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Trixie vs. Equestria - PaulAsaran

Oh look, Trixie's life has come crashing down. Again. Is there any way she can get out of her cycle of success and failure? A certain Princess of the Night might have the answer, but first Trixie must catch her attention.

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Beginner Battle! Trixie vs. Luna?

Trixie leaned forward with a hoof pressed against her cheek, wearily eating the salad set before her. In contrast, Amethyst was gobbling down a bowl of cereal across the table.

“Let’s see if I’ve got this story straight,” Amethyst offered between spoonfuls. “Princess Luna – the Princess Luna – came to visit you in your dream.”


“You’re absolutely certain it was her and not part of your dream.”

“Trixie is not stupid, Amethyst.”

“And she challenged you?”

That made Trixie hesitate. “She didn’t in so many words… but Trixie recognizes a challenge when she hears one.”

Amethyst’s general lack of interest in the topic at hoof might have put others off, but Trixie knew better. After a few seconds, her old friend swallowed another mouthful of cereal. “Been looking for her every night since, I take it?”

Trixie sighed and pushed her half-eaten salad away. She eyed her hat that rested by the plate and lightly stroked its frayed tip. “Trixie has dreamed every night since, and for many of those nights she has sought to meet the princess again. She won’t come, Ammy.”

“Can’t blame her – your dreams are probably boring as buck.” Amethyst lifted the bowl to her mouth and sucked up the last of the milk, ignoring Trixie’s scowl.

Amethyst rubbed the white liquid from her lips before pointing at Trixie with a spoon. “Here’s the thing: you’re penniless. You’ve got just over two weeks before I boot your rump out of my house for freeloading... and your brilliant idea is to spend those two weeks in Canterlot chasing after a princess?”

Trixie turned back to her hat, toying with it for the distraction. “You make it sound as if Trixie is wasting time.”

“But that is it, isn’t it?”

Trixie frowned and set the hat firmly on her head. “Trixie didn’t think you’d understand. No matter, she will find Princess Luna and meet her challenge head on! Trixie’s fans would expect no less.”

“You don’t have fans anymore,” Amethyst pointed out as she made for the sink, her bowl floating just ahead of her. She considered the subject for a second, completely ignorant of Trixie’s death glare. “Alright, we’ll leave tomorrow.”

Trixie’s simmering anger evaporated. “What? You would join Trixie? Why?”

Trixie has it backwards,” Amethyst countered. “You are the one joining me. I’ve got a shipment for a very important client due in the next three days, so I’m heading to Canterlot anyway.”

Trixie frowned as her bowl rose and went to join Amethyst’s in the sink. “Trixie does not want your assistance.”

Amethyst ignored her and focused on getting the dishes cleaned, but finally turned to her with a bored expression. “And how does Trixie intend to get to Canterlot? You’re broke, so you can’t afford a taxi. Need I remind you that you don’t own a wagon anymore? What were you planning to do, walk all that way?”

Trixie’s face went red as she glanced away once more. “I-if Trixie has to…”

“Come on, Trix, that’s pointless.” Amethyst dried her hooves with a towel. “It’ll take you a week! Besides, if you are gonna waste your time, might as well do it in style.”

Trixie sighed, still not looking at her friend. “I wanted to do this on my ow—”

“Gotcha!” Amethyst’s moist hoof was pressed firmly against Trixie’s nose. She pulled it away quickly, though Trixie’s frustrated expression clearly had no effect on her. “Come on, Trix. My treat.”

Trixie rubbed her muzzle for a moment before nodding reluctantly. “Very well, Trixie will accept your help. Trixie guesses she should be grateful.”

“Heck no,” Amethyst countered with a grin. “I just can’t wait to see you thrown out of the castle on your rump by the royal guards! That’ll be thanks enough.”

Trixie actually smiled at that one. “Your genuine concern touches Trixie’s heart,” she replied with a hoof over her chest.

Amethyst struck an innocent pose. “That’s me, always thinking of others first!”

