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I'm just here to take in tales of grand adventure, love and romance. Then perhaps spin a few of my own.


Legacy of Blood: The Future · 8:56pm Oct 5th, 2018

As with what seems to be the theme with my work, Legacy of Blood will also be getting an overhaul. My co-author and I have spoken about it a lot and weighed it heavily. The more we have talked about LoB and the more we have developed LoB and it's characters, the more we see that needs to change and just how many loopholes there are in the current version. It's evolved way beyond the simplistic idea I had when I started but I feel it's going to be much more worth the journey. I know several

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A fan of my CLC, that's intriguing and refreshing. However, I've been heavily debating and working out kinks in constructing a rewrite for the said universe. I know that might seem annoying as you've read the previous three and now CLC herself. I do plan to outline what I wish to do in a blog post, I suppose as it's my very first universe... I didn't quite want to admit it to myself yet. I've already revamped another of my works, Dance in the Midst of Midnight. I feel it's better and more towards what I wanted. I want to give the same new life to The Chained Luna Cycle. I'd really love for you to tell me what you think, enjoyed, etc. I will write that informative blog post and plan to rework the three prequel fics very soon. It's just with my proofreader a little out of touch due to his own technical issues, I'm a little limited on production power.

I'm reading chains Luna cycle now already read the first 3

2591198 Thank you for taking the time to answer my survey! You're great! :twilightsmile:

You'll have to forgive the late reply, things as normal see me delayed more than I'd like.

1: I like both food items and prefer ketchup on a hot dog, however, on a hamburger or burger, I like either ketchup or mayonnaise, odd as the second one sounds. Never tried mustard personally.

2: I feel if I had a schedule I'd be better managing my time, I have more a wrong time sleeping problem, But, if I did have one I feel an extra hour of sleep would be invaluable to one's health.

3: Night Owl without a doubt, partly where my sleeping problem comes in haha.

4: Firstly, who wouldn't want a mech suit? It's a MECH SUIT! Secondly, while I like the Death Egg Robot and like Eggman as a character, the second mech suit has a cool design and the Matrix suit is badass. I'd have to be a sucker for my childhood and opt for the Megazord, I have a capable close group of five friends whom I've known a long time so given the description, it should be fairly simple to operate. :pinkiesmile:

Lastly, I want to thank you for opting to select me for this random survey. It's not often I get visitors on my page. I hope you enjoyed my answers like I have giving them. :moustache: :twilightsmile:

Greetings, Frozen Quill. How are you today? Got time for a random survey? If so, then splendid! Answer the follow questions below.

-On a hot dog or hamburger, do you prefer ketchup, mustard, or both?

-I don’t know anything about your personal life, but I assume you are always on a tight and exhausting schedule that leaves you feeling stressfully tired. With that in mind, how much would you be willing to pay for an extra hour of sleep in the morning?

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

-What is your favorite season? (As in winter, spring, summer, and autumn)

-Congratulations! It’s your birthday! Even if it isn’t, I’m still going to give you a present in the form of a giant mech suit! Which one would you like?

Death Egg Robot (Sonic the Hedgehog): Want a mech suit with a charming cartoony style? Then look no further than the Death Egg Robot. The Death Egg Robot is a large mech suit that comes with the ability to fly along with rotating drill-like claws that can be launched. Comes with the option for lasers and can take some punishment, though its ground speed is a bit slow.

Metal Face Mechon Suit (Xenoblade Chronicles): Want something really cool that will intimidate your enemies? A bit of a tight fit, but this mech suit has ultra smooth and precise controls, and is very powerful. The Metal Face Mechon Suit comes with strong and sharp claw hands, a powerful laser cannon, is capable of long distance flight, and is made of extremely strong and durable metal. Also comes with a cool voice.

Megazord (Power Rangers): Do you have friends and want something to do together with them? Then this is the mech suit for you. This Megazord is made of several different robots that is completely customizable with all sorts of looks, styles, and weapons. Not to mention it’s huge! Requires multiple people to operate, as well as effective teamwork, coordination, and communication.

Armored Personnel Unit (The Matrix): While it may not protect the person controlling the mech suit, this Armored Personnel Unit is perfect for those who are very gun-happy and favor smooth controls.

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