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....I like pie? @.@'

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Comeback!!! :) · 6:51am Nov 20th, 2015

Ever since my Skype livestream with Brad the Browncoat Brony I began to wonder whether or not I should start writing again. Well, I've posted a few new fics. Some were long awaited by Dashing Knight and Wings. A while back I began to do a writing exercise to jog my brain. It was in a weird setting where Brad, Doc, Dashing, and I all lived together as roommates. It was a hit in the chat. :) I'm posting up Dashing Knight's Vlogs as it was requested for me to do so by Dashing herself. :) Wings has

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1576462 I thought it was spelled Kwanza. :P Thanks though. :) I hope you had a good one. :)

Merry Christmas, happy Hearth's Warming, and happy Hanukkah. I excluded Quanza because...let's face it, no one cares too much about Quanza.

This one suited me more in real life. :P You've seen pics of me. I'm adorable. :)

Aw...why'd you change your avatar? I liked the old version.

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