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This story is a sequel to Twilight's Inferno

This story is a sequel to Order of Shadows

Trixie has lost everything: her career, her fans, her precious wagon. If she can't pay her rent within a couple weeks, she won't even have a roof over her head. Things can't possibly get any worse... but then Princess Luna brushes her off in a dream. The Great and Powerful Trixie sees that as a challenge, and she doesn't back down from challenges!

Trixie gets far more than she bargained for, and she soon learns that her life can get much, much worse. Epic duels, mysteries at every turn, truths and lies mixed into each new discovery. Being Great and Powerful might not be enough. Perhaps what Trixie really needs...

...is to just be Trixie.

UPDATE 5/22/2014: Now featured on Equestria Daily! So much awesomeness.

More awesomer cover art commissioned from KorenCZ11!

The TvE Series
Chronologically from Top to Bottom
Order of Shadows
Twilight's Inferno
Trixie vs. Equestria

Chapters (26)
Comments ( 685 )

Trixie and Luna adventure story?

Yes please.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Mah mahn Trixie gonna bag a princess and fend off her seven evil exes!

Trixie really lovers her wagon.

I'm curious to see where this is going. I don't know much about Scott Pilgrim but I'm always down for a Trixie adventure story.

Trixie able to manipulate dreams? Wonder if this will come into play...

Amethyst Star isn't a very pleasant pony, though maybe having to deal with Trixie has jaded her to her snarky levels.

Looking forward to more!

- I love Trixie.
- I love Luna.
- I love your writing.
I have come to the conclusion that I love this story.
Have a moustache.

I accept this moustache. With relish.

About 3/4 of the way into it Trixie gets really frustrated and loses her third person speech.

Absolutely, take it all wrapped up in Trixie-blue ribbons. :pinkiehappy:

No worries, definitely intentional. You'll be seeing that quite often, particularly when Amethyst's not on point.

You have my attention.

Hmm. Was a bit hard to get into at first, since it started as a pretty sad pity-story. But then it got more interesting. Also, inspired by Scott Pilgrim? I can get behind that.

Amethyst Star reminds me of herself in Friendship is Tragic.


I'm sorry to say I've never read it.

You do a fantastic job of characterizing Trixie. She's as stubborn and petty as ever, but for good reason now. If she stopped to acknowledge just how bleak her outlook on life is, she'd probably be crushed to death by despair. Denial at its finest.


S'alright. It's just that her line about 'thinking of other first' was almost word for word what she says in that comic at one point. Here it is, if you're interested.

I should probably give a useful comment while I'm at it. I like how Trixie's attachment to the wagon is always misinterpreted as materialism, maybe sentimentalism. Maybe, in some way, it is. But it's her career given form, is it not? I wonder if Luna's willfully ignorant to this fact.

Also, is all the action gonna take place in dreamland? Because I was totally gonna write a story with that setup, but now I don't wanna be a copycat.

Yes, her career in given form! That's the whole point and I'm glad it came through. It's not just a wagon: it really is her life.

Also, is all the action gonna take place in dreamland? Because I was totally gonna write a story with that setup, but now I don't wanna be a copycat.

You'll be happy to learn that I have no intention of keeping this in dreams: most of the fights will be in the real world. These fights only take place in the dream land because it's the obvious way for Luna and Trixie to meet and talk... initially.

I'm still debating with myself on exactly when to drop that particular anvil on her head. :trollestia: It is definitely gonna happen eventually.

Gotta say having Amethyst doing the gotcha! joke over and over was the perfect way to make a character who should be unlikable really likable.

Gotta say I love the mixed feelings people have for Amethyst in general. I really enjoy writing her parts, and I'm sure plenty of people will be wondering why Trixie ever became friends with her in the first place.

2962703 no offense but I Hate the way trixie talks I mean I know it's not your fault but damn does it feel good to say that she no offense kinda sucks


None taken. Trixie simply isn't for everyone.


If only she knew that.:twilightblush:

Sweet battle/maneuvering! It's good to see Trixie use the spells she knows to the fullest. Many times authors have to come up with new spells for her to use in order for her to be a match for whatever it is she's going against. Nothing wrong with that but it's nice to see her use spells that we are aware of in creative ways.

So Trixie has Luna's attention. I see only misery for Trixie and pleasure from us. :trollestia:

Well considering the sheer number of fights I have planned it's inevitable that I'll be coming up with new spells for her. Still, I do like to come up with creative solutions.

Another battle coming soon!

Canterlot. Capitol of Equestria

No no no no no no no no no no no.
I cannot stand for this. You and I are going to talk about this one.

Too bad Trixie doesn't have Mega Man's powers.

Alright alright, loosen your panties, I changed it to something bland.

Was talking about the grammar...
Canterlot – capital of Equestria.

I figured it was something grammatical. Still, I apologize for my exasperation.

I think I'll keep the new opening form, though. Yours might be correct grammar but visually it's terribly distracting - at least to me. If this were someone else's story and I saw that I'd probably spend five minutes trying to wrap my head around why, even if I understood the grammatical law surrounding it. Not a good way to start a chapter.

another great chapter keep up the work this story is starting to become one of my favorite stories please see this story through to the end.


I think if I can get through 225,000 words (and counting!) of No Heroes I can get through this. Glad you're enjoying it!

2999018 love the chaps bro keep doing what ur doing


You're still reading, even though you hate Trixie?

Suddenly I am very pleased with myself. :ajsmug:

3000719 good good feel good about your writing i hate how conceded she is yet its so good i have to keep reading plus i found it funny and creative when she used her hat as a blade lolz nice work

Alright, the changes to canon have really raised my eyebrows. If Rarity has changed this much, I can only wonder about the others.