Trixie stood atop a tall, grassy hill overlooking a deep crevasse. She gazed out at the bright landscape, the roar of water filling her ears as two great rivers fell into either side of the massive crack below. There were rolling fields to one side, a deep and pristine forest on the other. The sun shimmered directly above, yet the world was cool. Trixie’s mane blew gently round her face. It was truly a beautiful day.

She wasn’t paying any attention to it.

“Where are you…” she whispered, her eyes squinting under the shade of her hat. She scoured the landscape with intense focus, seeking out any sign that her quarry might be present. This was her sixth night since that chance encounter and still there was no sign of her, but she refused to give up.

“Luna!” She spun in a circle, eyes sweeping the skies. “Trixie demands you show yourself!”

She’d been there an hour, or at least an hour to her recollection. She knew well enough that time here would be different from that of the real world. But no matter how long it took, she refused to awaken until the princess arrived! Not that she actually knew some way to force herself to stay asleep.

After a few angry but boring minutes, Trixie dropped to her belly in the soft grass, her chin resting just at the crest of the hill. Her vision was obscured by a lock over her face, but she ignored it and kept watching the waterfalls below. She felt so silly, like some schoolfilly waiting impatiently for a date. Maybe Luna wasn’t paying attention. Maybe she didn’t care. Why should she? They’d only met once.

Trixie shook her head violently and rose to her hooves. Not care? Why wouldn’t the princess care? She was the Great and Powerful Trixie! She was not one to be ignored, even by a high and mighty pony princess!

She huffed at the momentary lapse of confidence. Was she offended at having been ignored? Yes, yes she was! Ponies did not ignore Trixie, Trixie ignored other ponies! It wasn’t that she was feeling unappreciated or… or unwanted! Her anger came from Luna’s issues, for Trixie had none.

Needing something to take her mind off things, she glared down at the water below and concentrated. She focused on the two waterfalls, her horn glowing with increasing brightness. After what seemed like minutes she finally saw something happen: the two waterfalls shifted their courses. Rather than flow downwards, the water began to rise up against gravity.

This was a dream Trixie was very familiar with. In it she was even stronger than she was in reality – in which she was already amazing, of course – and could manipulate anything she wanted. A dream of power; perhaps not original, but definitely something she could appreciate.

She gazed with satisfaction as the two waterfalls connected into a single stream. With the aerial bridge set the two rivers merged and, after a moment of conflicting currents, settled on a single direction. Soon the rivers were flowing as one, passing over the crevasse as if it wasn’t even there, and Trixie was pleased with her work.

“Trixie would like to see Luna top that.”

“As would I.”

Trixie let out a shout and jumped; the aura about her horn disappeared with an audible pop and the rivers crashed into the depths once more. Red-faced and furious, she jerked about to glare at the newcomer. “How dare you sneak up on Trixie like a common thief!”

Her breath caught in her throat at the sight of Luna, for the princess looked nothing like she had before. Her coat and horn had become entirely black, and she donned azure armor. It was all rather intimidating, except that Luna was smiling quite pleasantly.

Trixie took a moment to collect herself. The pounding of her heart was from her alarm, not because the princess she’d been seeking for nearly a week had finally arrived! “Trixie wants—” Too weak! “—demands to know why you’ve come as Nightmare Moon!”

Luna approached the former showmare and began to circle Trixie, studying her. “So… you’re the one who has been scouring her dreams for Luna.”

So she had been watching! “The Great and Powerful Trixie takes offense to your insinuation that Trixie has been chasing after you.” She struck a gallant pose. “Obviously Trixie has caught the princess’ eye, else she wouldn’t be here.”

“Aren’t we the confident one?” Luna asked, the soft tip of her tail rising to caress Trixie’s chin.

Trixie swatted to be rid of it, but her hoof went through the glittery tail as if it were but shadow. She stared at the ethereal material, coughed self-consciously and regained her posture. “Trixie will not be fooled by your schemes! Trixie knows that Nightmare Moon and Princess Luna are one and the same.”

