince Terrato, who told her of the Division. Banishment came when she disagreed with Princess Celestia on the Division, refusing a memory lock so that she had to be banished. After the fall of Fangbreaker, she was the one who brought up joining the Legion, despite Vanguard’s misgivings. There, her natural talent for magic swiftly elevated her among the unicorn magi, despite the lack of combat experience and access to combat magic. During the battle of Bastion City, Twilight’s magic proved crucial in holding back Nightmare Moon long enough for Princess Celestia to arrive.

After Reunification, Twilight struggled to find a path to more power that would enable her to take on the likes of alicorns and Black Rose, going so far as to take Pyre Valor’s and straining her friendships. She also has to deal with her growing feelings for Vanguard Clash and the realization that Applejack felt the same way. By the time they rescued Rainbow Dash from the ophidites, she had, more or less, dealt with both things. During the battle of the abyss, Twilight once again had to strain her magic to the limits, realizing that her power and her bonds with her friends were intertwined. She defeated the ghost of Clover, then played a vital role in sending the abyssal throne away.

After the battle of the abyss and dealing with the heartbreak of finding out about Applejack and Vanguard, Twilight travels to the Eternal Herd itself to accompany the royalty.

Though her sheltered upbringing and bookish nature limits her physicality, Twilight possesses a variety of ways to hold her own in battle.

Arcane Prodigy - Though she has a fondness for abjurations and evocations like her mentor, Princess Celestia, Twilight is talented in all schools of magic, a very rare trait even among alicorns. Despite her sheltered beginnings putting her at an early disadvantage in the realm of combat magic, she has been able to adapt rapidly. She also possesses a great store of mana, enough to outpace even large groups of unicorns pooling theirs together. She is the backbone of magical support for her friends, easily switching from deadly barrages of lightning and fire to protective shields and waves of healing, to utilitarian support such as teleports and locations spells.

Guiding Spark - as Element of Magic, Twilight’s presence alone improves the strength of the other Elements of Harmony. She can further concentrate on a particular element for a significant boost to its power.

Rarity - the bearer of the Element of Generosity. A known fashionista in Ponyville and proprietor of Carousel Boutique. Though born to simple middle class parents, Rarity developed a taste for high fashion, refinement, and fine luxury. She set up her business in Ponyville, defying the logic that a simple, rural village wouldn’t have much use for finely-crafted dresses by somehow remaining in business. It has helped that, though she is prissy, melodramatic, and seemingly allergic to hard labor, she is able to see the best in others, demonstrate genuine concern, and a willingness to give and to get dirty if the situation truly calls for it. This ingratiated her to the local populace, making her store far more accessible than it first appeared. The incident with Nightmare Moon cemented Rarity’s role as Element of Generosity, and has since then bonded her with a group of dear friends.

Though she held no regrets in joining Twilight’s banishment, Rarity swiftly discovered how ill-suited she was to life in the Barrier Lands. She lacked the magical might to be part of the unicorn magi and was soon relegated to menial tasks. She was not without worthwhile talent, however. She was discovered by Hammer Chain, who took note of her aptitude in craftsponyship, and took her in as an apprentice. Though armor and weaponsmithing proved quite different from dressmaking, Rarity soon found it to be her niche in the Legion. It was also in Hammer Chain’s shop where she discovered mage blades and the art of fighting associated with them. By the time the battle of Bastion City came, Rarity proved a skilled and stable member of the Elements, one who was able to wound Nightmare Moon despite the disharmony of the group.

After Reunification, Rarity found herself pushed to the background, always playing catch up while her friends wandered off to follow their own paths for good or ill. She was unsuccessful in helping Applejack and Twilight resolve their differences, and about as successful in warning Rainbow Dash away from an ill-fated race with Scarlet. Even so, she moved along with her own path to personal power, improving her craftsponyship, and dealing with the meddlesome and dangerous Lion Court. During the battle of the abyss, she was able to tap into the Element of Generosity, augmenting her mage blades to gigantic size and granting them the enchantment necessary to damage spectral forms.

After the feast to celebrate the victory in Sky Mirror Lake, Rarity has decided to depart for the Great Delve along with Octavia and Lion Court. She plans to visit the Hall of Mageblades, where she hopes to further improve her prowess.

Rarity’s mannerisms and lack of stamina give the appearance of a prissy milksop, but she hides surprising athleticism, albeit in short bursts, and even more surprising mental toughness when called upon. She also has her own set of skills to fall back on in difficult encounters.