Weird, you had Trixie go through Ponyville with the amulet, but it seems she met a different set of characters there. I'm now wondering if it was Twilight Trixie was after or somepony else. The possibilities...

A good fight with Rarity. He using the mannequins and the gems was expected and her Horse-Fu was fun to read. I thought there would be more with the gems honestly, but this works too!

I think Trixie will have more to worry about than getting her cart back. Just sayin'.

Still very entertaining! Keep it up!


Ah, Ponyville. I have something planned for that, though it will be a while before we get there.

As to the fight with Rarity and the lack of gem-usage... to be honest I had originally planned on her final attack being a elite gem spell that I'd come up with. Unfortunately I went and finished the fight and forgot to put it in. :facehoof:

But that's okay for two reasons: 1) The fights need to be increasingly harder, so it was best not to give Rarity something like that, and 2) I may have an opportunity to use the spell later.

I think Trixie will have more to worry about than getting her cart back. Just sayin'.

Yes, Trixie has a lot more on her plate now - even if she hasn't realized what she's gotten herself into. But still, it was a missed opportunity! :trixieshiftleft:

Not sure I like the sound of a caste system. Isn't each race having different but equal standing kind of the whole point of Equestrian society? Oh well. You did say this was a different Equestria altogether so I'm going to go ahead and shut my dirty whore mouth and enjoy the bitch fight.

Also, Celestia is obviously behind all of this. Shipper on deck.

Ah, you touch upon the point: Equestrian history has been rewritten, and modern Equestrian society with it.

Celestia? Behind this?


You don't know the half of it.

Oookay. Chapter started pretty slow and sedate, Ammy being her charming bitch self, lots of talk and setting and nothing happ-- RARITY OUT OF BUCKING NOWHERE! That sudden change in mood nearly made me fall out of my chair. It was awesome. Also, it was at this point I realized this story had an AU tag for a reason.

Doing a good job of maintaining the Pilgrim feel without making it a complete rehash. Absolutely loving Celestia's part in it. Such an inscrutable chessmaster, not batting an eye at having a drawn-out battle in her own throne room. Also, I thought a fight with Rarity would have been metaphorical. Not so much. Badass Rarity is best Rarity, indeed.

I usually look forward to further chapters of good stories as a standard, but in this case I have to point out that I await the next chapter with utmost eagerness.


Glad you enjoy it! :twilightsmile: Yeah, no metaphorical fights here. Ever if I can help it, though I admit I'm still trying to figure out how I'll do most of them. No fight in the next chapter, just talk... but it will be a key chapter regardless. That AU tag is gonna stand out a whole lot more.

I'm especially happy you get the Pilgrim feel out of this - I keep thinking I won't be able to pull it off too well. Also, Amethyst? Maybe you already figured it out, but she's the Wallace to Trixie's Scott... or at least that's what I'm going for.

I literally just finished a chapter of my other big story, so I'll be starting on the next TvE chapter soon! :yay:

Yeah, spot-on Wallace Wells impression, with the possible exception of her brief freakout when meeting the princess. (Can't recall Wallace ever really losing his cool like that.) Though it seems Celestia made a bid for the job too, with her cheerfully stoking the flames and delighting at the resultant chaos. Very nice.

Happy with this and glad to see it won't be a pure parody of Scott Pilgrim. It seems at best inspired by it and it's good to see you make this story your own. I can pretty well guess some of what will happen by now, but I am curious on wether Luna and Trixie will actually start to like eachother at some point. But only way to find out is to see the next chapters. : )

Stop putting out new chapters faster than I can get around to editing them! :raritydespair:


Can't help it, I wanna write! I need to! :pinkiecrazy:

I'll shoot you the GDocs of both chapters later tonight. Promise!

I have some epileptic trees about this:

Twilight prevented her transformation into Nightmare Moon? Maybe by trying to seduce her? But Luna didn't change on the inside? The events that lead to the Equestrian paradise wouldn't have happened without Luna's banishment? The Twilight we saw isn't the Twilight of this world, and this world's Twilight is the one that humiliated Trixie? When she tried to interfere, the villain captured her and tortured her? This villain is responsible for the corruption of the Elements? Or is it that everyone in the world but Twilight is the same, and the Twilight that exists within it to replace the one we saw is the villain? The Elements haven't been mentioned yet, so are the rest of the M6 even Elements?

That's all I got,


Happy with this and glad to see it won't be a pure parody of Scott Pilgrim. It seems at best inspired by it and it's good to see you make this story your own.

Glad to hear it! I'm kinda fretting that I'll lose readers with this chapter because it's so far removed from anything Pilgrim-y.

I can pretty well guess some of what will happen by now...

Well at its most basic this story is definitely still following the Pilgrim route. Hopefully I have enough new, me material to keep it interesting!


Wow and wow again; you approach this stuff the same way I do. :rainbowhuh: I have no intention of confirming or denying any of that, but it's still interesting to see what you've come up with. :pinkiehappy:


What do you mean by that? Is that a compliment? For all I know, you're a robot whose loading screens say 'I'm with stupid', then it'd be an insult. Anyways, I'm sure I missed the crucial hint to all of this. I will keep reading about down in the dumps Trixie fighting for her life against her will for a horribly mangled Twilight because I love myself.

Okaaaaaay... This suddenly got more grim. And much more interesting.

Let me guess: A spell gone wrong. That seems to be Twilight's modus operandi. That mare never could leave well enough alone.

Like I said, a very interesting twist to all the opaque plot being thrown around. I'll be around to check it all out.

And wow, Trixie genuinely afraid of Twilight. Gotta know what happened there!

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