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That one fan of MLP, who makes her plot way darker and complexer then intended. And the person, who roleplays more then she writes fanfiction. *ON A WRITING HIATUS FOR NOW*


This story is a sequel to You stole away my Life

The Friendship Games end in a catastrophe. When Twilight unleashes the magic of the Rainbooms, she gets corrupted and transforms into a winged monster: Midnight Sparkle. Only one person dares to stand in her way. Sunset Shimmer. She wants to prevent Twilight from making her mistakes and safe two worlds. But she also sees herself again. A Déjà Vu.

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i liked it but i almost skipped it for the tragedy tag i think is not tragedy is just sad

Okay. I might have to replace this tagg.

You know the battle is similar to the fight between Celestia and Luna in the season four premiere if you think about it.

In some way it is..... XD Yeah, Sunset is Celestia.

6500758 Whoa... mind blown!

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