This is Halloween!

by Frozen Quill

This is Halloween!

The night is young and the air is still on the city streets of Canterlot. Walking along the path up to the castle are four anthropomorphic mares who are dressed in Nightmare Night costumes. The lead mare has a bright orange coat with a pitch black mane and tail that has blood red highlights. Her eyes are a mysterious soothing aquamarine, she is wearing a rather fetching female vampire costume. The second mare who stands beside the first holding her hand has a goldish grey coat with a dark grey mane and tail that has lighter streaks within. Her eyes are a greyish mulberry, she wears a more dress like female vampire costume.

"Octavia... I told you I'm not a tights kinda mare..." The first mare complains as she picks at her costume.

"I know, but you look so sexy in them. How could I resist, Amore?" Octavia comments, making Amore sigh in defeat.

The first mare behind them has an aqua blue coat with a dark blue mane and tail that has black streaks. Her eyes are also a darker blue, she wears a pirate like costume.

"Must you two be so flirty tonight? It's Nightmare Night, I want to have fun!" The mare exclaims.

"You'll have fun Aqua, we are nearly at the party. What do you think Orange?" Amore sings as she puts her hands behind her head.

The mare addressed as Scarlet Orange has a bright yellow coat with her mane and tail being a single bright orange colour. Her eyes are the same bright orange, she wears a vampire hunter styled outfit suited to a female.

"I think it'll be very fun. I mean Princess Luna did invite us... That dimensional portal was a little weird, though..." Scarlet Orange replies as she looks up at the moon.

"Hey, Amore. Didn't you say your mother was coming with us?" Aqua asks Amore who brings her hands back beside her sides.

"Oh yeah... I guess she is arriving later." Amore shrugs as they reach the castle doors which open slowly.

The four enter the castle and follow the instructional arrows set out on boards. They take a right towards a large door being guarded by two of Princess Luna's night guard.

"Are you Amore and company?" The left side guard asks, looking at a check list.

"Yup, that's us~" Amore replies happily.

The two guards nod at each other and open the door to allow them to enter the ballroom. Once they walk inside Amore's mouth drops wide open as she can see multi-coloured lights and dots all over the place emitting from magical crystals. On the elevated area where a band would be playing is a sound system and DJ stand. in front of them talking to a small group of three colts is a regular version of Princess Luna on all fours instead of like they are. Princess Luna breaks from the group and walks over to Amore and co.

"Welcome, I am very happy you were all able to make it. I know this will be a strange night, but I promise it to be a fun one." Princess Luna greets them as they bow.

"Yeah, that portal was a surprise. I didn't quite expect a party in another dimension." Amore admits, looking at Octavia.

"Indeed, while it is not without it's appeal though. Who set this up?" Octavia asks to Princess Luna, who looks behind her.

The four follow the Princess' gaze to the middle colt of the trio. The colt in question has a white coat with a pitch black mane and tail that has ice blue streaks within. He is wearing a pitch black suit with a white shirt and black tie. On his face sit a pair of black shades and a black fedora on his head.

"I do believe that colt is responsible for this gathering. He has some... Very interesting friends." Princess Luna smiles.

"You know... He is different..." Amore begins.

"But he is the same pony you met in your hospital room." Octavia continues.

"Frozen Quill..." The pair state in unison as they stare at the trio.

Aqua and Orange shift off their group over to the laid out buffet table in order to get a drink. A large group of six creatures enter the ballroom and gain the attention of everyone. They all share a similar form, but have different features.

"I hope we are not late." The main male states as he looks around.

The male has a human form with pitch black fox ears and three fox tails, both features share ice blue tips. His eyes are also an ice blue colour, he wears a simple pitch black suit with a white shirt and ice blue tie combined with black dress shoes.

"Impossible... We left on time... I'm sure of it. Rainbow Dash did you give me the wrong time?" A second male asks looking at a normal cyan Pegasus that has a rainbow coloured mane and tail. Her eyes are a nice magenta and she wears a Shadowbolt flight uniform.

The second male has blue hair with blood red eyes. He wears a black trench coat, blue t-shirt, blue jeans and black boots. On his back is a pair of realistic demon wings.

"Binary, I'm telling you I know the time was right... Yuuki, help me out here." Rainbow Dash states to the main male.

"Well, this is the time Luna said to be here so I figure we aren't late..." Yuuki comments, thinking for a moment.

"Why don't you go talk to Luna about it while we find some refreshments." The third male suggests to the group who nod in agreement.