“Is that so?” Luna paced a few steps away before turning to face Trixie once more. “And what else does Trixie know about us?”

“I know—”


“Amethyst!” Trixie took a step back, shoving the hoof from her nose and glaring at her friend who had somehow burst up from the ground. “Why do you keep showing up in Trixie’s dreams?”

Amethyst wore what had to be the silliest expression Trixie had ever seen. Her friend brushed the grass and soil from her head as she replied, “Dunno. It’s your dream, Trix.” A pair of bunny ears appeared atop her head as she bounced away.

Trixie glared at her friend’s dream-incarnation before jerking back to Luna, who had an amused smirk on her face. “Trixie did not come here to discuss history. You issued a challenge, and Trixie has accepted!”

Luna raised an eyebrow. “A challenge? And what kind of challenge did Luna offer?”

Trixie pawed at the ground. “Do not play dumb with Trixie. You said Trixie could not handle your dreams. She will prove you wrong!”

Luna observed her for several seconds, expression serious. For some time they exchanged glares. At last Luna’s lips drifted up to form a wicked smile. “Is that so? Tell me, oh Great and Powerful one, how you intend to handle Luna’s nightmares when you cannot even handle your own.”

“Trixie can handle anything you can dish out,” she snarled.

Luna’s smile didn’t fade as she glanced aside to look at Amethyst, who was bouncing back up the hill. Looking strangely giddy and chewing on a carrot, Amethyst came to a stop right before the princess. “Hey, it’s Nightmare Moon! Carrot?” She offered the vegetable to Luna with a welcoming grin.

Luna sniffed in a derogatory fashion and, horn glowing, fired a near-black beam of energy from her eyes. Amethyst didn’t have time to move or even scream before she became a speck of smoking dust in the grass, her carrot dropping innocuously.


Trixie started to move, before she could take a step she was lifted off the ground. She cast an alarmed look at Luna, who sneered and fired a black orb of energy. It struck Trixie in the chest and erupted. She flew through the air and hit the grass so hard she pushed up dirt.

Trixie struggled to her hooves, eyes rolling. She’d attacked her – Luna had actually attacked! She looked up to find the sky darkening with black clouds. A huge moon now dominated the horizon. She spotted Luna’s silhouette within that white sphere, wings open wide as she flew high into the sky. “What are you doing?!”

Luna paused just at the moon’s tip, hovering as she gazed upon Trixie with ominous eyes. “Nopony sees Luna without proving themselves to me first.” She dove right at Trixie, who managed to just barely dodge. The impact of Luna’s landing was so powerful it sent a shockwave that almost knocked Trixie off her hooves. Before she could recover, Trixie felt something grasp hold of her neck and jerk her down to smack hard against the earth, which had abruptly become lifeless and barren.

Luna – no, Nightmare Moon! – appeared over her, leaning low to look Trixie in the eyes. “This is the Great and Powerful Trixie? Such a joke. Did you truly think you were worthy of Luna’s faith? I’ve not even begun, and already you grovel before me.”

Trixie was not groveling. She couldn’t speak for the magical grip on her throat, but she was not groveling. She concentrated on the earth around them. A moment later a pillar of rock erupted diagonally from the ground, smashing right into Nightmare and sending her sprawling.

Her throat freed, Trixie coughed and sucked up air before rising to face her foe. “Trixie… Trixie knows this… this dream!” She took on an aggressive stance even as Nightmare recovered from the hit and disintegrated the stone column with a mere glance. “She can control it, for that is what this dream is about. You picked the wrong place to come after her!”

But Nightmare didn’t seem at all intimidated. Annoyed, but not intimidated. “It seems you might have a little skill after all.” Her eyes flashed white. “Let us see!”

Trixie reared back as lightning struck at her hooves. For just a moment she was both deaf and blind, but the expected attack did not come. She shook her head as a fierce wind kicked up to sending her hat flying and her cape billowing. At last her vision and hearing cleared, and when she looked Nightmare was gone.

