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Frozen Quill

I'm just here to take in tales of grand adventure, love and romance. Then perhaps spin a few of my own.


There's going to be a Nightmare Night party at the Canterlot castle this year. Hosted by Princess Luna and Frozen Quill, for all the new friends they have met this year up till now. Arriving, even from across multiple dimensions, they all gather to celebrate one of Equestria's most loved and enjoyed seasonal holiday of all. Candy, laughs and Nightmare Night fun is bound to be had all around on this year's event. I hope you will also accept your invitation to join us as we party long into the night.

This is a Halloween special for all the fans and readers who have followed me up till this point and watched me grow as a writer. I know my follower count isn't large, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't do something to show my undying gratitude to everypony.

WARNING: This story may or may not contain spoilers to my other fics. I will try to keep that to a minimal as I feature the OC's I have made in my other fics and their associated partners. I also hope how I show them off here might influence you people who don't know me to perhaps take a liking to the characters and check out their stories.

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Great late night read.

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