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Amethyst Star (also known as Sparkler) is a unicorn who lives in Ponyville. She's the librarian for the Golden Oaks Library, and loves to read. But when there's a huge threat to Equestria and she knows how to stop it, she isn't just going to sit idly by.

Amethyst needs to make sure the planning for the thousandth Summer Sun Celebration goes by perfectly. After all, they do call her the best organizer in all of Ponyville for a reason. But when things go horribly wrong and Nightmare Moon returns, she needs to find the Elements of Harmony and somehow harness their power against the evil alicorn. But Amethyst isn't alone on her quest for the Elements, as five other ponies are coming with her.

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Other Tags: Flitter, Breezies, Nightmare Moon

Chapters (17)
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Just looking at the cast of characters makes me excited. Maybe not a new idea, but I'm willing to take a bite out of a story giving attention to little-seen background characters :D

8076835 I literally chose them all at random. I just made sure I picked two unicorns, two pegasi, and two Earth ponies. Though, Twirly was a last-minute idea.

So... Does Twirly have a voice?

I'll check this story out. :derpytongue2:

"Do you ? we'll get to taste any?"

I think you wanted to put think there.


Welcome. I didn't spot any others, but I wasn't really looking for them.


It's nice to see a unique replacement Spike in an AU. One doesn't have to be an element bearer to have an important purpose.

This is interesting, hoped that the mane 6 still exist and Sparkler along with her new riends have another unique set of elements.

8076902 Seems luck was on your side, then :twilightsmile:

8076902 Seems luck was on your side, then :twilightsmile:

Also, guessing that 'jat' is on purpose? If so, maybe add the 'j' to some other words beginning with 'th' just for continuity?

8077910 Twirly is supposed to be inconsistent. Sometimes she'll say j's by mistake, and sometimes she just like to mess around and say it for fun.

Might I suggest slightly larger text for Twirly? So instead of this, maybe this? My eyes strain a bit as it is, and it's a bit strange amongst the other text. This is .87, by the way :scootangel:

8078985 Welcome. Really enjoying this, by the way :twilightsmile:

Dayum. Much better than the show. :pinkiegasp:

8137782 See, this is why you have fail-safes for your fail-safe

8137873 Wait. Speaking of failsafes, Amy is Twilight's counterpart, right? If Amy only has one spell, how can she be Magic? :derpyderp1:

8139625 *cackles evilly* You'll just have to wait and see...

Nooooi! Twirly... :fluttercry:

Haven't seen Nightmare Moon try to turn Ponyville citizens into her slaves since Rainbooms and Royalty. Nice touch. :twilightsmile:

NMM: Twirly, do lighten up. Sing to me... something with a little bounce to it.

Twirly: When you find you've got the music, you've got the music in you...

NMM: Anything but that...


Twirly: Jat never would have been asked of me during Celestia's reign...

NMM: What... did you say?

Comment posted by Razor Blade the Unicron deleted Jun 25th, 2018

"But she knows that the Elements are her,


I'm liking this so far.

I recommend adding your story to this group because it focus on alternate mane 6.


Are you open to any suggestions?

good start to a recent AU =3

The five ponies with her just seemed to lift up her spirits, as she had to do for others.

Perhaps it was because four of them didn't even know her, and the other two simply knew her better than most.


Cue Star Trek: The Original Series transporter console operation noise.

Whoops. Should be three and two. I'll fix that once I get to a computer.

Man, this chapter and the preceding one where awesome. A chilling twist on the original laughter trial executed really well.

Yeah, the first part here was kinda hard for me to read. While I do like the idea that not *everyone* is going to like the main character, and there is precedent for Applejack not being able to understand that some people don't like apples like she does, AJ really came off as kinda mean in this one. Aside from that, I'm impressed by how you interpreted Amethyst's special talent, I personally made her an enchanter, who works with gemstones because they're one of the better conduits for magic.

Yeah, AJ comes off as pretty mean, but that was the intent. After rereading this, I do feel like I made her much too mean as opposed to rude and snarky.

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