“Over here, moon chaser!”

Trixie jerked about and let out a squeak; the great crevasse, forgotten in the heat of the moment, stretched out before her. At the center was an extra-thin pillar of wood, atop which there rested a wide circle of rock. Atop the rock was her wagon, Nightmare standing between it and the empty abyss below.

Nightmare glanced back at the wagon critically. “This? This is the most important thing to you right now? How ridiculous.”

Trixie snarled, her horn sparking. “That is Trixie’s baby and you will not call it ridiculous!”

Nightmare eyed her from above and pressed a hoof to her temple. “Are you really all there?”

Trixie let out a roar. “Stop insulting me! If you wanna fight, pony up and fight! Stop hiding behind words!”

“That’s more like it,” her opponent replied with a grin.

Something struck Trixie in the back, and suddenly she was falling. She gazed into the inky depths to find an endless sea of what appeared to be black claws grasping for her, but she wasn’t going to be beaten that easily. She glanced up at the wooden pillar and focused. A rope shimmered into existence, tied around the wood and stretched out to her. She gripped it in her teeth and held on as she swung over the grasping talons to smack against the column.

Trixie began to climb, hind hooves pressed firmly against the wood and front hooves pulling on the rope. She hadn’t gone very far when a flash of lightning blinded her yet again. She paused to let her vision clear, then glanced down to find the pillar beneath her blazing! She hardly had time to fret over that before a shadowy, glimmering mist enveloped her and pulled her from the pillar with a jerk. She let out a cry as she felt herself rising at a phenomenal speed… and then she was falling again. She whacked solid ground, her shoulder and hips aching from the impact.

Nightmare’s disembodied voice echoed in Trixie’s ears. “Handle your nightmare, Trixie. Deal with it, if you have any intention of dealing with Luna’s!”

“But you are Luna!” Trixie forced herself to her hooves. She spun around swiftly, but her enemy was nowhere to be found. “Luna, come out!” Silence was the only response.

She sat upon hard rock, realizing she was atop the great pillar. What did Luna mean, handle her nightmare? So she was hanging over a pit with creepy claws at the bottom. It was just a dream, nothing really scary there. She turned about to observe her wagon and couldn’t resist smiling at it. She always felt so happy to see it. It was like coming home…

There was a loud snap. The rock trembled beneath her hooves.

Then she remembered the fire below. “Oh, come on!” She ran to the edge and peered over. The flames crept higher, the wooden pillar completely engulfed by its heat. She took a few steps back and glanced at her wagon; now it made sense. “No fair…”

She sat and tried to think. She’d lost her wagon twice now, she had no intention of losing it again! But what was she supposed to do? No bridges, no roads. The fire was coming up pretty fast…

The massive rock shifted again, and Trixie braced against her wagon for support. The whole pillar would collapse at any minute! Panic swelling within her, she tapped a hoof against her head and fought for a solution. Water? No, somehow Luna had removed all the water. Her magic couldn’t make the wagon fly, it was too heavy. Maybe she could secure it somehow? How stupid, secure it to what?

The rock tilted abruptly. Smoke rose up as if to taunt her. The whole pillar was going to tip over if she didn’t think of something soon!

Wait, tip over?

Tip over!

She galloped to the edge of the rock and bounded through smoke into open air. She fought not to look down and concentrated on the magic. A strong wind rose to press at her back, stretching her distance. She braced for impact as she reached the land. The force of the hit sent her sprawling onto her stomach. No time to think about the pain, she had a job to do!

Jumping to her hooves, she turned back and stepped up to the edge of the crevasse. The entire pillar was ablaze and swaying precariously, her wagon rolling with the dangerous motions. Knowing she had little time, she gazed up at the black clouds Luna had left behind and struggled to recall a spell she’d been taught long ago.

Lightning cracked through the sky, signifying her success. Now, if only… She focused intently on a low spot of the pillar, fighting as hard as she could to get the lightning to travel that kind of distance. For a long time nothing happened. Curse Luna for making it look so easy!

