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Rarity + Thunderlane = perfect couple.

A High class and society unicorn meets a cool laid back Pegasus.

They are perfect for each other they really are. I know everyone thinks it should be Spike and Rarity, but Thunderlane!!!!!
I have been looking for these fics and have found a stunning lack of them. I hope to make some in the future. And I hope others will do the same as well.

If you do read this message. Thanks and have the knowledge that I love you.

I really do.

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This shipping is cute!

I can't understand why people think this shipping sucks..
:flutterrage: THEY ARE A CUTE PAIR! :flutterrage:

Btw. My RariLane story I think I love you.. is now completed!

Oh canon. It can get so overanalyzed sometimes
But this results in awesome head canons, so I'm not complaining

They do make for a cute couple I'll give them that. Here's hoping Spike won't sabotage their relationship.

I noticed a significant lack of Rarity/Thunderlane shipfics, so I made a oneshot and added it to the proper folder.

Rarity's Hearts and Hooves Day


cool, can't wait to read it! :raritywink:

-- Thrilled to find out there's actually a group for this, even if it is a little one.

...now I've just gotta finish that Rarity x Thunderlane fic.

301605 :pinkiehappy: its no big deal, i like picture browsing :derpytongue2:


Yea I kinda figured that out. But anyway you went through the task of finding them all and putting them in your message. Its the thought that counts. :trollestia:

300868 I didn't make the art, I found it on Deviantart ^_^ (except for the second one, thats from the show ^3^)

300683 I was debating on making a Rarilane group today but I wanted to make sure that no one has already done and sure enough I found your group! :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy: LOLz o um if you don't mind, I make group banners and I would love to make a banner for this group, if it is ok with you! :twilightsmile: *bribes with pics of ThunderlanexRarity*




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