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Ever wonder how Rarity spent Hearts and Hooves Day while her sister was out causing trouble? Well, your sleepless nights are at an end.

Edited out some of the questionable grammar and corrected Bulk Bicep's name.

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Nice shout out to the IDW comic and poor Turnip Truck! And poor Rarity; sometimes beauty really can be a pain in the neck. The guys who want her and either just out for her body or she's not interested in them. :raritycry::raritydespair:

2870159 I know that must suck, being so attractive and not having anyone who truely wants to be with you. I'll bet Big Macintosh feels the same way. :raritycry:/:eeyup:


Sorry, but your description has an error in it. Might turn some people away before they give you a chance.

Mind telling me what it is? That would be very helpful.

It's the episode with the para sprites. You see it when they are eating everything in her shop lol I hope that answered your question--lovely story by the way. Very well done :)

Actually, I was thinking of the one in A Canterlot Wedding. Could they be the same hat? I'll have to check that out.

You know I think you are right. It's got to be the same hat. She wears it during their picnic

That was too cute! You should make a sequel! :raritywink:

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