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This is a group to satisfy your Metal needs.
This is a group where we all love Heavy Metal.
This is a group where- You know what? Screw it. This is a Heavy Metal club, but you knew that already!


In this group, we can talk about ponies, Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal ponies, or you can upload a story about some Heavy Metalist, such as Ozzy Osbourne or Joacim Cans, in Equestria, or about a Heavy Metal pony. Either way, tons of stuff Heavy and Metal will be going on in here!
Warning: Sever levels of awesomeness await.

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Okay, consider the Comment virginity taken.
On a more relevant note, Heavy Metal rules.
Now, with that out of the way, there needs to be at least one folder for stories.
Oh yeah, that Foal-deer. Or is that a deer foal?

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