Mageblade Fighting - the art of Mageblade fighting requires a careful balance of physical prowess, mental strength, hoof and eye coordination, attention to detail, sensory precision, and an unusual affinity for mana crystals. Magical power and a high reserve of mana are but secondary things. As such, Rarity has the aptitude to fight with mageblades, even though the magically superior Twilight does not. While technically still a novice, Rarity’s mageblade fighting allows her to use melee attacks from short to mid range, utilizing angles not possible for ponies who have to grasp their weaponry. Since she wields them remotely, she can perform other moves with her legs, allowing her to be mobile and to multitask. She currently uses a four dagger set crafted by Hammer Chain, but the blades have been damaged and will necessitate replacement.

Generous Creativity - while her forte and passion is the art of dressmaking, Rarity, as Element of Generosity, is naturally gifted in nearly all crafting skills. This includes smithing, handicrafts, and carpentry. She has only to take some time in learning the basics and she can swiftly master the skill to produce excellent products. This extends to magical creation. She has the ability to conjure a crystalline substance of incredible hardness and flexibility that she has used so far to augment her weapons, but may soon apply to other things with mastery.

Pyre Valor - former member of the Northern Legion’s Special Operations Third Squad. Born in poverty, she became a self-taught evoker specializing in fire spells, honing her craft by challenging other unicorns in illicit duels and tournaments. Pyre Valor frequently lost due to her lack of formal training and insistence on fighting veterans. Her hardheaded nature also led to frequent injuries, but all these things only forged her into a more stalwart fighter. At her prime, she fought through sheer, overwhelming fire power, penetrating any magical defense dared to be put up. Against strong enemies, she knew enough spells to dispel and negate. She is also incredibly strong physically and will not hesitate to beat an enemy to a pulp with her bare hooves.

Pyre Valor was a foalhood friend of Vanguard Clash, and they joined the Legion together when the time came, becoming part of Third Squad simultaneously as well. Her lack of interest in companionship and closeness to Vanguard led many to believe they were engaged. Indeed, Pyre Valor herself seemed almost resigned to and content with an inevitable future with Vanguard.

In the Legion, Pyre Valor swiftly rose through the ranks, and proved herself to be among the most powerful unicorn magi in the North, despite her lack of formal training. Though she served faithfully for a while, Pyre Valor despised the nature of the Division and railed against it often. The years only made her sentiments even more bitter, and her meeting with Twilight Sparkle worsened it. She ultimately decided to betray the Legion in hopes of forcing it to break the Division out of desperation, going as far as to merge with Nightmare Moon.

After the battle of Bastion City, Pyre Valor retreated to Fangbreaker Fortress, content in what had happened. When Nightmare Moon was finally banished from her body, she accompanied Twilight Sparkle to Fangbreaker before surrendering. She later immolated herself along with Blademane when faced with execution.

Nightcanter - Captain of the Northern Legion’s Special Operations Sixth Squad. An accomplished illusionist who graduated from the Great Delve Magic Academy. Though flirtatious and fond of bending rules, Nightcanter holds a strong sense of duty to the Legion and harbors an extreme hatred towards those who would turn traitor or even derelict their duties for personal reasons. In combat, she prefers to confuse and beguile her foes before finishing them with a slice to the throat using her favorite dagger, Checkmate.

Nightcanter was born the eldest daughter of House Gallop, a minor noble house in the Great Delve’s Gemstone Quarter. As heiress, she was tasked with elevating her house especially with her father’s illness. Nightcanter successfully allied with the stronger House Dancer, arranging a marriage between herself and its heir. When she discovered that she was incapable of bearing foals, Nightcanter annulled the marriage. She then arranged a new one between her former husband and her younger sister, Morning Trot. Shortly after, she departed for the North to join the Legion.

As Captain of Sixth Squad, Nightcanter rooted out traitors in Bastion City, where she ran into Black Rose while ambushing some rebels. After Reunification, she led the expedition to Clover the Clever’s secret hideout. Later, she was tasked with looking out for Pinkie Pie, who had abandoned post, much to Nightcanter’s annoyance. She then participated in defending the Royal Palace against an alicorn attack, before going on to fight in the battle of Sky Mirror Lake.

