TRIXBLOOD: The Great And Powerful Ship 51 members · 11 stories

A group devoted to a GREAT AND UNDERAPPRECIATED ship involving everyone's favorite magician and everyone's most hated prince.

This pairing is just made of win.

Their days will be spent arguing with each other...their nights will be spent in the throws of angry passion.
It's a win-win
She gets the rich prince
He gets the mare who matches his ego

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I've added a few stories. Enjoy your TrixBlood!

I love it:heart::heart::heart:

New banner added. Like it? :twilightsmile:

329919 Done and will do. Also, I promise to make you a TrixBlood banner. I have made group banner before.

You are now admin
Now spread the word and find me some stories.:pinkiehappy::duck:

329917 *gasp*! :pinkiegasp: YES PLEASE! :pinkiehappy:

How would like to be admin for this group?

The ship is called TrixBlood, BTW. :pinkiesmile:

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