The third male has silver hair with blood red eyes and wears a gentleman like outfit in red, with gloves and an odd looking hat that has a feather in it.

The normal Earth Pony mare standing beside the third male also nods in agreement. She has an orange coat with a blonde mane and tail. Her eyes are an emerald green, she wears a scarecrow like outfit.

"That sounds like a fine idea, Valentine." The mare states as her and Valentine walk off towards a buffet table.

"Make sure he behaves himself, Applejack." Yuuki adds before they get too far away.

"This is going to be an interesting evening." The fourth male comments looking around at the gathering of different creatures.

The fourth male wears a full suit of dark purple knight armour. Only his eyes, which appear as golden glowing lights in his helmet, can be seen of his person. On his back are a pair of black with purple trim dragon wings.

"Indeed, Darkness. Let's make the most of tonight." The girl comments, as she stretches.

The girl has dark purple long hair with black highlights that reaches halfway down her back, Dark purple eyes and a pale complexion. She also has three fox tails and ears, her fur is a dark purple with black tips for her tails and ears. The girl wears a long Gothic styled dark purple dress with black trim, long silk dark purple gloves which stop halfway on her upper arms, lacy tights which stop halfway up her thigh and Gothic styled boots which stop at her knees.

"Kiara, Darkness and The Architect. Please be sure to relax and have fun. I know it's been difficult, but just chill for me." Yuuki states before he walks over to Princess Luna.

The fifth male behind Kiara and Darkness, addressed as The Architect, stretches before looking around. He is wearing a shorter trench coat to Binary that stops halfway up his thighs, dark green trousers and a shirt with black boots. His hair is a dark green colour along with his eyes.

"I suppose we should go mingle... If nothing else than to make Yuuki happy." The Architect states making the other two nod and they disperse across the room.

Yuuki walks up to Princess Luna, who is still talking to Amore and her two friends.

"Having fun yet, Princess Luna?" Yuuki asks smiling.

"Ah Yuuki, I'm glad you made it on time. I was afraid you would be late." Princess Luna smiles back as Yuuki stands close to her.

"You look rather weird, even for Equestria." Amore comments folding her arms.

"To me, are you not weird? Having a humanoid form with pony features." Yuuki folds his own arms.

Amore clicks her tongue in her mouth and sighs. "Touché... What's your name?"

"I'm Yuuki, Princess Luna's bodyguard... Among other things." Yuuki holds out his hand to Amore.

"My name is Amore Sânge Von Scratch, it's a pleasure." Amore shakes Yuuki's hand before a commotion is heard outside.

"What do you mean you forgot the song? Okay screw it, screw it... Just take my phone and hit random, no just hit random. Okay, three, two, one..." The female voice states.

When the countdown ends the ballroom doors burst open to see an anthropomorphic pure white mare with an electric blue mane dressed up as Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate. On her left is a normal bat pony mare with a greyish-white coat and dark purple mane and tail, she wears higher looking ranked armour then Luna's generic night guard. On the mare's right is an anthropomorphic greyish-white mare with a dark purple mane and tail. On her back are, folded in, slightly larger than normal bat pony wings. She wears an outfit similar to Yaag Rosch from Final Fantasy XIII. Only difference is that she has no sabre on the front of her outfit. The song that accompanies then fills the room blares out full blast getting several weird looks. Amore rolls her eyes and covers her face sighing deeply.

"Yeah, okay, okay... Turn it off. It didn't work... It did not work." The pure white mare sighs as she removes her glasses.

The anthropomorphic bat pony turns off the mare's phone and hands it back to her.

"Following your example, Vinyl..." Amore comments looking unimpressed.

"Ooh catty." Vinyl smiles in response and properly enters the ballroom with the two mares behind her.

"Ivory Moon, I'm glad you were finally able to make it." Princess Luna states to the normal pony.

"Well... It's hard to refuse when your being dragged along by this... Non-negotiable mare." Ivory Moon breaks off from Vinyl and goes to stand by Princess Luna.

"Who might you be?" Princess Luna asks the other mare with Vinyl.

Vinyl decides to walk over to Amore smiling widely. The mysterious mare bows slightly before speaking.

"My name is Hémolyse, your majesty. I was following somepony, but... They kinda got away from me." Hémolyse admits looking down.

"Well, please come in and join the fun. No doubt you were escorting somepony from the alternate dimension. Chances are they will end up at this party." Princess Luna smiles and leaves Amore to go talk to other guests with Yuuki and Ivory Moon.

"Kansen are falling!" A loud voice is heard from above which makes Princess Luna and Ivory Moon look up.