After the feast celebrating the victory in Sky Mirror Lake, Nightcanter continued with her duty in guarding Pinkie Pie, albeit without involving the rest of Sixth Squad. She has followed her charge to the depths of Deepstone Quarter and has had to deal with the True Earth Ponies.

Clover - the leader of the Six Companions, though, in the earliest parts of her life, she served as Princess Platinum’s adviser and Starswirl the Bearded’s apprentice. It was Clover, through her research and experimentation, who discovered the innate connection of all ponies to the power of the abyss, despite Starswirl’s warnings to her of the dire consequences of tapping into that connection.

Though initially reluctant to make use of the power of the abyss due to the disapproval of a mentor she respected, Clover eventually unleashed its potential within her and her companions when the “windigos”, crazed enforcers that had cut themselves off from Oceanus, rampaged across the land. Empowered by the abyss, Clover received visions on the nature of enforcers and the might to enact the spell arrays necessary to bind and defeat them. With such a terrible threat defeated and her new status as a great hero along with the other companions, Clover began laying her plans for creating a single kingdom of unified ponies.

Clover eventually murdered Starswirl the Bearded partly because he was staunchly opposed to her plans and her continued use of the power of the abyss, but also because he had departed from her image of him as a stately and dignified mentor with his love of entertaining the common folk and willingness to stoop even to the level of children for fun. Upon founding the Everlasting Kingdom, she decided that the Deep Father was her true mentor and she was his greatest and most faithful disciple. It was her duty to prepare a proper kingdom for him to rule over when he finally arrived.

As a lord of the Everlasting Kingdom, Clover demanded perfection for the coming of her true mentor. She created the Pit of Rejects, where foals that failed to meet her stringent requirements for the children of the Everlasting Kingdom were to be thrown in. She created many rituals she deemed would be pleasing to the Deep Father, many of which always included a living sacrifice to be slowly drowned. She hated the sight of the sick, the poor, and the elderly, deeming them eyesores that should not be seen by the Deep Father, so she had them frequently sacrificed, if not simply culled. She ordered the building of elaborate buildings to make the capital a pleasing sight, utilizing thousands of slaves in the process, then sacrificing them when they became weak from abuse, or as part of a ritual to bless a new building.

When Lexarius and his forces were about to overwhelm the Everlasting Kingdom, Clover proposed the final ritual that would destroy the capital in a great flood. When it was completed, however, she teleported away at the last moment, terrified of meeting her true mentor as a failure, and mounted one last attempt to defeat the rebels. It failed and she was slain by Lexarius. Her ghost would later face Twilight Sparkle in the abyss, only to be defeated and banished to the outskirts of the abyss, forever wandering and never meeting her true mentor.

Platinum - one of the Six Companions. The only daughter of King Sky Storm, the last king of the Unicorn Kingdom, Princess Platinum saw her position as a means to achieve the heights of luxury and beauty. She found the administrative aspects of her role as the new monarch to be tiresome and dull, and was happy to abdicate most of them to her advisor and foalhood friend, Clover. Her father’s old friends and advisors tried to steer her into a path more befitting a wise ruler, but she ignored them at first, then actively spited them by making a mockery of many Unicorn Kingdom traditions. When Clover proposed the unification of ponies into the Everlasting Kingdom, Platinum wholeheartedly agreed, seeing this as an opportunity to divest herself of all tiresome duties while maintaining power and beauty.

As a lord of the Everlasting Kingdom, Platinum focused mostly on her vanity. She had slaves mine the depths of Mount Unicornia for the best gems to be made into jewellery only for her. She commissioned thousands of luxurious dresses, rugs, and carpets of the most rare furs for her closet and castle, driving several species of animals extinct in the process. She also had statues of her built in every corner of the kingdom. Craftsponies who did not meet her standards were sacrificed to the Deep Father. She threw lavish parties to show off her wealth and beauty, overworking her palace staff so severely that deaths from the stress and hardship were frequent. She developed an appetite for handsome and strong stallions and would have a new lover almost monthly. She particularly liked to pick stallions she knew were married or engaged, and would punish them horrifically if they tried to refuse. Regardless, she would send them to the sacrificial pools when she tired of them anyway, keeping only Fume Rage, her favorite general, as the one constant. Platinum was obsessed with staying beautiful and underwent strange rituals to that end. She bathed in the blood of young mares and devoured the hearts of foals, believing them to be ways to replenish her youth and beauty.

As the Everlasting Kingdom collapsed, Princess Platinum drowned with the rest of the companions. Her ghost was defeated by Rarity in the abyss much later.

