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Vibrant Alloy

par·tic·u·lar pə(r) tikyələr/ adjective - 1. used to single out an individual member of a specified group or class. 2. especially great or intense.


Optophobia · 4:29am Feb 12th, 2021

Optophobia is a fear of opening one’s eyes. This fear can be extremely debilitating, as it is hard for an individual to carry out daily activities without opening their eyes. People with optophobia may prefer to stay indoors or in dimly lit areas. This phobia is usually associated with a generalized anxiety disorder. Like so many other phobias, this fear is usually the result of a traumatic incident.

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If You Could Paint A Picture Of Any Scenery You’ve Seen Before, What Would You Paint? · 8:44pm Jul 11th, 2019

For me it would probably be something in Zion National Park. Something about the enchanting waterfalls and huge, sheer rock canyon walls speaks to me in a way and if I was so artistically gifted I'd attempt to capture that beauty. The wildlife alone is a sight to behold.

It really is a wonderful place to visit!

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What is the first thing that you think of in the morning? · 4:12am Dec 4th, 2018

For me it's usually static.

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