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A writer from Finland. Don't know if there's anything else to add really.


This story takes place during, and shortly after Titillating Trifecta.

Story was inspired by SnugBunny's picture with same name.

Rarity gets to know with Rumble's big brother Thunderlane during Rumble's visit at the Carousel Boutique. She then notices that one certain stallion keeps spinning in her thoughts, and decides that she has to do something about it.
Is it even possible for such a lady like Rarity to fall in love with a rough and bad mannered pony like Thunderlane?

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Im glad you like it! Most people have problem with RariLane shippings though..
I don't understand why..

good chapter but seriously, did you have to put that small scene with Rainbow giving Applejack a kiss on the cheek?

Felt like making a bad pun but then I got distracted by your name

wait if rumble and sweetie date then what if rarity and thunder lane marry would that be incest?

well they have been together in my stories for a while now.. I thought that I should add something about them. Like I did with Fluttershy and Big Macintosh.

Incest is wincest.. Right?

I love Rarity X Thunderlane fics!

Glad that I'm not the only one!

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He couched for a minute, hitting his chest with his hoof.


Oops. I'l fix that right away.

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3561680 It's only incest if it's blood related, such as parents with their children or brother and sisters, etc. If Rarity and Thunderlane did marry, and Sweetiebelle and Rumble are in a relationship, that would make them brother and sister in-laws, which is legal.

That's exactly the one I was describing! :yay:
I just added couple more details to it.

This is so good! :pinkiehappy:

Tämä on tosi hyvä! :pinkiehappy:

I know! Also thanks for the fav and watch! :pinkiehappy:

just need to know before i read this, did you deal with spike? or just completely forget about him like a lot of authors do?
or was he in the story before this?

Relationship between Spike and Rarity is explained in the other story that is mentioned in the description. I kinda forgot to mention that mane six is about 20-25 in my stories so Spike's a teenager now and has kinda grown out of his crush...

It's good that your highlighting Rarity's thoughts in italics but you need to be consistent. If your going to describe her remembering Thunderlane and her previous crush, you need to put them in a proper context for a story written in third-person. Either that or cut it from the story entire if it has no consequence for the rest of the story. So far it does nothing to help, and instead adds padding to an introduction that should be interesting.

Dammit haven't even read this but I know how it ends because of shadowy love

Grammatical errors and all. Still a great fic

Not bad, I'm already starting to like this ship a lot. I really think Rarity and Thunderlane make a perfect couple. I wouldn't even ship Thunderlane with any other pony from the show, just saying.

The fic was a really fun read, it's already in my favs.:twilightsmile:

With a bit of a polish up with this story, it could be a really good Rarilane fic, it's rather well detailed and cute. It's a shame you been gone for so long though, I'd love to read more of this pairing and others you had planned.

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