Owlsight - Captain of Fangbreaker’s Third Spellfire Line Platoon. He had both Twilight and Rarity under his command, though he sent Rarity to Maintenance Division after his initial tests.

Cloud Free - an officer of the Third Spellfire Line Platoon. She challenged Twilight Sparkle to a sparring session, believing Twilight to be getting too confident, and was promptly defeated.

Hammer Chain - a smith in Fangbreaker’s Armory Division. He discovered Rarity relegated to fixing minor damages and saw her potential, taking her in as an apprentice. He also crafted a set of mageblades she would later use, having made a vain attempt to resurrect the art of mageblade fighting.

Bright Flame - the leader of the Order of True Equestrians, a group dedicated to preserving Celestia’s authority over the Barrier Lands. She turned out to be nothing more than a cover identity of Black Rose.

Black Rose - protege of Prince Terrato and the first and only pony to achieve the rank of Legion High Commander. Black Rose was the daughter of a disgraced noble couple who were forced to live out the rest of their lives the Great Delve’s Underbelly District. They were killed by robbers shortly after, forcing Black Rose and her younger brother to eke our a harsh existence on their own. Black Rose survived early on through a combination of odd jobs, scavenging, and thievery. Soon after, she discovered her talent at gambling, doing so well that she swiftly earned enough to support herself and her brother. With some maneuvering, she held sway over the many gambling dens in the Underbelly and Central Markets, exerting influence even over the many Underbelly gangs.

Criminality did not charm Black Rose, however. She planned to rise up within the Legion. She and her brother signed on in the West as unicorn magi. Before long, the call to Sentinel Fortress came forth and many ponies flocked there for the chance to learn directly from Prince Terrato. Black Rose maneuvered her way past hundreds of candidates and eventually secured the position.

As Terrato’s apprentice, Black Rose learned swiftly, gaining both incredible magical might and a good head for strategy. Terrato started assigning her to trouble spots across the Barrier Lands as part of her learning. She won many victories in the process, doing so well that Terrato entrusted her with the rank of High Commander, essentially granting her authority over the whole of the Legion in his name. Black Rose used this power to advance the Legion on all fronts, gaining territory for Equestria even as she gathered personal power. Along the way, her feelings of admiration and devotion for the Prince deepened into love and the two of them became lovers.

Though she made progress on all fronts, Black Rose came to the conclusion that the Legion was severely hampered by the nature of the Division. She also saw it as a great burden on the mental and emotional state of the stallion she dearly loved. Not only that, she saw threats far into the future as she delved into the history of Equestria and the alicorns. She made long-range plans to address all these. Unfortunately for her, she was found out by Terrato, who killed her in a rage.

Centuries later, Black Rose’s contingencies began to take effect. She survived Terrato’s reprisal by earlier preparing multiple stasis clones so that her soul could transfer into one of them. She made many, knowing that a few would be discovered and destroyed. She also placed the souls of her Thorns into stasis, so that they can be brought into one-time clones upon her return. She revived a century before the events involving Twilight Sparkle, forming and manipulating groups such as the Order of True Equestrians, and the latest Black Rose Rebellion. Her plans eventually brought down the Division, initiating Equestria’s Reunification, and granted her the stolen power of sunlight.

Shortly after Reunification, Black Rose initiated further phases of her plans. She set her Thorns upon the Elements of Harmony, hinted attempts at the Crystal Grave and Clover’s secret hideout to bring these locations under Equestrian Control, then provoked Gravitas into entering Equestria to use him as a sacrifice in hopes of tapping into what she hoped was a secret weapon that could be used against the abyss and the Eternal Herd should the alicorns prove too hostile to Equestria. Along the way, she caused the dormant remnants of the Old Kingdom to engage the Legion and the Elements of Harmony to remove them as threats before they could be utilized by the abyss. When the abyssal Throne’s true nature was revealed, Black Rose took part in sending it away to spare Equestria from the destruction it would have caused if it remained where it was, sacrificing herself in the process.

As she died under his influence and sparked a tiny amount of interest, the soul of Black Rose currently languishes in the presence of Oceanus, deep in the abyss.