Ivory Moon is suddenly impacted by an anthropomorphic looking Pegasus with a Cauliflower blue coat, burgundy mane and tail with blood red highlights. His mane is short and a little untidy. He wears a short black jacket and grey shirt with a pair of long blue jeans. Around his neck is a pure white choker with a blood red dragon insignia. The Unicorn of Frozen Quill's trio walks over to the anthropomorphic Pegasus and sighs deeply. The Unicorn has a pitch black coat, his mane and tail are raspberry with midnight blue streaks and he has raspberry coloured eyes. His cutie mare is a deep red alchemical circle.

"Really? You had to do the same entrance as I did... Erlöser." The Unicorn states.

"I had no control over this... Neither did you, Scorpia!" Erlöser replies annoyed.

"Yes, but I'm a Unicorn... You're a Pegasus! You can fly!" Scorpia comments, pointing at Erlöser.

Erlöser looks around for a second thinking before pointing a finger at Scorpia.

"That is irrelevant! I didn't know I was to fall from the sky!" Erlöser tries to defend himself.

"Nor did I! It's not like every statue in Equestria transports you to another world!" Scorpia argues.

"You know... If you didn't know anything about either of them, you would say they were brothers." Princess Luna whispers to Yuuki who nods.

Hémolyse glances at Princess Luna's comment and shakes her head before sighing deeply. After a few seconds another anthropomorphic Earth Pony is being lowered down to the ground by none other than an anthropomorphic version of Flutterbat. The Earth Pony in question has a mid tone grey coat, his mane and tail have the same style as Vinyl's but is a dark purple with mid grey highlights, his eyes are also a dark purple. He wears a dark purple T-shirt, a waist length black jacket, dark purple jeans and purple sneakers. Around his neck is a pair of headphones similar to Vinyl's but are purple with a black eighth note on them.

"Are you not lucky I am here, Larvali?" Flutterbat asks to the Earth Pony as she sets him down.

"I guess... Kinda wondering why you didn't catch him though..." Larvali stretches.

Flutterbat shrugs and sticks out her tongue. "He was too far away from me..."

Larvali deadpans and sighs deeply. "You were holding hands..."

At that moment yet another Earth Pony falls from the ceiling and lands on his hooves looking around with his hands in his pockets. The Earth Pony has a ----- coat, a ---- mane and tail with ---- highlights. His eyes are a -----. He wears a buttoned up pure white lab coat with black trousers and glasses. Hémolyse runs over to the Earth Pony and sighs deeply.

"Dr. Sinclair! Where in the name of Equestria have you been?!" Hémolyse asks looking frustrated.

"Oh, nothing much just observing this world and watching these fellows beside me." Dr. Sinclair states in response before walking over to the buffet table.

At that moment the doors fly open and two changelings enter the room accompanied by a Unicorn. The first changeling is female with a larger stature than normal with bigger bug-like wings and a horn. The second changeling is slightly smaller than her in stature, has slightly smaller wings and has no horn. The Unicorn has a forest green coat, an orange mane and tail with orange eyes.

"Queen Chrysalis, are you sure leaving Verdammnis with those three will be alright?" The smaller changeling asks.

"I see no reason why she can't handle herself. I'm sure those three friends of yours will be more than enough, Ryota." Queen Chrysalis states, sighing deeply.

"It's not our daughter I'm worried about... It's those three idiots..." Ryota comments looking around.

"I'm sure they'll both be fine Ryota, just enjoy yourself." The Unicorn prompts Ryota who sighs.

"I suppose... Speaking of which, Garrick. Where is Twilight?" Ryota asks.

"Dealing with some stuff, she'll be here soon." Garrick replies before they head over to the buffet table, after greeting Princess Luna.

Garrick attempts to pour himself some punch before that section of the table is coated in a sudden pink explosion cloud.

"Garrick! What did you do this time?!" Ryota can be heard yelling through the smoke.

"Nothing! I just went to pour some punch and poof!" Garrick replies sounding annoyed.

Once the smoke clears Ryota finds himself face to face with the third member of Frozen Quill's trio. Looking him over Ryota can see he is a Earth Pony with a silver coat, his mane and tail are pitch black with a single dark blue streak through each. His eyes are blood red. The Earth Pony in question is wearing the same outfit as Frozen Quill. The pair look each other over curiously before tapping their chins in unison. After about a minute the two shake hooves and smile slightly.

"What did we just witness?" Scorpia asks to Frozen Quill who is also watching them.