No. She was Trixie, the Great and Powerful! If that pompous princess in her ugly warrior gear could do it then so could she!

Lightning crackled and hit the side of the canyon. Less force, more finesse! She tried again…

Another bolt sizzled through the air, striking the side of the pillar and sending blackened pieces of wood flying. The entire pillar leaned dangerously but remained in place. Praying her idea would work, she focused on delivering one more hit...

Another flash, another clean hit against the wood. The pillar swayed, wood splintered and the whole thing began to fall sideways. Trixie watched in fearful fascination. “Come on… come on… co—wooah, too close!”

She turned and fled as the pillar overshadowed her. She looked back to see the great rock falling, a massive weight that could crush her puny pony body into glue! She galloped as hard as she could, eyes closed and heart pounding.

The rock hit the soil with a massive crash, stone and dirt flying up and engulfing Trixie. For a moment, all she could do was let the earthen shockwave carry her along and pray she’d not made a foolish mistake. But then everything went quiet… and she realized that there was no pain. Either she’d been crushed and was dead or she’d come out of it unscathed. Daring to open one eye, she found herself covered in dirt and on her haunches amongst the churned-up soil. Breathing a sigh of relief and wiping the sweat from her forehead, Trixie turned to see what damage had been done.

The giant rock had embedded itself into the soil, leaning heavily towards her. And there was her wagon, dirty but safe at its edge.

“Yes!” She galloped to it, climbing over piles of rock without a care for the dirt, to wrap her hooves around one of the wheels. “I did it! I actually did it!”

“As much as it pains me to admit it, I’m impressed.”

Trixie turned to find Nightmare Moon standing just at the edge of the debris. “You! You could have killed me with that stupid test!”

Nightmare laughed tauntingly. “And you would have had it coming for going after Luna without understanding the danger!”

Trixie glared, horn glowing ominously. “Trixie will meet your challenge, Luna. She bested this ‘nightmare’ you tried to make for her. Now let Trixie face yours.”

Another laugh. “You pitiful, foolish foal! You still don’t understand. You might have handled yourself, but I still don’t see you succeeding in helping Luna.”

“Stop playing games,” Trixie hissed. “Trixie will be seeing your dreams one way or another! Trixie is on her way to Canterlot for you even as we speak.”

Nightmare went silent as she took this news in. “Such impertinence, to come without being summoned.”

“You’re one to talk,” Trixie countered with a snarl.

Nightmare grimaced and, great wings propelling her upwards, began to fade into the moon. “You are an arrogant little upstart, but you have our attention. Come to Canterlot, if that is your wish. I’ll enjoy watching you squirm!”

“Wait!” Trixie reared back with a furious shout. “Come back here! Trixie demands you show her—”

She blinked, heart pounding in her chest and breath coming in a deep rhythm. She stared up at the ceiling, confused beyond comprehension. A blanket had been laid over her and her body was gently swaying.

The carriage. She was awake.

She sat up and rubbed her face, noting that it was still dark outside. “Curse that Luna, waking Trixie up when she wasn’t ready…”

Something shifted on the other side of the carriage. Amethyst rolled over and leaned up a little to eye her with half-closed eyes. “Hmm… Trix? ’Nother Luna dream?”

“Yes,” she replied angrily. “The princess went and—”

“Just askin’,” Amethyst grumbled, rolling over once more and pulling her blanket tight over her shoulder. “Not int’rested.”

Trixie glared at her friend for a few seconds, but finally lay down and tried to get back to sleep. She wasn’t done with Luna, not by a long shot. She really hoped she might dream again before the night was over.

Author's Note:

I really enjoyed writing this chapter. Lots of fun! Here's hoping the rest of the fights will be just as interesting. Who will be next, hmm?

Why did Luna show up as Nightmare Moon and attack?

Nope, not getting it outta me that easily.

Many thanks to Hobbes for his editing prowess!

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