Blue Moon - the younger brother of Black Rose and her staunchest supporter since they were children. When Black Rose studied under Prince Terrato, Blue Moon moved on to study in the Arcanis Atheneum, graduating at the top of his class with a double major on Abjuration and Divination, and a minor in Evocation. During his time, he also became well known for his delicate, beautiful, feminine features and his deep, commanding voice. When his sister took over the Legion as High Commander, he acted as her second, though he would often work independently of her in rooting out opposition and conspiracies within the Legion. He coined the term “Legionnaire Almost” himself, and secretly spread its use around along with rumors that he was envious of his sister, going as far as to pretend being deeply outraged when he heard news of another one of her victories, and insulting her in private conversations with others. When conspirators contacted him for his aid in bringing down Black Rose, he had them rounded up and executed. He earned the title “hero of Sharpstone Bridge” when he held Sharpstone Fortress’s bridge against a large force of ursans through sheer magical might.

After his restoration, Blue Moon left Black Rose’s side and chose to aid Prince Terrato, claiming that Black Rose’s ambitions had gone to her head. He did this for fear that Terrato might go along with Black Rose’s plans, which he was deeply suspicious would likely end in her death. Blue Moon hoped that Terrato and his siblings would put a stop to Black Rose’s plans and convince her to work with ponies instead of manipulating them constantly. Until then, he tried his best to help Fluttershy improve upon her power as Element of Kindness. He later joined up with the Legion in Sky Mirror Lake, proving instrumental in defeating the Coldsteel Construct by not only producing the Slaughtering Blade, but also teleporting Vanguard Clash inside the monstrosity.

After his sister’s death and the battle of Sky Mirror Lake, Blue Moon has chosen to accompany Fluttershy and Starswirl to the Eastern Waters.

Lion Court - a member of the Thorns. The heir of the once mighty House Lion in the Great Delve’s Gemstone Quarter. Lion Court graduated from the Arcanis Atheneum with a major in Enchantment and a minor in Conjuration. Though he graduated with fairly high marks, he was better known for his diplomatic ability, natural charm, and his mageblades, which were an unusual form of fighting even during their heyday. He was the first member to be recruited by Blue Moon to the Thorns as they had already known each other in the Atheneum. He was often tasked with missions involving ponies that had to be manipulated rather than killed. Even so, Lion Court was no stranger to assassination. He was also fond of provoking nobles he didn’t like and getting them to attack him before he slew them in self-defense. When Lion Court accepted being placed into stasis for Black Rose’s future plans, his departure caused House Lion to implode into quarrelling factions.

After being restored, Lion Court immediately took an interest in Rarity for her mageblade skills and requested that he be tasked with her development. He then informed her of Longstride’s plans while duelling with her, implanting a mental message in her when she fainted from blood loss. Lion Court would later help in defending the Royal Palace against Caro Artifex, then joined the Elements of Harmony in fighting the ghosts of the Six Companions.

After the battle of the abyss, Lion Court has been assigned to escort Rarity as she makes her way to the Hall of Mageblades.

Sun Gazer - a member of the Order of True Equestrians. He was tasked with teleporting into the Heartland to warn Princess Celestia of an impending attack from her brother. He was later killed by Special Operations ponies invading the Royal Palace.

Fancy Pants - a prominent Canterlot noble known for his approachable demeanor. He was killed by Special Operations ponies when he accidentally ran into them during their attack on the Royal Palace.

Fleur-de-lis - the wife of Fancy Pants. Though her husband was killed by rogue Special Operations ponies, she still saw the Legion as a defending force for Equestria. She donated the Night Skimmer, one of Fancy Pant’s fastest airships, to the Legion as a show of support.

Blaze Trotter - Captain of the Northern Legion’s Special Operations Fifth Squad and a skilled evoker. He was captured by Black Rose, then manipulated into attacking the Royal Palace, resulting in his death at the hooves of Princess Celestia.

Lyra Heartstrings - a mare from Ponyville who joined the Legion as part of the draft. She is currently part of an evocation array, having displayed some degree of power if not technique.

Shining Armor - the older brother of Twilight Sparkle and Captain of the Royal Guard’s Unicorn Division. He is a skilled abjurer, able to envelop even an entire city in a protective barrier given a good amount of preparation. He remains a faithful servant of the crown despite the revelations involving the Division, and has made a good friend of Vanguard Clash. He is married to Cadance.

Blueblood - a royal nephew, not truly related to Princess Celestia, but holds some rank because of the title. Like Cadance, he is supposed to serve as a troubleshooter across the Heartland. While he does keep tabs on the nobility of Canterlot, he has come to enjoy the luxuries involved in the job.