"I'm not quite sure... Maybe Silver Bullet silently made a friend?" Frozen Quill shrugs.

"Anyone might think they were the same person with how well they are getting along." Princess Luna states smiling slightly.

Scorpia and Frozen Quill look at Princess Luna briefly before looking at each other and sighing deeply. Looking to the side Scorpia can see another anthropomorphic mare leaning against the wall near the buffet table on the right side of the room. From what he can see she has a goldish grey coat with what looks to be a pitch black mane and tail that has blood red highlights, he cannot see her eyes. She is also wearing what appears to be a reaper's cloak with sparse hints to a Gothic styled dress underneath. Standing beside her is a male human wearing a baby blue hoodie, navy blue jeans and white sneakers. His hood is down so Scorpia can see he has navy blue hair with baby blue highlights and baby blue eyes.

"Who are those two?" Scorpia asks pointing a hoof at the pair by the buffet table.

"Oh them? Well, the human is World Jumper, as for the other one... Spoilers." Frozen Quill taps his nose with his hoof making Scorpia sigh in defeat.

The ballroom doors open up for the umpteenth time that evening. This time Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia walk into the room and over to Princess Luna.

"Twilight, sister, I am glad you both made it. I was afraid for a moment you'd miss the start." Princess Luna smiles.

"Sorry, I was having trouble picking out a costume so I simply went with my Starswirl the bearded outfit from several years back." Twilight states with a sheepish smile.

"I was helping Twilight pick an outfit, needless to say it took longer than expected. It's interesting to see so many different ponies here this evening." Princess Celestia comments with a smile.

"Well, seeing as everypony is accounted for now, perhaps we should start this party properly." Princess Luna prompts Frozen Quill who looks at her confused.

"Oh right! Can I have everypony's attention please?" Frozen Quill asks stepping up onto the stage.

Everypony shifts their attention to the white Pegasus who clears his throat.

"I thank you all for actually coming tonight, I know it's somewhat weird to get an invitation from another pony who is in another dimension hosting a Nightmare Night party. You all had ample reason to reject it despite bearing Princess Luna's name. However, I'd like you all, for a moment, to consider why you are here. Aside from those in this dimension with clear ties to Princess Luna and thyself, none of the rest had any obligation to come. Perhaps if asked by some you might reply with curiosity, or perhaps it seemed like a fun idea. You all have some connection to each other, no matter how small it may be... That is why you are here tonight. Even those ponies who are with us, yet are not quite physically here at this moment, I'm sure they know exactly who they are. Either way, I now encourage you all to eat, drink and enjoy yourselves long into the night. For this night we celebrate the long standing tradition that is known Equestria wide as... Nightmare Night." Frozen Quill bows slightly with a wing and smiles.

Everypony looks at each other sharing an understanding look and some share deep sighs. Amore sighs slightly with a smile and starts to clap which shortly turns into a resounding applause from everypony in the ballroom. Vinyl does a back flip up onto the stage and smiles widely.

"Permission to kick this party off?" Vinyl asks preparing to snap her fingers.

Frozen Quill smiles wide in response. "Vinyl, if you will... Spin that shit!"

Frozen Quill walks off the stage and Vinyl snaps her fingers making two DJ stands rise from the floor of the stage accompanied by a large sound system behind her.

"Amore, get your ass up here and help your mother spin some discs!" Vinyl states to Amore, who joins her on the stage.

Amore briefly gives Octavia a kiss before quickly joining her mother and putting on some blood red headphones. They share a glance and a nod before throwing on an iconic track and a jack-O-lantern shaped disco ball lowers from the ceiling.

"Hmm I do wonder when any of this was put in the ballroom." Princess Luna muses to herself as she taps a hoof on her chin.

"Sometimes it's best not to question, my dear." Yuuki states rubbing Princess Luna's back.

Everypony dances at least a little to the track that is playing, filling the room. The mysterious cloaked mare smiles slightly within her hood and clicks her fingers making several light blue soul like bats fly about the room, reflecting the colours from the disco ball through them.

"This party rocks! So badly worth coming here!" Aqua states happily as she drinks some punch.

"Hmm, damn straight. Anyone know a good party game we might play?" Larvali asks bouncing his head slightly beside Aqua.

"It's a shame we don't have that shifty scythe thingy of yours, it'd be fun to see what it'd shift into with them." Silver Bullet states to Scorpia.

Frozen Quill perks up his ears and grins widely. Scorpia shakes his head. "Sure... Let's throw sharp objects at these ponies we only just met..." Scorpia deadpans.

