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If anyone who like the White Star liners ships from the early years of the company to the legend like Titanic,Olympic and Britannica but with the white star also was challenging another company know as the Cunard line to see which company is better. But what is your say who is better White Star Line or Cunard Line?.
The sister ship of The White Star Line.
or The RMS Lusitanic and The RMS Mauretania so what ship is your favourite?.

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and the Lusitania was torpedoed

guys I have a question did Britannic hit a mine or was struck by a torpedo?

and by the way you guys are invited to the construction of the six sisters, namely titanic 3 Olympic 2 Britannic 2 Lusitania 2 muaratainnia 2 and Aquitania 2

uh it's name is brittanic

373910 actually, the Brittanic made her maiden voyage. Unfortunately she never got to make a voyage as a passenger ship due to World War I.

Only Ship in the White Ship line that may it full Maiden Voyage was Titanic Sister ship Olympic was the only that ever service for the White star line for 24 years.

The Titanic of course sunk on her maiden voyage, the Britannic hit mine in 1916 during WWI as a hospital ship.

This is, oddly enough, relevant to my interests.

Didn't something bad happen to one or two of those ships?:derpyderp1:

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