Donut Joe - the proprietor of a donut shop in Canterlot famous among the many students of Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, including Twilight Sparkle. He joined the Legion as part of the draft and is currently training as a heavy crossbow pony for the Western Legion, having shown poorly in terms of magical prowess, but showing surprisingly good physical prowess.

Bagel Jane - younger sister of Donut Joe. As of his departure for the Legion, she is the proprietor of Donut Joe’s shop.

Starswirl the Bearded - one of the most famous unicorns in Pony History, predating even Equestria and the Everlasting Kingdom. While he has had many exploits, even more are fabricated legends or stories of other unicorns that have been mistakenly attributed to him. He is, in fact, the alter ego of Regia Carnifex, who had escaped his prison under the condition of having a mortal body. Though he has lost most of his magical power, he remains a repository of knowledge and wisdom. He is currently escorting Fluttershy in her journey to the Eastern Waters, having adopted the name Starswirl as his real name.

Moon Haze - the current Southern Legion Commander. Known as a crafty ranger during her time if a bit vain. Ophidus’s successful penetration into the Heartland has left her fuming and many southern legionnaires worry that she might call for a drastic response.

Stonewall - the current Western Legion Commander. A former leader of an assembly-class evocation array and known for his heavy drinking. As the Western Legion has been designated as the main receiver of new chosen recruits, he has had his hooves full integrating them.

Deep Gem - a unicorn mage and member of Bark Hide’s Patrol. When they entered Legion’s Rest, she began having dreams of the ocean which affected her mentally. She was later killed by Bark Hide for her incessant talk of the ocean.

Moonstone - another member of Bark Hide’s patrol. He was one of the few who actually encountered the creature summoned into Legion’s Rest. Thanks to Stone Pick’s distraction, he was able to complete a suicidal spell that severely injured and later killed the creature, at the cost of blowing himself up.

Sleet Fall - a newly enrolled student to the Arcanis Atheneum. He is skilled in Divinations and Evocations, but has yet to pick major. A foalhood friend of Snowshine. He had hoped to study alongside her.

Snowshine - a student in the Arcanis Atheneum and a promising illusionist. She was killed by an errant lightning bolt a few months before she could reunite with her foalhood friend, Sleet Fall. As a ghost, she tried to get him to practice Necromancy and revive Sass Thyme, but she was caught and decided not to let go of her promise.

Lily Gild - a senior student in the Arcanis Atheneum and a skilled diviner. She figured out that a ghost was haunting Sleet Fall, and went along with the situation for a while to test the new student.

Flame Froth - a senior student in the Arcanis Atheneum, the son of an assembly-class evocation array leader, and a skilled evoker. He frequently accompanies Lily Gild in her endeavors.

Sass Thyme - a famous necromancer during the time of the Unicorn Kingdom and an associate of Starswirl the Bearded, though he did not know Starswirl’s true nature. He was well-known for frequently dressing in red outfits. In the Arcanis Atheneum, rumors persist to the point of local legend that he is still around and leads a secret Necromancy School within the Atheneum.

Star Song - an idealistic unicorn mage from SummerSteel City. She graduated from the Arcanis Atheneum with a major in Evocation and a minor in Divination. She volunteered to be sent to Fangbreaker Fortress, having heard that they needed more unicorn magi. There, she developed a crush on Pyre Valor, and was violently rejected for her trouble.

Moon Rage - the most well-known of the Legion’s unicorn heroes. He is responsible for creating the variations necessary for evocation arrays to fire more than just telekinetic bursts. He is known as a one-pony assembly, though he frequently worked with regular arrays. Among his feats are the slaying of a wrath dragon with a massive telekinetic lance to the neck, and the destruction of a great many ursans during the First Ursan Extermination Campaign. He married Ash Frost after she proposed to him, mostly to check marriage off the list of legionnaire duties expected of him. When she and their son died, however, he plunged into deep depression and became incredibly reckless. When an unexpected ursan attack ravaged the fortress he was staying in, he blew himself up along with a great number of them, including the matriarch in charge.

Foresight - a member of Red Stone’s archaeological expedition. He used his divination skills to detect ancient traps and other enchantments in Old Kingdom ruins. He was killed by the Reverbwraith.