"What's this random door doing here?" Larvali asks inspecting a seemingly random door near them.

Frozen Quill soon comes back through the door holding an ink well in his right wing. "I got it!"

"Oh Celestia he didn't..." Scorpia states flatly.

"Oh I think he did..." Silver Bullet adds with a smile.

"Hey! Yuuki catch!" Frozen Quill throws the closed ink well to Yuuki.

Upon catching the ink well it morphs into an long black sheathed katana with a ice blue handle.

"Well, I haven't used this in a while... What an interesting thing you have here... Hey, Binary, have a look at this!" Yuuki throws the katana to Binary who also catches it.

Upon catching it, for Binary, it turns into a large tome much like the one Princess Luna saw him reading before in Yuuki's mind.

"Most intriguing... Who is the owner of said strange item?" Binary poses the question to the room.

Binary throws the tome to Kiara, who is drinking punch with Valentine and Applejack. Kiara catches the book with her free hand without looking and glances at Binary.

"What the hell was that for? Throwing your book at me..?" Kiara's voice trails off as the tome morphs into a full metal pitch black, sharp looking scythe that has a dark purple tint to it.

"That's the first sharp object without a sheath or such, Scorpia." Silver Bullet points out bluntly.

"Thanks for the brilliant input... Captain Obvious." Scorpia states, his head still in his hoof.

"Anyone else want this? It's somewhat annoying when you want to drink punch..." Kiara states as she throws the scythe in Amore's direction.

Catching the scythe without looking up or missing a step, Amore spins the scythe around her hand in the air before it morphs into a vampire styled longsword. After a few seconds she removes one headphone.

"Does anyone want this-" Amore stops after noticing the deadpan look Octavia is giving her. "Maybe I should keep it here for now..." Amore puts her headphone back on and sticks the sword in the stage beside the DJ stand.

Princess Celestia walks over to Frozen Quill and taps him on the shoulder.

"Excuse me, Frozen Quill. Might I have a word in private?"

Frozen Quill looks around briefly before shrugging. "Sure."

Princess Celestia exits the ballroom with Frozen Quill unbeknownst to anypony. Princess Luna, Yuuki and Octavia walk over to Scorpia and Silver Bullet.

"That's a unique ability Frozen has there..." Yuuki poses to the duo looking at the fading door.

"Well, honestly who here doesn't have a unique ability?" Scorpia replies.

"You have a fair point if you count being a vampire as a unique ability." Octavia comments, folding her arms.

Princess Luna looks around before frowning slightly. "Where is my sister?"

Scorpia looks around for a couple of seconds. "Frozen... I believe I know 'who' she is with..."

"We must find them immediately!" Princess Luna states, raising a hoof in the air before grabbing Scorpia and Yuuki as she exits the ballroom with haste. Scorpia is wearing a displeased expression as he is carried out the the room in her magic.

Meanwhile on the roof three Alicorns are sitting beside the glass dome to the ballroom eating cake and drinking punch. Sitting next to a wagon is a violet coloured Alicorn with a pink mane and tail that has pitch black highlights, her eyes are also pink. Her cutie mark is a red heart with a violet lock around it. The wagon is playing a very happy unique song.

"This party is a blast!" The violet Alicorn states happily shoving some cake in her mouth.

"Ecstasy... Sister, why can't we enjoy the party's music?" The second Alicorn asks nibbling on his own piece of cake.

The second Alicorn has a dull golden coat with a brown mane and tail, his eyes are also brown. His cutie mark is a brown hourglass with a lock suspended in the middle between the two halves.

"Clockwork, you silly filly! This is the party music!" Ecstasy replies as she bobs her head to the music.

The third Alicorn rolls his eyes and levitates his cup to drink some punch. His coat is pure white while his mane and tail are black with ice blue highlights, his eyes are also ice blue. His cutie mark is an open scroll with an ice blue quill.

"I wonder how things will progress in their respective timelines. This is turning out to be a very interesting party." The Alicorn muses as he sips on his punch.

Suddenly World Jumper appears out of nowhere and sits down beside them with his own plate of cake and a cup of punch.

"Chrono, dear brother. You have no idea how truly fun it is down there. Still, that cloaked mare is a mystery." World Jumper states as he takes a bite of cake.

"Well, I guess we shall just have to keep watching and see~" Ecstasy comments, drinking some punch.

"Brothers, sister... It's not like we can read their stories or anything... Only time will tell." Clockwork states, looking up at the sky full of stars.