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*Takes place after the events of the 2017 Power Rangers movie so, spoiler Alert is in order*

When Jason used the Megazord to slap Rita Repulsa into space to defeat her, Rita along with her Green Ranger power coin were sent flying in another direction that flew all the way to another planet where a certain newly crowed Princess of Equestria named Twilight Sparkle finds the coin during a walk with her love Flash Sentry while Rita follows suit.

Later that night when she is asleep, a group of assassins try to murder Twilight in her sleep, but seeing an opportunity to get revenge on the Rangers and Zordon, Rita intervines save Twilight from death.

Then using her dark powers, she posses Twilight via the green ranger coin that allows the princess new powers like never before, but unknown to the princess, nothing is what it seems as Rita's world and Twilight's world are on a collision course that will see two factions of good unite to stop not only Rita, but also the Traditionalists as well.

*This will be similar to the Green With Evil MMPR story in Season 1 and using elements from the 2017 film and a few other bits as well.

The Sex tag is for bits of occasional nudity.

Theme song: Green Ranger theme song

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro Inc.

Power Rangers belongs to Saban Inc and Haim Saban.

The Assassinverse and the cannon stories that fall into it (The Assassination of Twilight Sparkle and Aftermath of a Fallen Star) belong to Rated-Ponystar.

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Comments ( 112 )

Go go... Power Rangers? Oh boy... Blueblood better run, as the original Green Ranger was dangerous by himself, but add Magic to the equation...

This going to be interesting and good.

Let's hope Twilight can break free of Rita's spell on her mind soon though...:raritywink::applecry: Anyways...

Technically there is one but it focus' on Tommy who recently just got his powers back as of the last updated chapter. The rest of the rangers might find a way there but that's for later as Goldar and Rita are playing the changelings for fools having been revealed to have been in Equestria for some time under changeling disguises.

This shall be fun.

Oh boy... Cue theme for Evil Green Ranger... I'm almost afraid to see what the Dragonzord looks like here... ALMOST.:pinkiecrazy:

In Equestria where Dragons are commonplace compared to Earth, the possible types range from normal to nightmarish.

Show me the link and I'll look at it.

And you get a Green Ranger that is worse than the canon version.

Hm, an intriguing start. I think Zecora just trading away the Alicorn Amulet like that is OOC, but I'm willing to see where this will go.

OK, pacing is a little too abrupt in some places, and having Rainbow Dash be angry at Twilight for not using her Princess title to get her into the Wonderbolts is terribly OOC, as Rainbow is cocky and knows she is the best flier and will get in by herself; trying to use political power like that would mean she didn't really earn her place in the Wonderbolts, that she wasn't good enough to do so herself. If it's meant for some conflict between them alter on, it really needs to be different that fits in better with her character.

Otherwise, very engaging seeing Twilight become the Green Ranger. The concept and overall writing is still keeping me engaged, but I do recommend some extra thinking into the characters as I'm worried about how many OOC moments will happen along the way.

In the original story, Rainbow Dash's outburst to Twilight did happen and this is set in the Assassinverse after all. In the story "Aftermath of a fallen star", Rainbow Dash talks about it and how after Twilight died, she could never make amends to her.

While it is right on one hand to for her to be OOC, on the other it shows that Rainbow Dash isn't perfect and in the canon, she does eventually become a Wonderbot, but after maturing up a bit.

Don't worry, I'll go into how the Alicorn Amulet was taken off Zecora as with certain folks, they given someone enough money and they'll bend over easily.

I'm wondering how the Dragonzord will be incorporated into the sequel, as you know they'll make one.

You said hands referring to gallant or twilight

Gallant Heart I believe when Twilight sliced off his hands in their duel.

Damn man, you're like a machine. Did you have all the chapters pre-written down or something?

Something like that as I first write them in Microsoft Word and then bring them here where I do the final polishing before publishing.

I just wish there were more likes for this story than dislikes as it's reaching a level I'm nervous about.

Is watching the 2017 Power Rangers movie necessary to understand this story?

For a good chunk of it as it explained how the Rangers got their powers and that Rita was originally the Green Ranger.

For those a bit lazy, some just go to Wikipedia or TV Tropes to see what it the film is about without watching it.

Renting the film is the best course for most who are curious of the film.

Personally, my advice, slow down. Take a few days between releasing chapters and just use that time to check them over for errors. That said, I can't wait to see how the first face off against the new Evil Green Ranger and the Power Rangers goes down...

Okay then, I'll add some revisions to the second chapter so people don't need to see the 2017 film to get the story more easily.

Pretty sure you're not allowed to link to mature rated fics, man. It's in the site rules.

Comment posted by Fujin777 deleted Jul 6th, 2017

On second thought, just tell me the story and I'll look into it sometime as I've heard we can't post links to mature-rated fanfics on this site.

Still has intriguing elements to it, but I feel the pacing needs to slow down a bit, let everyone catch their breath. I also think Twilight as the Green Ranger could use more... tension. Either factor of being an alicorn or a ranger is powerful, but both should be terrifying. Letting things build up would be helpful, such as Twilight having to deal with what is happening to her, unsure and looking into it, while her under Rita's control could be a bit more predator-like, stalking her targets until she deals the killing blow.

Will Blue Blood treachery be revealed s well as where he got the metal from?
Love to see Pinkie's reaction to this, and hwo angry she be at Blue and her sister.

Really? I thought it was just mature stuff in general unrelated to the site? And It's called The Return of a Legend. Search it and it should be the first story option you see.

Any ideas?

Like Blueblood as he's recovering to spill the beans?

Oh boy... If the Dragonzord's about to come into play, this isn't good. Not good at all. And yeesh, the original Green Ranger was bad enough, but throw in the rebooted Rita and a magical powered version of the Ranger into the mix and I can see why it would require all of Equestria's Princess except for Luna (Where was she by the way?) just to drive her and Rita back.

Princess Luna was getting Blueblood to safety and making sure the rest of Canterlot (off-screen) weren't caught in the battle with the exception of the Royal Guards helping out (both those on and not on the payroll of the Traditionalists).

Ah, that explains it. Though to be honest, you really should put these kind of details in your story to avoid confusion like this. On the Dragonzord, I have to admit I'm feeling a bit let down. Considering what you mentioned about the various types of Dragons in Equestria, I was expecting something more over the top like a European Dragon, not just a winged variation on the classic Godzilla like design.

I'll work on it don't worry.

Should be interesting, espically if this thing can combine with the Megazord like the original did...

Don't worry it will as I'm still trying to figure out how it would work out like in the show.

By the way, I just edited the chapter so the Dragonzord looks a bit more dragon-like.

Re-read the description, sounds much more nightmarish now.

You expected and asked me to make it over the top, thus I did so it would fit more at home with the 2017 film than the original design.

Still intriguing, and definitely have to wonder how the Mane 6 will react once the Green Ranger is revealed as Twilight. And Amadeus Blueblood may come to regret teaming up with Rita and her Green Ranger; this is why you make sure there isn't anyone with a vendetta against you before you team up with them. And I look forward to seeing Sunset appear.

It's not going to be good for them.

As for Amadeus Blueblood, his attempt will backfire for sure.

You mean that Amadeus Blueblood had no idea that his attempt will backfired?.

We shall see as Rita isn't stupid (at least the 2017 film version for the most part).

I agreed with you. Amadeus Blueblood doesn't know it will be his undoing.

This is going to be interesting.

Oh boy... All hell has officially broken loose. But if you're going where I think you are with Sunset... GO WHITE RANGER! (For the record, I so want to see a Tiger Zord VS Dragonzord showdown.

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