Blade Gleam - the last King’s Mirror of the Unicorn Kingdom, the leader of the Arcane Knights. Known for her brightly gleaming armor polished to a mirror-like finish and her graceful combination of spell casting and swordplay. She wielded a great shield called the Royal Mirror, which had the power to not only reflect spells, but to create shadowy clones of those reflected upon it. Blade Gleam served Sky Storm faithfully and would have done the same for Platinum, but the princess’s disdain for unicorn tradition repulsed Blade Gleam, especially the corruption of the Arcane Knight trials that the King’s Mirror was supposed to oversee. This led her to plot a rebellion with Bell Strike. During the final battles against the Everlasting Kingdom, she was slain by Fume Rage.

Bell Strike - known as the Great Shield of the Kingdom and the personal bodyguard of Sky Storm. He is known for his fondness of destructive sound waves, unleashing them with each strike of his massive, bell-shaped hammer. His old friend, Blade Gleam, later convinced him to rebel against the Everlasting Kingdom. He would later slay Fume Rage to avenge her. After the fall of the Everlasting Kingdom, Bell Strike retired in Highstable, and later killed himself out of grief.

Sky Storm - the last king of the Unicorn Kingdom. A lover of arts, and a strong proponent of developing bonds with the earth pony clans and the pegasus nation. He was known as a wise and fair king, though a terribly doting father, especially when his wife died.

Willow Whip - the last director of the Longstride Project. She was convinced that Twenty Four would be the successful Longstride, and expressed a great deal of disappointment when it was Twenty Six who took on the role. Nevertheless, she presented the new Longstride to Black Rose, dying shortly after from a heart attack.

Sharp Mark - the handler assigned to Longstride Candidate Number Twenty Six, responsible for overall management of his development. He was also tasked with befriending Twenty Six and developing a bond with him so that if Twenty Six was the one to gain an artifact bow, he could be sacrificed as part of the enchantment so that the bow would only work for Twenty Six. Unfortunately, Sharp Mark died of a lung illness that had been plaguing him all his life before he could make this sacrifice.

Nine Stitch - a Medical Officer from the Western Legion with some skill in Healing Conjurations. He was sent to the Heartland to help with integration and the draft and had to deal with a host of chosen diseases.

Hard Hew - the assembly-class array leader sent to the Heartland to help with integration and the draft. He had to deal with True Earth Ponies who wanted to make a pilgrimage to Mount Unicornia as well as discover what happened to their fellows. He was ordered to turn them away.

Fen Grove - a ritual-class array leader stationed in the Heartland. He was tasked with investigating the murder of a chosen couple that involved their daughter and a legionnnaire named Spear Stroke.

Shelf Line - the head librarian of the Great Delve Library. He was asked by Princess Luna to provide several books on the cults dedicated to her.

Star Pen - the author of a book about the Blackmoon Blades. That he wasn’t assassinated made ponies believe that he was secretly a Blackmoon Blade or that the Blades monitored his work before he published it.

Tower Crash - guild master of the Great Delve Siegeworks Guild. He accepted Blinkie Pie’s application for apprenticeship in the spirit of Reunification.

Field Burn - current Fort Commander of Stonefang Fortress. He developed suspicions on the state of the town of Glacierfall after the place had gone silent and has now sent an Inquisitor to look into it.

Silk Mane - a tailor from Glacierfall, he was on a business trip to the Great Delve when the Glacierfall riots occurred.

Wool Mane - Silk Mane’s brother and also a tailor from Glacierfall. He remained in the shop while his brother took the business trip and ended up caught in the middle of the riots.

Storm Brew - a brewer from Bastion City. She is famous for both the quality of her liquors and her horrible naming conventions.

Star Ruby - a noblemare from the Great Delve and a member of House Dancer.

Emerald Heart - a noblemare from the Great Delve and a member of House Song. A known fashionista who traveled to Canterlot to see the sights and fashions.

Ink Blot - a high scholar from the Order of Speech. He is a good friend of Crow Quill and the next in line to lead the Order.

Crow Quill - a high scholar from the Order of Speech and a descendant of Crow Flight. As the last of his line, he was honor bound to get the chain of Apple Slice to the hooves of an Apple. He succeeded in the end when he traveled to Bastion City after having heard that there were chosen there. He died on his way back to the Great Delve.

Fume Rage - the son of the previous Lord General of the Unicorn Kingdom. He took his father’s place shortly before the death of Sky Storm. He was meant to lead the regular troops of the Unicorn Kingdom and to advise Princess Platinum on military matters and Unicorn Kingdom military tradition. He abdicated these responsibilities to be her lover instead. He would remain Lord General and lead Princess Platinum’s troops to his death. During the final stages of the rebellion, he slew Blade Gleam after a successful flanking attack.

