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I'm just here to take in tales of grand adventure, love and romance. Then perhaps spin a few of my own.


New Resolve · 12:19am January 2nd

It's been a very long time since I did one of these blog updates and for those of you following my work, you'd have noticed my chapter updates have been rather spread all throughout 2019. Well, in a hopeful attempt to get back into a rhythm I plan to be more active in my writing, getting those rewrites out and refining the projects I really want to. So, with any luck and hard work, I'll finish a couple of stories and get a decent amount of progress on those I have promised to rewrite better

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your welcome:scootangel:

A fan of my CLC, that's intriguing and refreshing. However, I've been heavily debating and working out kinks in constructing a rewrite for the said universe. I know that might seem annoying as you've read the previous three and now CLC herself. I do plan to outline what I wish to do in a blog post, I suppose as it's my very first universe... I didn't quite want to admit it to myself yet. I've already revamped another of my works, Dance in the Midst of Midnight. I feel it's better and more towards what I wanted. I want to give the same new life to The Chained Luna Cycle. I'd really love for you to tell me what you think, enjoyed, etc. I will write that informative blog post and plan to rework the three prequel fics very soon. It's just with my proofreader a little out of touch due to his own technical issues, I'm a little limited on production power.

I'm reading chains Luna cycle now already read the first 3

2591198 Thank you for taking the time to answer my survey! You're great! :twilightsmile:

You'll have to forgive the late reply, things as normal see me delayed more than I'd like.

1: I like both food items and prefer ketchup on a hot dog, however, on a hamburger or burger, I like either ketchup or mayonnaise, odd as the second one sounds. Never tried mustard personally.

2: I feel if I had a schedule I'd be better managing my time, I have more a wrong time sleeping problem, But, if I did have one I feel an extra hour of sleep would be invaluable to one's health.

3: Night Owl without a doubt, partly where my sleeping problem comes in haha.

4: Firstly, who wouldn't want a mech suit? It's a MECH SUIT! Secondly, while I like the Death Egg Robot and like Eggman as a character, the second mech suit has a cool design and the Matrix suit is badass. I'd have to be a sucker for my childhood and opt for the Megazord, I have a capable close group of five friends whom I've known a long time so given the description, it should be fairly simple to operate. :pinkiesmile:

Lastly, I want to thank you for opting to select me for this random survey. It's not often I get visitors on my page. I hope you enjoyed my answers like I have giving them. :moustache: :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 58 - 62 of 62
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