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Frozen Quill

I'm just here to take in tales of grand adventure, love and romance. Then perhaps spin a few of my own.


New Resolve · 12:19am Jan 2nd, 2020

It's been a very long time since I did one of these blog updates and for those of you following my work, you'd have noticed my chapter updates have been rather spread all throughout 2019. Well, in a hopeful attempt to get back into a rhythm I plan to be more active in my writing, getting those rewrites out and refining the projects I really want to. So, with any luck and hard work, I'll finish a couple of stories and get a decent amount of progress on those I have promised to rewrite better

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Nice, very nice! 🤗

~Boop~ :rainbowkiss::heart:

Thank you very much, it's nice. The profile pic was commissioned near to when I started writing on here by my close co-author friend who got me into this place and the show. :pinkiehappy:

Hey, I'm always around to give people here something to smile about.

You deserve it, friend! :twilightsmile:

Like the profile pic btw :raritywink:

Thank you, that was very nice of you and kinda needed at the moment. It is very much appreciated, friend. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 65 - 69 of 69
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