Gold Maw - an overseer in the Everlasting Kingdom responsible for the distribution of newly acquired slaves.

Salt Pick - one of the many slavemakers in the Everlasting Kingdom. He specialized in earth ponies that had angered Clan Coal or Clan Sapphire.

Red Rust - the overseer responsible for the construction of the Coldsteel Construct.

Stone Whip - the high overseer, responsible for the management of other overseers. He reports directly to the Six Companions, particularly to Princess Platinum and Smart Cookie.

Kettle Stew - a servant in Princess Platinum’s Royal Palace, responsible for procuring and distributing supplies needed for day to day maintenance.

Onion Tear - the head chef of Princess Platinum’s Kitchen Staff.

Scourge Hoof - the overseer responsible for Princess Platinum’s mine in Mount Unicornia.

Cold Grasp - Commander of the Regal Spires, a fortress that guards the western side of the Everlasting Kingdom’s capital. He was killed by Rock Maven when the fortress fell.

Snow Horn - a Blackmoon Blade. He and some others traveled to Wolvengard to take back a painting of Princess Luna that was stolen by the wolven. He was killed during the mission.

Dawn Warmth - an apprentice of Blade Gleam. On Blade Gleam’s orders, she pretended to be the leader of the unicorn rebels during their first meeting with the United Earth Pony Clans, and the pegasi rebels.

Cinder Spark - daughter of Fort Commander Forge Spark. She graduated from the Arcanis Atheneum with a major in Conjuration and a minor in Abjuration. Though initially interested in the Legion, she opted for a far less hectic life as a local healer in Moon Basin. She would later enter a relationship with Cloud Breeze only to be engaged by her father to Coal Grey. After the Moaning Top Incident, she was killed by Chill Gaze after mortally wounding him.

Forge Spark - Fort Commander of Sharpstone Fortress during the Moaning Top Incident. He was forced to drink poison after the incident to avoid the disgrace of a hanging, allowing his daughter to inherit his estate. Unfortunately, he hadn’t realized that his daughter had also died.

Chill Gaze - the leader of an assembly-class evocation array in Sharpstone Fortress, and its local Inquisitor. He despised “degenerates” and was eager to kill them wherever he found them, so he relished the mission to investigate the Moonlight Rondo. He killed Cloud Breeze after she accidentally killed Coal Grey, then went on to kill Safaszan. He was later killed by Cinder Spark.

Berry Slice - a member of the Moonlight Rondo during the Moaning Top Incident. She was going to marry Wine Press during the festival, but he was killed. She later assaulted the Legion in Moon Basin and was killed.

Snake Eyes - a third generation unicorn slave under the Empire of Ophidus during the Moaning Top Incident. He was assigned to help in Nefszen’s mission as his task to earn his citizenship, but was killed by the Legion when the group was discovered.

Peach Leaves - a resident of Southwind and sister to Snow Feather. Though she volunteered to aid the lancers against the ursans that had settled nearby, she is less excited about fighting than her brother.

Muck Rake - a writer for the Great Delve Times during the time of the Moaning Top Incident. Known for her scathing articles against groups she didn’t like and her persistent gathering of rumors regarding those groups.

Fog Haze - a former Arcane Mirror, leader of Arcanotropolis’s Arcane Knights. He was killed trying to bring down a Blackmoon Blade.

Hazy Sky - Fort Commander Forge Spark’s assistant.

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She bathed in the blood of young mares and devoured the hearts of foals, believing them to be ways to replenish her youth and beauty.

Ah, there it is! I felt she was missing some great sign of insanity compared the other companions. So she was like Bathonry.

I guess her rotting appearance as a ghost really was befitting her, considering all the things she did to try and hide any decay.

A very handy list. Thank you.

It still kind of amuses me how edgy the Upheaval versions of the Founders of Equestria are. Though, even to this day, I still sometimes catch myself referring to them as the Six Companions.

Do you have an index page anywhere for all your Upheaval-related works? You've written quite a few of these lore expansion blogs now, so it would probably be useful to have one. I found it handy for all the lore essays I write about my own world.

I just put one on my profile page


Cool. Looks good.

Awesome story/setting. Though, do you plan on doing anything with Sunset Shimmer, etc?

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